Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Japan needs help from immigrants

The Japan Immigration law was revised in 2019 and we are at a turning point regarding this issue now. By revising the law, it was accepted for immigrants to work longer in Japan. 

The fact behind this is that the population of Japanese is decreasing. However, Japan requires to increase production resources and we need help from the immigration. I think that this will accelerate diversity and globalization for Japan and their man power has been already necessary.

On the other hand, this may make a problem. In Canada, there are a lot of immigrants. Canadian have fear of losing job to grate immigrants. Although it may be difficult to get good job, young Canadian does not want to work with low salary. This made young Canadian frustration. Therefore, Canadian government has tightened the regulation not to accept many immigrants.

I hope that acceptance of immigration leads to good result in the future for Japan.

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