Sunday, 21 January 2018

City profile: Suzaka city, Japan

Geography and history:
Suzaka city is in the north-eastern parts of Nagano prefecture. Chikuma river flows in the western side of Suzaka city. The east-southern part have Minenohara highland, Yonago great falls and Gomiike-habu highland. And it is surrounded by the rich natural environment.

When to go:
Suzaka city has a typical inland climate. We can feel the feature of each season there. The most popular time to visit is spring, when the cherry blossoms have a lot of flowers. Garyu-park in spring is especially stunning.

What to see:
Suzaka city is infamous, but has a lot of nature spot and hot spring. You would be surprised to see them actually.

Hilights include:
 - Garyu-park: famous for cherry blossom view and chosen as one of the best 100 of the beauty spot in Japan.
- Yonago great falls: Chosen as the deep mountains and dark valleys in Japan. Famous TV program, Sanada-maru use the view as its opening movie.

What to eat:
Suzaka city has a lot of agricultural products, grape, apple and mushroom.
Strawberry picking and grape picking is famous. You could eat strawberry and grape just after picking from the field. It is very tasty.

Where to stay:
Suzaka has Suzaka-hot spring inn. The appearance of the building look boring, but you can feel relaxed and nostalgic there. Definitely, hot spring would also made you relaxed by itself.

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