Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Are zoos for people to enjoy?

I think that zoos are useful when animals need help and protection when car accident, natural disaster and so on are occurred. Based on correct and wide knowledge and experience of animals by zoos, we can help them.

When I think its purpose, it is doubtful whe
ther zoos have been performing its job. The environment should be same or so close in order to know real animal life. However, unfortunately, it is extremely different that cage is small and made by concrete, and it is non-stimulating environment for animals. 

If they are improved, we can contribute to protect animals in a real meaning. 

Although I often went to zoos to enjoy when I was a child, I haven’t gone there since I was grown as it is hard to look animals that are in cage. I think that the purpose of zoos shouldn’t be for people to enjoy and should be for animals.

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