Friday, 24 February 2017

Describing my house

It's a brown detached house, off a quiet street in central Matsumoto.

Matsumoto Castle 
It's spacious. There's a living room with a kitchen where there are two long modern counters for preparing lovely warm meals. It has a training centre with weights & a huge TV. There are three bedrooms; one for my parents, one for my older brother, and one for me & my middle brother (T). My parents sleep on a Japanese-style futon, my older brother has a double bed, and me & T have a bunk bed. There are two toilets, which are modern, and a store room, full of emergency food & old bags,. There is a big garden with a breath-taking wooden deck. There are a lot of beautiful flowers in summer and the wooden deck is very handy for BBQs.

My house is fifteen minutes on foot from the city centre and the castle. It is not convenient for busses. My house is in a sleepy neighbourhood near a shrine & a temple.

My house is ideal for a family with pets. Sorry, definitely no smoking.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Revised Cambridge English: Young Learners tests – an overview

Important news for all YLE teachers & schools out there - suggest you pay careful attention to the changes & plan accordingly.

Please don't ask me for new sample or practice materials - the ink is still very wet!

Likewise, SEs, I'm trying to find out when the new materials will be available & implications for certification before the 2018 changes take effect. See the section from 22'35 - 25'00 & a comment at 47'

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Well hello there!

Absolutely thrilled to bump into my former line manager at Sasabe kindergarten on Friday, with her resignation in her arms! 

To be honest, I did spy her the day before, helping out at the school's music festival. She didn't have to be there of course, but cool schools generate & retain those unquantifiable little extras - loyalty, goodwill, even love. 

Ikuko was an amazing teacher (see previous eulogies!) and I am very sure will an awesome mum. We have never spoken the same language with each other, but you don't really need to when infectious enthusiasm & obvious talent is available in spades (her side of the equation!) & jaded teacher wants to impress!

And I wanted to share this cool pic. Why can't all teachers smile like Ikuko!?

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Kimi no na wa (Your Name) - a film review

'Your Name' is a film that you must see. It was directed by Matoko Shinkai, a popular animation
movie director. It stars no one because it is an animation film. This film should win the Japanese Academy Prize for Best Animation film.

This contemporary film is set in Tokyo and Hide-Takeyama, in rural Gifu.

The film is about two high school students, a boy called Taki and a girl called Mitsuha. They had never met each other, but they started to reverse roles in their dreams. They come to know each other, and one day Taki decides to see her, but she wasn't there...

I totally recommend 'Your Name'. The animation is spectacular and it makes you laugh a lot. The story is a bit complicated, thus I would recommend you watch it twice. The soundtrack was made by a Japanese popular rock band 'Radwimps', and it is captivating.

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Forever burning

Helen Margaret Gowland passed away at the age of 99 in late January. A mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, an aunt and a great aunt. A figure held dearly in the hearts of many. Here is my tribute to one of the people who shaped me into the person I am today.

I shall always cherish the memories I have of my grandmother in my very first year living in England. At the time my surroundings were new and alien, I had yet to get a firm grasp of the language, customs and the way of life. When I first arrived, I could communicate in English, but my reading abilities were rudimentary at best. Yet amidst all the unknowns, and at the heart of all this unfamiliar territory, there shined a beacon of light.

I fondly recall sitting atop my grandmother’s lap, story book in hand, waiting for her soft gentle voice to bring the words to life, eager to turn the page and see what adventures awaited. It was her patience and guidance that ignited a flame for a love of books and reading. Her tender love and care allowed me to flourish, spread my wings and fly. I was soon able to read independently, yet would always look forward to every opportunity of sitting beside her, enthralled by the magic of her storytelling.

The precious moments we were able to share together will always be close to my heart, and I often reminisce about those days. It was at that time that sparked a burning desire in my heart. A desire to nurture, help the world shine brighter, light the darkness. A flame that was passed on to me, and lead me to where I am today. An eternal flame that will shine radiant as it did in your heart. A flame I wish to pass on to my students, friends and family. And for you Helen Margaret Gowland, I will blaze the torch dazzling bright, forever in your loving memory.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Postcard from...Hanoi, Vietnam

Dear Jim-sensei

3 days has been past in Hanoi. It was very fast! Although it is second time to visit Hanoi, I could enjoy "new" Hanoi & felt Vietnamese kindness a lot. It seems so cold in Japan, I don't want to go back!!

See you next class :)

Best regards,


Monday, 13 February 2017

L.A. Winners - my lottery winnings plan

The reading book “L.A. Winner” is a story about stolen race force.

If I get big money by horseracing, lottery etc, what do I want to do? I will write my vision in my mind.

Firstly, if I get big money from lottery, I will not say that issue to many people. A half of money from a lottery, a horseracing will be saved to buy next lottery or bet on next horse rating and to get money from a lottery again.

And the bal. half of money from a lottery will be used to followings.
  1. To go graceful/high trip (to spend slow-moving time at graceful/high hotel) 
  2. To go all football games of Matsumoto Yamaga which are played at adversary stadium to give the Yamaga team a supportive push 
  3. To make a large donation to groups who help animals that were not bought at pet shops and who are taking actions to reduce pet shops and slaughter of animals. 
  4. To buy 2 rooms of assisted-living condominium for my parents because I heard many news that many people are now leaving their job to carry out elders’ care (ex. Parents) and when their cares are completed, it is really hard to go back to work. So I want to continue to work with a sense of safety which my parents receive enough care during my work. 
  5. To make a large donation to the Matsumoto Yamaga team to improve their practice environment. 
My vision in my mind makes me happy..., but if it becomes true, that is unbelievable happy thing for me.