Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Another roadtrip

Last weekend was another busy one, as Tana's posting below also mentions.

King's Road English School in Tokyo was the venue for Cambridge ESOL KET & PET examinations on Saturday, and I need to thank Trevor for his professional approach to this important event for us. Hokuriku Gakuin University in Kanazawa also had KET & PET exams on the same day - their first Lower Main Suite session so an exciting, newsworthy event. Gavin & Sakiko were suitably nervous & well-prepared; candidates looked a bit nervous!

I drove over to help the school cope with their first time, but also to be one of the two oral examiners along with Maureen, who trained up earlier this month in Sapporo. Afterwards we were able to relax with a couple of staff, which was nice but frustrating - surrounded by inviting Scotch whisky and unable to partake - I hade to drive to Sendai that night!

OK, so I slept in the car near Niigata...Sunday I met a lot of interesting folks from Sendai itself, Miyagi, Yamagata and Aomori prefectures, plus my performing friends Kaj & Kevin, who you can see on the right here. Kevin is the best presenter I know, and you'll notice he is also a fan of the Reading/Story Tree which we use at Luna. One day we'll get him to come up here...I also met a Canadian lady who shares my surname, which is very unusual - especially in Japan. Maybe we're related?

I hope our KET & PET candidates all enjoyed their exams (?!) and that they are satisfied with their results when they come. Thanks to our OEs & invigilators, and hopefully next year we will have a few new venues around the country for more candiates to take the exams conveniently. Here's hoping - it won't be for lack of trying!

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