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Welcome to Matsumoto, Japan - City Profile

City profile – Matsumoto, Japan

If you’re interested in Japan, then you must visit Matsumoto in Nagano prefecture.  Along with Tokyo, it’s one of the most fascinating cities in Japan.  You’ll find an ancient temple, rich natural, the changing seasons, excellent views of mountains in Matsumoto.

Geography and history

Matsumoto Castle - over 400 years old
Do you know Nagano prefecture where Winter Olympic was held in 1998? Matsumoto is in the central part of Nagano and Japan’s main island Honshu and you can visit it by 2-3 hours traveling from Tokyo, Nagoya.  Many tourists and climbers are pleased to visit here to cool off in summer, to enjoy the autumn colors, to enjoy winter sports, and to climb mountains like Yarigatake all year.

When to go

Matsumoto has four clear seasons and we recommend to visit it in summer.In summer, daytime is as hot as Tokyo, but is comfortable because it is less humid, and feel cool well before the sun rises and after sun goes down. Many people are surprised to know that there is big range in temperature within a day.

What to see

serene hiking in Kamikochi
Matsumoto has a lot of interesting places to visit and to do:

  • Matsumoto castle is a national treasure.  You will be able to take amazing photos of the beautiful black castle against the Northern Japanese Alps.
  • Trekking in Kamikochi National Park  
  • Kappa Bridge, Taisho Pond, Myojin Pond in Kamikochi National Park
  • Matsumoto Art Museum

What to eat

If you’re feeling tired from climbing the 6 flights of stairs to the top of the castle, or bored, I recommend eating Tempura Soba, mushrooms, or apples. Try the local speciality – a bowl of traditional soba Hot or cold, it’s really delicious.
Kasumi Yoyoi's signature spots

Where to stay

There are many hotels with hot springs.  You will fell refreshed and relaxed after a good soak in a hot pool.

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