Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Home for Christmas

Winter is my favourite season, especially when it snows. Write an essay to agree/disagree

My favorite season is the summer.

I’m living in Nagano PRF and my old house is close to mountain. Therefore, it is quite cold and a lot of snow in winter. If I put the glass of water at room without heater, it is frozen in one day. Additionally, I need to remove snow from the early morning and usually hit traffic jam by a lot of snow.
Although spring and autumn are also good, it is little bit cold early morning and evening, and a lot of cedar pollen is flying in spring especially at the northern of Nagano.
I have other reasons to think personally that the best season is the summer. It doesn’t rain much at my place in rainy season and is not really hot comparing other prefectures.
The view of the Japan alps, rice field and blue sky are so beautiful.
Additionally, it is the best season for hiking. Many hikers visit Nagano taking a long car trip from the night before their hiking.

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