Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Film review "Your Name"

I saw the film called 'Your name'. It's a Japanese fantasy and relationships animation.

One of the main charactor is the girl who is bored of her life in the country-side, and another one is the boy who lives in Tokyo. They are suddenly exchanged. They gradually find out the reason and enjoy the situation.

The accidents and the miracles happen a lot. It makes the film attractive, and also teenagers feelings and emotions are expressed very well
I think not only kids but also adults enjoy this film. I really recommend it!

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Monday, 29 January 2018

After reading - "Dummy Invitation to Class Halloween Party"

This is dummy invitation as homework and the party below is not held actually.
Dear our classmates,

It’s that time of the year again!  We are going to have a Halloween party in the night of Oct. 31, 2018 and would like to invite everyone to attend. This may be last Halloween party for this senior class, so we would appreciate if all classmates can attend and enjoy much.

Please see the details of party as below.
Date:  October 31 (Wed)  Time:  18:00 – 20:00  Location:  Café & Bacaro il nido  Address:  2/F, 1-3-18 Chuo, Matsumoto, Nagano Japan  You can see a map in the site below for your easier understanding.  Cost:  JPY4,000 per person  Dress-code:  Put something of Halloween-esque
We are going to have a Bingo party and you may be able to get wonderful Halloween present!!  We really hope to see you and to spend funny time there!

If you are not able to attend the party, please let me know before Oct. 23 (Tue). Party organizer:  Yuri Kojima  & Ritsuko Ozawa

P.S.  If you have time before party, we are welcome to come to the restaurant around 16:30 to do setting together.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

City profile - Nakayama, Matsumoto city

City profile: Home town – Matsumoto, Nakayama

  • Geography

Nakayama is located to the south-east of the urban district of Matsumoto City.
It is under the Hachibuse mountain. My home town is a laidback country town.

  • When to go

Nakayama has an ancient tomb “Koubouyama”. You can hike there by walk. The most popular time to visit is Spring, when cherry blossoms bloom and it looks stunning.

  • What to see

Nakayama is surrounded by mountain.

  • Autumn leaves: When you come to here in autumn, you can see changed leaves. It is stunning.
  • Garbage mountain: Dismantling Operator handle industrial waste treatment
  • Archaeological Museum: There is a house in Jomon period. It has Stone tools in the Jomon period.

Tristan and Isolde - A weekend sightseeing trip in Cornwall

Cornwall is a county and duchy in South West England in the United Kingdom. Cornwall has a lot of fascinating spot. 

If you like history, Tintagel castle ruins is recommended. The legendary birthplace of the King Arthur who is the hero of Celt. Earl Richard of Cornwall and King of Romans built the present medieval castle.

Also, St Michael’s Mount is recommended. Maybe you have seen this view. This is miniature St Michael’s Mount. St Michael's Mount had come into the possession of the monks of its sister isle, Mont St Michel in Normandy. The building is interesting but the garden is also stunning. Many of visitors it is astonishing that a garden.

Finally, I recommend the Eden Project Biomes. It is one of the largest green house. You can see unique building. It has been opened since 2001 as complex facility, so you can enjoy it.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Happy time in the center of Shinshu

Aeon Mall Matsumoto was opened as the largest shopping center in Matsumoto city last
year.  The concept is “Happy time in the center of “Shinsyu (Nagano)”.  It means the 
Aeon Mall serves the comfortable and exciting place to customers.  Even if you are with
children, you can spend time comfortably and do shopping reasonably by using the
services.  We are going to introduce you main three services.

Firstly, there are many places that kids can play safety.  If kids are tired of shopping, you can let them play in the spaces.  In that case, please do not forget to keep a close watch on your kids.

Secondly, several events for kids or family are available periodically.  You can participate most of events with your kids without reservation and for free.

Lastly, if you show courtesy passport for child-rearing family when you buy anything, many stores make a discount or provide you small gifts.

Have a happy time with your family in Aeon Mall by using these services!

The dream I gave up

When I was at high school, I bothered what I want to be in the future. One of my dream was to be a person who restores an old western painting. Because I was good at to restore colors, interested in western culture and like painting.

When I was a child, I have been to Europe as a family trip. Although I had looked the western and oil paintings on the pictures or watched on the TV, it was first time to look the paintings actually and genuinely. I was very impressed when I looked them at museum. The real paintings were totally different from the pictures.

However,  only few people can get the job. I needed special high skills for the job such as knowledge of the painting tools and materials, restoring technique.One of professor who engages for the job of restoring a painting had invited me to enter to his university. It was few occasions and a big chance for me. I had considered what I want to do really and I refused his proposal. Because I did not have a confidence to engage the job and I thought I could not be. If I become, it would be difficult to earn a money for a living.

Although I went to the university relevant art, I hadn’t dreamt the job already.
I am not sure that it was correct not to accept the proposal. But what I can say one thing is what I did not try and escaped from the dream.

What is mobile phone for me

The mobile phone is essential goods for me. 
I have moved to the new place about one year and half ago. When I came here, I didn't know any places where I can buy the basic goods , the hospital and so on. That time, I always googled and used a google map navigation. Additionally, as I like a travel by car through local road,  I would be got lost if I had no mobile phone.

I usually use a text message to contact someone as the receiver can see and reply for my message at their own convenience. However, when I want to confirm something with someone immediately, I ring someone.

When I lost the mobile phone, I am really upset and look for until I find it. However, when I forgot to bring it, I feel better as I don't need to check and reply for messages.

City profile: Suzaka city, Japan

Geography and history:
Suzaka city is in the north-eastern parts of Nagano prefecture. Chikuma river flows in the western side of Suzaka city. The east-southern part have Minenohara highland, Yonago great falls and Gomiike-habu highland. And it is surrounded by the rich natural environment.

When to go:
Suzaka city has a typical inland climate. We can feel the feature of each season there. The most popular time to visit is spring, when the cherry blossoms have a lot of flowers. Garyu-park in spring is especially stunning.

What to see:
Suzaka city is infamous, but has a lot of nature spot and hot spring. You would be surprised to see them actually.

Hilights include:
 - Garyu-park: famous for cherry blossom view and chosen as one of the best 100 of the beauty spot in Japan.
- Yonago great falls: Chosen as the deep mountains and dark valleys in Japan. Famous TV program, Sanada-maru use the view as its opening movie.

What to eat:
Suzaka city has a lot of agricultural products, grape, apple and mushroom.
Strawberry picking and grape picking is famous. You could eat strawberry and grape just after picking from the field. It is very tasty.

Where to stay:
Suzaka has Suzaka-hot spring inn. The appearance of the building look boring, but you can feel relaxed and nostalgic there. Definitely, hot spring would also made you relaxed by itself.

Friday, 12 January 2018

The Secret Garden - Mary writes to Jane

Dear Jane,

Your letter brought back memories of a time in my childhood which changed my life. When I arrived at Misselthwaite Mannor from India, I was so rude and spoilt girl. At first, I didn’t listen to the housemaid, Matha, but then I began to like her because of her friendly attitude.

One day, I heard from Martha about the secret garden which locked up ten years ago after Mrs. Craven died. When I was watching the robin in the garden and found the door under the leaves when the wind blew the ivy on the wall.

One night I heard the crying noise. I followed the noise and met with Colin. After I came to Misselthwaite Mannor, I could have my garden and also have some friends who are Dickon and Colin. Not only Matha’s friendly attitude changed me, but also these friends made me strong through the gardening physically and mentally.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - a highschool student's film review

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a fantasy film. It came out in 2005. The director was Tim Burton.

The story is about the factory's manager Willy Wonka. Five children has Golden Tickets and they are invited the Factory. Bad things happened naughty children but Charlie is very serious boy so he is safe.

I thought the film was very interesting and feel happy. But I think there were two problems with the film. Firstly, the characters were scary. Characters are very real. Secondly, I thought the film music was terrible. It's not a good film for young children.

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Back to the Future - a highschool student's film review

Back to the Future is a science fiction film. The director was Robert Zemeckis.

The story is about Marty McFly Jr sent 30 years into the past in a time-travelling DeLorean by Emmett Brown. He must make sure his parents get married to save his own existence.

I think the film was very exciting because Dr. Emmett Brown was crazy but it's very fun. Firstly the song is very cool. I can play the guitar this song. Secondly, I thought the film was difficult for young children.

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New Young Learners - Certification workshop

Quick announcement for any Cambridge YLE speaking examiners who need to re-certify with 2018 materials - certification workshop being held in Matsumoto Jan 28th

See link for details

NB Only available to SEs who have already trained for YLE and examined within the last 2 years

Contact Jim to register (free to JP004 SEs)

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Welcome to Matsumoto, Japan - City Profile

City profile – Matsumoto, Japan

If you’re interested in Japan, then you must visit Matsumoto in Nagano prefecture.  Along with Tokyo, it’s one of the most fascinating cities in Japan.  You’ll find an ancient temple, rich natural, the changing seasons, excellent views of mountains in Matsumoto.

Geography and history

Matsumoto Castle - over 400 years old
Do you know Nagano prefecture where Winter Olympic was held in 1998? Matsumoto is in the central part of Nagano and Japan’s main island Honshu and you can visit it by 2-3 hours traveling from Tokyo, Nagoya.  Many tourists and climbers are pleased to visit here to cool off in summer, to enjoy the autumn colors, to enjoy winter sports, and to climb mountains like Yarigatake all year.

When to go

Matsumoto has four clear seasons and we recommend to visit it in summer.In summer, daytime is as hot as Tokyo, but is comfortable because it is less humid, and feel cool well before the sun rises and after sun goes down. Many people are surprised to know that there is big range in temperature within a day.

What to see

serene hiking in Kamikochi
Matsumoto has a lot of interesting places to visit and to do:

  • Matsumoto castle is a national treasure.  You will be able to take amazing photos of the beautiful black castle against the Northern Japanese Alps.
  • Trekking in Kamikochi National Park  
  • Kappa Bridge, Taisho Pond, Myojin Pond in Kamikochi National Park
  • Matsumoto Art Museum

What to eat

If you’re feeling tired from climbing the 6 flights of stairs to the top of the castle, or bored, I recommend eating Tempura Soba, mushrooms, or apples. Try the local speciality – a bowl of traditional soba Hot or cold, it’s really delicious.
Kasumi Yoyoi's signature spots

Where to stay

There are many hotels with hot springs.  You will fell refreshed and relaxed after a good soak in a hot pool.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Science fiction helps you to learn new vocabulary.

Re:Genesis is a Canadian TV series about the scientists. NorBAC, "North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission," is the science lab which police ask for help when weird and struggling cases occur. Topics are what we are facing in the real world. NorBAC investigates wide variety of cases such as bio-terrorism, infectious diseases, sudden and massive fatalities of people or animals due to sudden mysterious changes in environment.

David Sandstrom, the leader of NorBAC team, has many issues like alcoholism and family issues. He is rather human-like character when comparing with Holmes. But sure you can enjoy thrilling action, love romance, family bonds, and the latest science technology in Re:Genesis. NorBAC team utilizes the most advanced equipment identifying much smaller details. A magnifying glass or a microscope cannot do that much.

Let me introduce one episode. Multiple blackouts in cities occurred and police started investigating for possible terrorism. However, police failed to find a single evidence which shows the presence of human being on sites and they asked NorBAC for help.

NorBAC team finds weird traces on power cables in power plants and further conducts DNA examination. As the results, the team identifies bacteria which eats artificial and synthetic substances causing blackouts.

When I watched this series during high school years and themes seemed unrealistic, yet we are now actually identifying various issues including strange climatic variation, radical shifts in ecosystem, and ethical issues in accordance with rapid developments in science like artificial gene synthesis.

In real world, Japanese scientists find bacteria eating plastic in 2016 and they expect to largely reduce plastic wastes. But what if such bacteria expands in public? The story can be realistic.

Re:Genesis is the one you need to learn science, math, medical science, politics and to gain your knowledge and vocabulary! Moreover, this drama is also good for someone who wants to improve your pronunciation and listening skill. Main characters speak Canadian, American, British, Latin and Asian English since the NorBAC lab has many staffs with different nationalities.

Star Wars - The Last Jedi...film review

I saw a very popular film recently called “Star Wars“

It’s a series of science fiction film about galactic wars. Daisy Ridley is the heroine of the film.
She plays Ray, who is looking for her parents and realizes she has force.
One day she find BB-8, which is a important robot of resistance when she collect scrap iron and she is getting involved with the fight.

The most exciting scene is Ray becomes conscious of her force and beats her enemy.
It’s a war movie but the film is very amusing , the action is exciting and CG is much more better than before.

I can't wait to see the sequel.

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

My favorite film - Kiminonawa

I saw a film "Kiminonawa" (Your Name) with my daughter at a movie theater.
It's a Japanese animation film directed by Makoto Shinkai.
It's a kind of fantasy and drama.

There are a highschool boy and a girl who live far from each other.
They never met before.
Suddenly, their bodies are exchanged!

Through the exchanging,they can understand each other deeply.
However,a tragedic fact turn out.....

Pictures are very beautiful and amazing.
I would like to recommend this film for adults.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

One of my favorite films - Star Wars Episode VI film review

 I saw a nice film recently called"Star Wars Episode VI"
It's an action science fiction film and star-studded film.
The film is directed by Steven Spielberg.

 There're many alien on some planets.
Some of them look funny.The others are ugly!
I like Chewbacca(he is 200years old!!) and Yoda.

 Basically some grops of alien are fighting.
But some scenes are thrilling and emotional.
The best point is ... finally, hero and his father understand each other.

BGM alco famous and nice.

I want to see the sequels.
But...honesty I like old ones.
Anyway it's a good film!
I'll really recomend this film for everyone.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year - every dog has its day (year)!

Just in case we have missed you off our Nengajo (New Year's card) list - and that'll be all of you overseas readers! - we're welcoming in the Year of the Dog with 2018.

What kind of dog will 2018 be for you? I'm of an Alsatian persuasion myself...

We hope all of you will enjoy the year ahead in good health, and with friends to share peace & positive pints wherever you may be!