Monday, 7 December 2020

How my company is striving for sustainability

Do you know SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)? You may hear/see this word through information media such as news and advertisement. As you may know, the effort for SDG’s is required for individual, company and county which is in worldwide.

Our company educates employees on SGDs diligently what it is and why it is necessary and important right now. The employees made a concreate goal based on SDG’s individually. By making a goal, I can always have a conscious about SDG’s and my goal.

Our company also joined Nagano SDG’s project and declared activation of communication and improvement of understanding about diversity base on two goals, #5 Gender equality and #17 Reduced inequalities. Unfortunately, our company has no female managers at the moment, so I hope that we will have women in managerial positions in the near future to achieve these goals.

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