Sunday, 30 November 2008


(Q1.) What do you think happens to Mark Latto and Sylvia Koning next?

I think that they love each other. Of course, they married soon after incident of Deborah Spencer. They live at Latto's house in Scotland. They continue research of helping patients with Parkinson's Disease. They refer to Deborah Spencer's book about helping patients with Parkinson's Disease. That work is very difficult and they have to spend many time. After a few years, second incident happens. Keiffenheim Laboratories don't like the work of Mark and Sylvia. Mark and Sylvia fight to Keiffenheim Laboratories. The action story is 'STRONG MEDICINE II'.


Which character do you like the most? why?

There are many appealing characters in the story. For example, Blom, Bruce, Carsson, and Cabind. (Chapman and Vitjord are not appealing)
Above all, My most favorite character is Monika in the story, because she was twenty-six years old pretty woman with blonde hair, and she loved her work, and sometimes she fight against strong enemies even if several mens. But my most favorite point about Monika is to wear bikini for her work.

I think that her bikini style is very appealing. In summer, I would like to swin with her. It would be exiciting for me. So, I like Monika. Yoichi

Friday, 28 November 2008

Chilly Florida

Last week I visited to Florida on business. I was told to send postcard, but I was too busy to do it. Therefore I am posting a report here, instead.

I have lots of experience to visit there, I've ever been there even in the middle of winter, but this time it was unusual cold as warm Florida. I had free time on Monday morning, so I went to beach. It was fine day, but very windy and cold.(By the way, I forgot about the postcard at that time. It was only chance to buy it)

As for business, we had a lot of good result, though it was very tiring week. We had a long meeting every day.

Unlucky happening had come at end. My colleagues and I left for Japan Saturday early morning, via Chicago. We arrived at Chicago without any trouble. We boarded next flight to Japan on time at noon, but the airplane didn't start. According to a announcement, the aircraft seemed to have some trouble on its engine, and mechanic was trying to fix. Then, they gave it up, and we had to move to another airplane, after waiting for a few hours in the airplane. The alternative airplane would depart at 4:00pm. We boarded again, but they gave up again due to aircraft servicing.( I don't know actual reason because I didn't catch the detail of announcement. Of course that's English...). New flight was the next day. We had to stay in Chicago , after wasting a day in the airport after all. We could have had enough time to go sightseeing in the downtown if we had been able to predict it.

Thursday, 27 November 2008


We rode on D51 that was an old steam locomotive of Japan on the last weekend.

This train ran for the 120th anniversary memorial event of Shin-Etsu line of JR. This locomotive is called by the pet name of "Degoichi". We rode on this train from Nagano to Kurohime.

A lot of people saw and took photos this train on railway side.I also took many photos of the train and my family.
After dinner, We saw fireworks of "Ebisu-Kou" festival in Nagano city.

My family had a very exciting day. But, I was very tired. Because I drove a car from my home to Nagano-City, and I ran to take photo and held tired children and walked.

Australia and New Zealand

Question: Choose a city or part of Australia or New Zealand that you like to visit.

I hope to visit New Zealand.
I like snowboarding. I know there are a lot of very good snowboard place in New Zealand. New Zealand’s season is opposite to Japan. I can enjoy winter sport in summer of Japan.
Add, I want to enjoy nature and watching unusual animals.
On is a volcano on North Island. I interest to power of nature.
I want to learn culture of New Zealand such as Haka. I thought that this travel becomes very exciting.

Martin Luther King

I read Martin Luther King. I knew his name because he is a famous man but I didn't knew what he did in detail.
He was a person who managed to change racism between Black pepole to White pepole. Additionally He was a person who win the Nobel Peace Prize. He was the second American who win it.
I thought that there are no American racism now but I knew that American racism has leave yet after I read this book.
Recently Mr Barack Obama became the president of America. This is very big change for American racism. I hope that he will change this problem.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I read the book, I remembered the USA recently are occurred economic anxiety by subprime leading. It might occur next the great depression in the world. It means be connected commerce all over the world. I felt a large scale that are made commerce by people. And I felt the commerce have a lot of history.

D.Project work Read the advertising slogans for Coca-Cola on page 19. Then choose another product and make an advertisement. Think of your own slogan for the product.
I make advertisement of printer product

'People and People communicates by printing' I think the communication.
'Exceed printing your vision' I think the future.
'Reduce it by print' I think the earth environment



I have seen or heard about USA every day, and I feel the USA is really big and exciting country. 

Now America might have many problems about rich and poor, appeal by arms, a discriminatory consciousness... Next year, new president Obama will appear, we hope his appearance would give a good impression to all of world.

I have ever visited California two times by business trip about eight or nine years ago, then I visited Napa Valley and San Francisco in holidays. At that time, I found the difference of grape farms between California and Japan. In San Francisco, I experienced falling down from top of the S-shape steep slope by car, but I have heard nowadays that's action is prohibited.


Love in the Lakes

This story was interesting and I am very glad to hear the happy ending. I don't like Nick.
He is egocentric. He is a person who can go to the jet skiing only even though he brought his girl friend Laura. If I were, I try to find something enjoy before starting the holiday.
I realized a man cannot be judged by his appearance.Robert might have the hidden part, but he has the thought about others. It has the same sensibility as Laura. They will surely succeed.
Question 6: Make a quiz about this story for other students, e.g. some true/false questions or some correct/incorrect sentences.
1. True or false?
a. Kip has eaten some rat poison.
b. Nick doesn't like jet-skiing.
c. Laura can drive a car.
d. Lake District is placed near London.
e. Barbara is Robert's aunt.
f. Nick and Laura were married.
g. Robert felt happy at last.

Information Technology

Q3. How do you feel about computers and information technology?
1. For me, the best thing about computers is able to keep data.
2. I like to use a computer when netsurfing.
3.The best thing about mobile phones is to be able to call at anytime. The worst thing about mobile phones is always called.
4. I think that buying things on the Internet is a good idea because we are able to buy anywhere anytime.
5. I think that learning how to use information technology is important because IT develops more and more from now.

The Missing Coins

Is there an interesting little shop in your town or city? What can you buy there? Write about it.

There is a small general shop in my city.
There are very nice many commodities in the store.
Especially, the kitchen instrument is very interesting!
However, there is a problem.
A male is difficult to enter into the store alone.
It is because there are many woman visitors.
It difficult!!


Lisa is London

8 Lisa is famous and her photo is in a newspaper. Write about her for the same newspaper.

She came to learn English in London. To become a teacher. But, she has mistaken a studio for a school. The photographer does not know is not her in the model.But, the photographer continued taking a photograph. Looked for the model of the advertisement at that time. And her photograph caught eye. She became a model and became famous.


After Reading No2:

About Edith Brown's story:
On 10 April 1912, Edith Brown and her parents, Thomas and Elizabeth, left England on the Titanic, because they wanted to start a new life in the United States.

When the Titanic suddenly hit an iceberg on the night of 14 April, Thomas immediately ran to his family and told them to put on warm clothes. Edith and Elizabeth found seats in the lifeboat, but sadly there weren't enough places for everybody. Poor Thomas died in the water along with many other people, so Edith never saw her father again.

About Tilly Smith's story:
In December 2004, ten-years-old Tilly Smith and her family went on holiday to Thailand. They stayed in a hotel on the coast.

When Tilly was on the beach one day, she saw the sea was moving back very quickly from the land. She had learned all about the signs of a tsunami at school, she immediately warned her family and other tourists about the danger.

Tilly returned to Thailand a year later, and she spoke there to thousands of people about kindness and bravery.

Although my answer is above, the question requires using 'where'. I have no idea for using 'where'...

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Another roadtrip

Last weekend was another busy one, as Tana's posting below also mentions.

King's Road English School in Tokyo was the venue for Cambridge ESOL KET & PET examinations on Saturday, and I need to thank Trevor for his professional approach to this important event for us. Hokuriku Gakuin University in Kanazawa also had KET & PET exams on the same day - their first Lower Main Suite session so an exciting, newsworthy event. Gavin & Sakiko were suitably nervous & well-prepared; candidates looked a bit nervous!

I drove over to help the school cope with their first time, but also to be one of the two oral examiners along with Maureen, who trained up earlier this month in Sapporo. Afterwards we were able to relax with a couple of staff, which was nice but frustrating - surrounded by inviting Scotch whisky and unable to partake - I hade to drive to Sendai that night!

OK, so I slept in the car near Niigata...Sunday I met a lot of interesting folks from Sendai itself, Miyagi, Yamagata and Aomori prefectures, plus my performing friends Kaj & Kevin, who you can see on the right here. Kevin is the best presenter I know, and you'll notice he is also a fan of the Reading/Story Tree which we use at Luna. One day we'll get him to come up here...I also met a Canadian lady who shares my surname, which is very unusual - especially in Japan. Maybe we're related?

I hope our KET & PET candidates all enjoyed their exams (?!) and that they are satisfied with their results when they come. Thanks to our OEs & invigilators, and hopefully next year we will have a few new venues around the country for more candiates to take the exams conveniently. Here's hoping - it won't be for lack of trying!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Lisa in London

7. Lisa wanted to learn English at a school, but can she learn English at work too? What do you think?

She wanted to be a teacher. She cannot stay in London for long time. Because she had to return her home for her parents. I feel she was not poor, she can learn English without any works, so she should not work. She should hardly learn English for short term. If she can be a English teacher, I think she will forget any other jobs (and Michael).


The Lahti File

After reading
1. Have you read any books or seen any films with a story like The Lahti File?

Yes, I have seen some films. “Mission Impossible.” “007 James Bond.” I like “The Man from UNCLE.”
“The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” is an American TV series that was broadcast on NBC about 40 years ago. Japanese title was “0011 Napoleon Solo.” At that time I was a child. I couldn’t almost watch it, because it started at 11:00 pm on weekday. However I could watch it, because I went to bed late during summer vacation.
The summary of this story is as follows. The main actor was Napoleon Solo. His boss was Alexander Waverly. Solo’s colleague was Illya Kuryakin. They worked for U.N.C.L.E. which is abbreviation of United Network Command for Law and Enforcement. They fought against the international criminal organization, which was called THRUSH. UNCLE headquarters in New York City were interesting. There were most frequently entered by a street entrance in a tailor shop. Another entrance was through a masque club. New York citizen didn't understand it was the spy base. The ID plate is received from the acceptance when entering the inside and he wears it to the chest. As for the plate, the color is different in each section, and the ID number for each member is being written. Solo is the 11th. His ID number became a Japanese title.

The Lady in White

When I saw the picture on the front cover this book, I have felt fear and horrors. And it was true. I think this cover picture is the best match to this story. Also I guess the title “The Lady in White” base on “White Lady”. You can see about White Lady in following URL.

After reading Q1: Which chapter do you remember most clearly from The Lady in White? Why?

What remembered me most clearly was Chapter 3, The Lady in White. While John was listening the story of a hitch-hiker in the cassette tape, I could image the transformation of his feeling. I thought it was very frightening when he found it was the same as his story. If I was John, I would be impatience to listen the cassette. (*1)

Note: (*1)
The second conditional (if + past simple + would) refers to actions that are not real or unlikely to be real in the future. :-)

The Fruitcake Special and other stories

I like such kind of stories which is a fiction and an entertainment.

After reading….Q1. Which of the five stories did you enjoy most? Write an article for the classroom notice board explaining why you like the story.

I like the first one, “The Fruitcake Special”. Can you image a perfume which makes men to fall in live with a woman who put on the perfume? It is a dream of people want. No? And I hope a perfume for men, which works opposite that women fall in live with men. If I have it …

And I imaged the scene after Anna threw everything in the bottle on the dress of the girlfriend. What happened on David? It was very interesting.


Florida is cold!!

I was in Tampa, Florida, USA at this week. Do you think that Florida is warm??
Nooo...... In this week, Florida is very cold. The maximum temperture is 16 degree centigrade and the minimum temperture is 3 degree centigrade.
Do you believe it?
But it is true.

I had gone to the ClearWater Beach. The wind is strongly and cold.
But, a person of here basked in the sun with swimsuit, unbelievable!!
Because American eat very vary much, they don't cold, do they?

I'm sorry that I can't show some photo, because I didn't bring a camera

I attend at the next class.
However, I may have caught cold a little.

Logan's Choice

Logan's Choice is a crime fiction of murder. Jenny Logan wan an inspector in the Edinburgh.

In the middle of the night, she got the phone. That was te news of murder. Alex Maclennan was killed. Then she reasoned who killed Alex Maclennan, his wife?, his brother in law?, manager of restaurant??

I was able to read smoothly unexpectedly. Because I like the crime fiction same as last the Space Fiction, too.

The murder was *********!!He was manager of Maclennan's restaurant. He was a joint manager, but it was a crime by what it was not able to be given an enough pay for.

I did not know whom was murder, Ian Ross or Donald Johnstone. Therefore I tell them, "Mr. Fraser saw someone climbing into Alex's bathroom.". Then we waited to come murderer and catched him. ******** was catched by Logan.

I like this book, because I like the crime fiction. This story was clear and easily read for me.

Sunday, 23 November 2008


It certainly has been a busy month or two for both Jim and myself.

Over the last couple of months I have been attending a series of workshops held by Oxford University Press in conjunction with IIEEC in Tokyo. These included lectures and practicums given by the well known Ritsuko Nakata, author of the Let's Go series, and other qualified teacher trainers. Very interesting and lots of new ideas for the classroom which I've been getting stuck into and have already seen the benefit of.

My tots have been busy too, making sculptures to illustrate the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, which they know now by heart! A messy job to be sure, but we took the necessary precautions, no paint was spilt and a lot of fun was had by all.

Classroom rules

Here are a set of classroom rules to put Jim's troubled mind to rest.
The rules are as follows:

1. No kicking, biting, scratching, pulling of hair or other harmful behaviour.
2. No rocking on chairs.
3. No eating.
4. Look at the teacher.
5. Listen to the teacher.
6. Put up your hand if you want to say something, and wait to be asked.
7. Remember classroom language for ex 'What is it?' and 'How do you spell it?' and use it!!
8. Put away anything which is not English. Only English books and stationery in the classroom please.
9. Help eachother, in English, of course!
10. Do your homework before the lesson starts.
11.Come to class on time.

Please note that these rules apply to adult classes too!!


Forthcoming events

Yip! It's that time of year already and the annual Christmas Party is just around the corner. I do hope you will all be joining us. Further details to be announced shortly.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Thursday afternoons

Every Thursday from about 4pm, our building is invaded by very cheerful and chirpy young girls, along with not a few mums and younger brothers & sisters. Jim gives up trying to get any work done!

Kaede is very comfortable around grown ups, and has no problem at all starting conversations. Here she is discovering Tana's precious digital camera! Class itself is usually a rowdy affair, so the class is going to agree on a set of promises that will make Tana's life easier and help the class settle down.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Lady in the white

I'm sorry but I can't put the picture of this book cover, althoghI heard how to put it last week from Jim...

I had been reading this book in dark and silent airplane (in order to let passengers sleep well), so it was good condition to read this "mysterious" story.
It was a story of "urban legend", and the efficient TV producer is going mad by one lady wearing white dress.
I can't tell the end of story, so please read by yourself if you want to know!

By the way, I tell you the strange story about myself.
Before I went to a kindergarten, I had a friend in my HEAD!
Her name is "Kariko-chan" and I usually talked with her, but she was gone without realizing...

There are a lot of things which science can't tell the truth, aren't there?


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Seasons & Celebrations

After Reading question 1:
Here are two e-mails about different celebrations.

Subject: New Year's Eve
Time: 23.30 Date: 31 December

Hello from Edinburgh!
There are thousands of people in the streets. Everyone is singing and dancing. There are a lot of fireworks, too. It's very noisy! In half an hour it will be midnight. Everyone is excited! Nobody will go to work tomorrow - it's a holiday, and all the banks and shops will be closed. Everyone will stay in bed!
Bye! Tam

Subject: Halloween
Time: 19.45 Date: 31 October

I'm staying with a family in New York. The children are having a party tonight. They've dressed as witches and ghosts - they say it keeps the bad spirits away! There are a a lot of decorations in the house, too - they're black and orange. Outside the door there's a strange light. Someone has cut a pumpkin in the side of a face, and they've put a light in it!
See you!


I went to business trip to Shanghai in the beginning of November. It was a first visit to China. On the final day, I rode a "Shanghai Maglev Train". The line runs from Longyang Road station to Pudong International Airport. It takes 7 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the distance of 30 km. A train can reach the maximum operation speed of 431 km/h!! It was very comfortable.

Postcard from Shanghai, China

Hi Jim,

How are you?

I'm in Shanghai now (I'm participating in an exhibition).
Today is full moon! It is very beautiful

See you next week!
Noriko Y

Monday, 17 November 2008

Gallavanting around

It's been a bit busy last few weekends for me - I think my family are starting to forget what I look like.

About a month ago I was catching up with my old mate Julian from Barnsley. He has just moved back to Osaka & we explored the old part of town with another mate, having a great meal in a famous but local Korean restaurant. Unfortunately, the food poisoning I got wasn't worth it, but anyway, it's been a while since I have been to Osaka - always exciting and vibrant, and quite different to Tokyo.

The weekend after that, I went to the annual JALT (Japan Association of Language Teachers) conference, this year held near Yoyogi Park. The conference is never exactly exciting, but for me it is a great chance to catch up with a lot of people in the same place, and talk "shop". I managed to find some old Cambridge examiners who want to get back into examining, and interviewed a couple of prospective new ones. I went to a few workshops, picked up some new tricks and remembered some old ones, listened to the good & the great. In between, busy networking. Here you can see my mates from OUP - nearest is Koichi who is a Matsumoto boy, working hard! The OUP was party was good fun, and I met a couple of extremely interesting people.

The first weekend in November I flew up to Sapporo to train a bunch of new examiners. this meant taking two days off work at Luna & cancelling classes, which I hate doing - sorry guys. It was one degree above freezing when I arrived, and snowing - I nearly came straight back! I trained a small group of new examiners for YLE on Saturday, then met the main group of existing OEs on Sunday. Training continued then for KET on Sunday afternoon; PET on Monday morning and a big co-ordination for both that afternoon. A very full schedule and no time for souvenir shopping - I nearly missed the plane back (again) as it was. Literally got back home, changed clothes and came to Luna & taught 4 classes straight. Of course, I did manage to find a pub and watch the football on Saturday, with my Kiwi mate Peter & his lovely wife Yoko, who owns a very nice little school in Sapporo. (The very same pub I was in on June 16th 2002, before the England v Argentina game in the World Cup!)

And this last weekend was another away fixture. I stupidly planned a meeting for Sunday before I could actually get there on the first train, so I got the train down on Saturday evening and found myself in Nakano (instead of Shinjuku). Fortunately, I had my subway map with me & got to Akasaka in time to meet Tall Tim for a curry. We then sampled Whychwood & Old Speckled Hen in the Hobgoblin while we watched Liverpool beat Bolton. Training a brand new group of OEs for FCE was a challenge, as I wanted to improve on the style I was shown. With a bit of help we managed to get my PC hooked up to a projector and could save a lot of time/argument while watching candidate samples on DVD. I was also able to show the new online system to the trainees 'live', which made life a lot easier.

So if I haven't been able to check this blog too much lately I apologise - I haven't been 'here' enough. I have also been a bit behind on my inbox - hope you can appreciate why now! The next few weekends? Let's just say I'm only half way through a very busy season!

The Battle of Newton Rord

I read a book "The Battle of Newton Road".

Answer the questions.

a) Do you like this story? Why?

Yes, I like this story. Because I understand the feeling the people of Newton Road.
I think very important my living area and my neighbours too. And I hope not change my living area surroundings.
This story's choice, I think very happy.


Postcard from Amsterdam, Holland

Dear Tana,

Hello Tana - I arrived at Amsterdam at last. After 11 hours by airplane from Narita. It's very far away place here from Japan. I saw a loty of beautiful great building near my hotel.

Please have nice days.
T. Minemura

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Postcard from Kampong Thom, Cambodia

Dear Jim,

How is the weather in Matsumoto? It is dry season at this moment, here in Kampong Thom, Cambodia.

Today I visited a elementary school which Epson Union contributed to in 2004. I played with students under the burning sun. I'm sure that my weight has lost more than 3kg by sweating.
Needless to say, I have recovered by cold Angkor beer in the evening.

We took dinner with the Cambodian teachers. They can speak English very well.

See you next week, Koa

Koa - and everyone - check out this related blog

Remembering (the end of) World War One

As you'll know from previous postings, I feel quite strongly about WWI. If any of you are interested, there are some excellent materials available at these links with interactive maps & video links.

I hope you will follow the breadcrumbs (links) and post your comments here? has a tour of the major battlegrounds of the Western Front gives you an idea of the horrors of battle (Verdun). for how the dead are remembered at Ypres.

Stopping it happening again - we have to tell our kids, and their kids... which I think still does not happen in this country (Japan) where recent history has been airbrushed completely. Result? Blithe ignorance.

  • What do British & former colonial countries/western allies do at 11am on November 11th every year?
  • Why do you see people wearing red poppies at this time of year?
  • What is the Cenotaph?
  • click here to find out:

The Imperial War Museum is an excellent place to visit - have a look at its photographic exhibit for example -

Even on the last day of WWI men were killed. I believe Michael Palin has made a documentary about it which I hope to find & show to our students. Meantime, here are some tragic final fatalities

The story of the Unknown Soldier there was a great podcast last year about this but I am struggling to find it. Here is a related one

So, plenty to start you searching. Please add your links from interesting research you find?

Lest we forget. Jim

Postcard from The Drake Hotel, Chicago, USA


It's a little colder than Matsumoto, but Chicago is nice place.
I stay with W. Churchill.

I cannot do my homework because I left my text in the office. Very sorry!
See you next time.


"The Drake Hotel is located in the heart of the Gold Coast overlooking the Magnificent Mile shopping district & Lake Michigan"

Love in the Lake

"Love in the lake" is complete love story. It's fun and I have finish the book in one sitting.
I've written some paragraphs explaining how Rovert's and Laura's lives change after the end of the story.

The title is "To coexist with tourists"
The area has some problems regarding the tourists who visit at the Lake District and do water sports. Many of them are bad-mannered, for example, litter the lake with garbage, ride a jet-ski with alcohol. However, they spend lots of money in the area. People, who live around the Lake District, want to find a way to get rid of bad-mannered tourist and to coexist peacefully with the other good tourists.
Robert and Laura began activities to solve the problem. Robert vets near the Lake District and he lost his friend in the jet-ski accident. He has been calling for local government to regulate the jet-skiing. Laure is one of the people who was fascinated by peaceful lake and good food in the area. She runs a food shop and café in London, and her shop plays a role of antenna shop of the area of Lake District. Reentry, their patient effort is producing the little effects. The local government has begun steps toward to regulate jet-skiing, and there is an increasing number of people who visit there for natural food, not for jet-skiing. If the activities are successful, it will lead to the revitalization of the other local city or country town.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Information Technology

I thought it's interesting about this topic, before I'm going to read this book.Because, I'm engineer. There were several subjects that I had already known it too.But, there were a lot of subjects that i don't know.

I had interesting section was the Computer History. It is old topic. I am happy that I had gotten to know about history(digit, abacus, big machine( size like room ) and so on.

I understood a lot of issues for the IT changed our lives.Although we think the IT is conveniently technology, we should understand that we had gotten good things and bad things.

I funnily read it.



This book is written about money and banking, economics.
I didn't have knowledge aobut them. I could learn them.For the first time, I knew that poor countries in Africa was borrowed money from IMF and the World bank. They must pay money for it, so they can't use money for their education and medical. Rich countries try to help them but it is not easy.

This book is very interesting for me.

Luna students' room: Love in the Lakes

Luna students' room: Love in the Lakes

Postcard from Ladar, Croatia (Republic Hrvatska)

Hello, from Croatia!

I am travelling in Croatia. Everything is beautiful in this country!!

I visited some world heritage, like old church which was built in AD800 era. Old town is very interesting for me. I was impressed by fantastic view of Dubrovnik. I see beautiful dream everyday here!


Australia and New Zealand

Q3. Read these paragraphs and choose the right answers to make two text, one about the Aborigines and one about Maori.

The Aborigines came to Australia about 40,000 years ago. They lived in houses made from branches, and caught animals and fish. They were good at singing and dancing, and they painted their bodies.
When the British came, many died in fights over land or from diseases. In the twentieth century things changed the Aborigines. They had to live separately from the white people. Now most of them live in cities and towns, and they about 2.4 per cent of the population. One of the best known Aborigines is Cathy Freeman.
There are still many problems, but National Sorry Day has helped to make some things better for the Aborigines.

The Maori came to New Zealand about 1,000 years ago. They lived in houses made from wood, and caught bird and fish. They were good at singing and dancing, and they made beautiful wooden boats.
When the British came, many died in fights over land or from diseases. In the twentieth century things changed the Maori. They began to live more like the white people. Now most of them live in cities and towns, and they about 15 per cent of the population. One of the best known Maori is Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.
There are still many problems, but the Waitangi Tribunal has helped to make some things better for the Maori.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


I learnt the volume of rubbish, and recycling of countries in the world in this book. And, I was able to know problems of rubbish.

Rubbish at home is divided in my country. However, I wasn't thinking of the meaning. I think that it is also important to do myself though making law by the government is also important. I use things a long time. And, I don't throw away things. I hope for a beautiful environment of earth without problem of rubbish in the future.

After Reading Question 3: "Add two more things you think will be true in the year, and say why you think this."

1 . I think all things will recycle. All countries won't use landfill site of rubbish.
2. A lot of wastes thrown away will be removed. And, the earth will return to beautiful environment.

*There are my hopes. To be true, all people should be doing.


Postcard from Paris, France

Yumiko gave me a postcard from her business trip to Paris - it even had a stamp on it, but she didn't have time to write me a message. I thought today would be a good day to show a picture of the Arc de triomphe de l' is Armistice Day being the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Although it was built between 1806-1836, I always associate the Arc de Triomphe with the end of the First World War (11/11/1918 - exactly 90 years ago). A day to relect on the pointlessness of war. Please check Harry's War (in the margin on the left) to see if Harry Lamin survived WWI.

Yumiko says she didn't enjoy Paris! Maybe she can tell us why?!

Love in the Lakes

I try to write a newspaper report about Chiara's death.

Police search for the jet skier who run away after hitting a girl.

In the evening yesterday, at Lake District, an Italian girl who had been swimming at the lake was run over and killed by a jet ski. She was killed on the spot. Killed in the accident was 19-year-old Ms. Chiara Rosa, a student of the faculty of medicine in the University of Milan. She had visited the Lake District on vacation. Investigator said that the jet skier seemed to be drunk.

Monday, 10 November 2008


(Q3) Write Monika's diary for August 9th.

Today I had a good thing and a bad thing.Today was the third day of the Stockholm Water Festival.There was a flying show. I looked forward to this show from last year.I trained very hard everyday. I was chosen for main demonstration of acrobatic flying.I flew today. The crowd watched me and waved me. Acrobatic flying was big success. I was happy and happy.However, after flying, I had a very bad thing.When I was walking near the City Hall, young man talked to me.He was wearing T-shirt which said 'MAD ABOUT FOOTBALL!'.I tried to run away from him. He followed me for a long time.Then he touched me. Next I pushed and kicked him into the river.It was a worst thing for me today.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A Picture to Remember

Q.2 Which museums or art galleries have you visited?
Are there any pictures that you remember very well? Why?

I visited Anker exhibition in this May. It was held at Matsumoto city museum.
Albert Anker(1831-1910)was born in Ins of Switzerland.
He is not known well in Japan though, he is popular in Switzerland.
His painting is really realistic. I was especially impressed by the painting of grandfather and two grandchildren. I thought that the painting people are look like real human when I saw it.
I hope to see it again someday.

Cambridge Young Learners Exams at Luna

Luna International was proud to host the Cambridge YLE exams at the weekend. Candidates came from in and and around Matsumoto, and some came from as far as Nagoya to take part!!

I hope that the candidates all enjoyed the day, and we'll have our fingers crossed for their results!

Many thanks to the external examiners, and of course the staff at Luna, who helped make the day a success, and without whom the day would not have been possible.

Bonfire Night

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Monday, 3 November 2008

Logan's Choice

No1: What have you learnt about Edinburgh from reading Logan's Choice?

There are rich areas and dirtier, poorer areas in Edinburgh.

Leith is in the north of Edinburgh, by the sea. Many years ago Leith was busy. Lots of boats came in and out every day.
These days there were few boats and many of the old buildings were now flats for the young people of Edinburgh.

Princes Street is in the north of Edinburgh Castle. Princes Street is unusual for the main street of a large city. These are shops on only one side of the street. The Princes Street Gardens are on the other side. In the summer the gardens are full of people sitting in the sun.

Posted for Michie

A Matter of Chance

I read “A Matter of Chance”. At first, I thought this book was a love story, but it was an action. When I finished reading the book, I was sad and my mind was in the dark.

Q1; After reading A Matter of Chance, how important do you think change has been in your life?

I think a Chance is very important for every one’s life because a chance could change our life. For instance, people get married because of “A Chance” when and where they met somehow.


Sunday, 2 November 2008

The University Murders

I have read two murders stories continuously. These two stories are interesting because the criminals are unexpected persons.

I like mystery, so I have read this book in this three-day weekend. I wonder Billy Marr wasn't necessary in this book. What was his function ? The last scene, it seems like a stretch.

Q5. Imagine you are going to make a film of The University Murders, but it will take place in your country. Which university city would you choose, and why ?

I choose Nara city. I think the city has to have a good nature and good situation to be able to apply the study in the university. On the other hand, the city isn't an urban area and it hasn't so many people in university area. Thus I choose Nara city.

Saturday, 1 November 2008


I had finished to read this book. This story is Science Fiction, I felt this story like space odyssey on one woman. I like story like as this. I want to wish for Mary Mount becoming happy and I wish her bad dream is not going to come true.

Q1. Imagine you meet a visitor from another planet. What questions would you like to ask him or her?

How do you think aout our planet? If you are peaceful, how do we are peaceful, too?