Friday, 2 August 2019

Sports person. What should that person do to change/improve their status?

I am going to write about Mitakeumi of sumo wrestlerI don‘t think that he is poor role model for young people. He has trained a lot strictly since he is a child. Therefore, he couldbecome a champion in 2018.

There is an official ranking list of sumo and it is grouped as ten levels. He is in a third group from the top level now and had a chance to move up the level before when he was a best condition. However, he lost the chance due to some physical damage and I feel that he is becoming weaker now.

His motivation appears on his face when he plays and it is different depends on opponent. He tries to play with 100% motivation when an opponent is stronger than him.
He underestimates or is out of motivation when an opponent is weaker than him. When he underestimates, he loses the game easily for opponent.

On the other hand, it is the fact that many young people interested in sumo by his great performance.
I hope him to have a strong motivation what he would like to win at every play without regard to who is his opponent.

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