Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Postcard from Ladar, Croatia (Republic Hrvatska)

Hello, from Croatia!

I am travelling in Croatia. Everything is beautiful in this country!!

I visited some world heritage, like old church which was built in AD800 era. Old town is very interesting for me. I was impressed by fantastic view of Dubrovnik. I see beautiful dream everyday here!



  1. Teruki,

    Sounds like an awesome place to visit, and I would dearly love to visit Slovenia too. You said the food wasn't so inspiring but still better than English nosh?!

    I barely remember visiting Yugoslavia (as it was when I was a nipper) with my little brother & my parents...but vividly remember nearly choking to death on a sardine bone by the port in Dubrovnik!

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures on Thursday evening :)

  2. Teruki,

    I changed the date on the church for you (of course it's AD not BC! Can you find a website with more information about it? I tried but wasn't sure which town you said it was in. I have added a couple of links in the text for you. There is the famous Templar round church in London (Da Vinci Code fame) as well as the one I mentioned in Cambridge.

    Your photos looked great - and the DVD was interesting. Welcome back!


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