Thursday, 25 March 2021

My favorite artist, Manabu Ikeda

My favorite artist is Manabu Ikeda. He was born in Saga in 1973 and he received his master’s degree from Tokyo University of the Arts.
He paints on boards using ink, pen and so on. It is extremely detailed work that he can proceed with the work only 10cm square in one day and he often takes more than one year to finish his works.

Characteristic of his works is that detailed objects are painted on somethings such as sea creature, tree and building. At first glance, it is just sea creature, but many things are integrated on it such as birds, ships and artificial something. Everything looks alive and seems to start moving at any moment.

When I searched about him, I knew that his hobbies are climbing, trekking and skiing. I was surprised that all of them are same as me. I may feel something from his works as we have similar hobbies.

His works I looked on an exhibition will remain on my heart.

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