Monday, 18 June 2018

My favorite character of The Jungle Book and favorite animal

Author: Runyard Kipling
Illustration: Kanako Damerum and Yuzuru Takasaki
My favorite character is Akela and Glay brother who believe Mowgli. Although they are wolf that is different species of animals as human and they understand it, they accept Mowgli as a family. They had a family of wolf already and against family means death in wolf’s world as they are pack animal and make a large family. I think that their relationship, Glay brother, Akela and Mowgli’ relationship, is stronger than connection of real blood.

My favorite animal in real life is the dogs. I think that why I like Glay brother and Akela in this story. The relationship with human and dog is from few thousand years ago, but beginning for the history of relationship is not sure as the history is too old and there is no literature or document.

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