Thursday, 14 January 2021

Biography of Vasco da Gama

I’m going to introduce Vasco da Gama, the voyager and explorer.

He was born in Alentejo, Portugal in 1469. His father was an official and his mother was from a famous family of British Columbia originally. There is no certain record of how or where he learned sailing as most of his records were lost by earthquake and tsunami.

It was the Age of Exploration that Christopher Columbus lived. The voyage by Columbus was the challenge to the unknown territory. On the other hand, the voyage by Vasco da Gama was carefully planned.

His group of ships left Portugal in 1497. Although it was usual to voyage along the land before, he went south through the Atlantic Ocean. It was bold voyage at that time. After three months, he arrived southern shore of Africa and went to India. He is the first person who found ocean route to India.

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