Saturday, 12 May 2007

Last day of the season

I expect very few of Luna's students have ever written a blog before. It's kind of like an online diary - except this one a few other people can read as well. Who? Well, only people we (Luna) invite can join this blog - the friends you study with and other students at Luna.

Don't be afraid about making mistakes - if you are clever you can use spell checker to help you - but it really doesn't matter! Join in, and with practice you will get better. Share your feelings and respond to other posts - have conversations and make this a habit!

This is the first "blog" of all, so I'll explain "The last day of the season"; the Premier League in England finishes today. I'm an Owls fan, but I want the Blades to beat the Addicks, and for the Hammers to loose at Old Trafford.

Does anybody understand that? I doubt it! So I'm waiting for questions! Come on, find out!!!