Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Jacqueline Kennedy who was the first lady for president of United States, John F Kennedy

She was born in Southampton of state of NY in 1929. After university, she entered to Washington Times-Herald and worked as editor.
One day, she went to the party of Charles L. Bartlett who was friend of Kennedy. It was the first time for Jacqueline and Kennedy to meet. Kennedy’s father liked her at one view at the party.

After they got married, she had experience of misbirth and dead birth and suffered from in a relationship of Kennedy’s female.
However, she joined and cooperated with election campaign of Kennedy.

When Kennedy became a president of USA, she renovated interior decorating of the White House like symbolize American culture and also became fashion icon of era, wearing pink women’s suits and pillbox hat.

After Kennedy and her second husband died, she became editor again in NY.

Her life looks like too far from happiness after she became the first lady. However, we can see she was beautiful and intelligent woman. We are greatly attracted to her personality and good sense of interior or fashion.

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