Friday, 29 August 2008

Toshiya passes PET

Success tastes sweet, doesn`t it?!

Congratulations Toshiya on managing to pass your P.E.T. exam "with Merit" - that means you got over 85% in the three papers...reading & writing, listening, and speaking. Pretty good job I reckon!

It was my pleasure to give you your certificate today, and it is obvious your mum was very proud too! Well done sunshine - just imagine what you can achieve if you do your homework more often?!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


This is mystery that Orchestra Manager was killed someone. Its heroine is Penny Wade. She was a double bass player.

She was stolen her double bass. The double bass was related to this murder.
At this end of story, her double bass was return to her and I think she got new boyfriend who is inspector.

Sayonara Sayaka

I can`t honestly say I enjoy seeing students leave, but this is a special occasion and I am absolutely certain we`ll be seeing this young lady again in the not too distant future.

I have known Sayaka since she was knee-high to a grass-hopper...which is a long time! She had her last class today at Luna with her lifelong buddies Yumeka & Haruka and we had a party to celebrate. And celebrate we should - because Saya has earned a chance to spend a year in Canada on a homestay.

We also had the chance to present Sayaka with her K.E.T. certificate - a fitting trophy before she leaves on Friday. Can this young lady I have known & taught since she was two and a half actually be leaving on Friday?! Makes me stop & ask myslef how much longer I should be doing this...think I should at least stick around until Sayaka comes back!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Double Bass Mystery

Do you think The Double Bass Mystery is a good title? Can you think of any other good titles?
Yes, I do. This is interesting and clear. The title is good name. Because, I think that this story was about a couple of parson and double bass players.

Although, they are player with a orchestra, they spend wrong life. Simon and Penny. They loved each other.

Simon is going to be in prison for a long time. Penny is going to play in orchestra with her double base.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Within High Fences

Nancy worked in center for asylum seekers. She lived together with lover's Tom. Tom was opposite in Nancy works.
Nancy was in love with asylum seekers George. She didn't have the desire filled while she lived together with Tom and wasn't necessary to work.
George was enchantment and was mysterious for Nancy.
Feelings and puzzlement of her appear.
Her friend's Harriet is important existence by sympathy.

6. Think of another title for Behind High Fences.
Different Worlds
Get over an obstacle

Sunday, 24 August 2008


6. What happens after the end of the story? Write about what happens to Frank and Teresa.

He began to work for the other job, but he was trying to complete his novel. He was trying to complete his novel with working. After few years, he finished his novel and he succeed. They got big money, but he didn't stop to work. They didn't change their life. It was good for them. they were very happy for long time.


Wild Country

I enjoyed "Wild Country". When I was reading "Wild Country", I remembered my old experiences.

I like climbing a mountain since I was a university student. Why do I like? View is wonderful. Flowers are beautiful. Air is very clear. I was opened from the stress of usual life. Climbing the mountain is different of usual life. It is not only happy. We have to live for a few days at the party composed of several people. Sometimes, we don't agree with each other. Sometimes, it is raining everyday. Sometimes, the route is dangerous. I think that these hardship make our trust strong.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

I stay in the United States.

I am staying Bethlehem in the United States by business trip from 8/17. This town is very old. There is also an old church and an old building and it is a very beautiful scene. After today's meeting. I am going to move to the N.Y city. In this town, I have some freetime. I will be enjoy sightseeing.

I can not upload photo. After return to Japan, I am going to upload a photo.

I have some problems. The first problem is language. I couldn't listen to the natural speed English and I couldn't speak well. I though that I should study English still more. The Second problem is food. American food has volume, and since it is intensely flavored, I wants to eat Japanese-style food.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Inspector Logan

I read "Inspector Logan". This story is very interesting. I like this book.

After reading Q2: Kerr made some mistakes which helped Logan to catch him. What were his biggest mistakes?

I think brooch is a clue to understand this case. His biggest mistake is dump brooch at Buchan's house. If Buchan is a culprit, never dump brooch at his house. It same "the culprit is hisself".
So I think it Kerr's biggest mistake.

I hope read another case, be active inspector Logan.


Business as usual

Our rather drab and dreary building is getting a make-over, so for the next month or so we are hiding behind a funky blue screen & scaffolding. Don't worry, we're still here & open all hours!

Question on the tips of everyones' lips is...what colour will we re-emerge as? What country would you like? Click on the questionnaire (right) to register your suggestion for our new decor.

In the meantime, please accept our apologies for the inconvenient reduction in parking spaces - use Circle K/Skylark quietly - or try to squeeze in where we usually park our k-car? We also expect it to be a bit noisy/smelly, but we are sure it will be worth it. Bear with us?

Monday, 18 August 2008

How I Met Myself

Q.4 Would this story work best as a play or a film?

Yes! I think pictures will express so much presence effectively rather than a novel. Some scenes, for example, a man meets other person who has the same face, the Taylor's investigation, the event what happened on '3rd' 18 January, will make us feel we are really there.

I would like M.Night Shyamalan to direct the film. He will take us to the world of the story as like as his other films, 'The Sixth Sense' and 'Unbreakable'.

By the way, I wonder why a day of the week goes backward year by year. The 18 January was Monday at first year. The day of second year was Sunday and the day of third year was Saturday. This is absolutely in reverse order to real. Perhaps all of the story was a dream of Taylor. When he woke up, he told his dream to Andrea and Kati. It was 18 January morning. This is an answer of Q.7 "Write an extra chapter called ‘18 January again!’", as well.

Describing a building in Tsu City

The most beautiful building in my hometown is Hyakugo Bank Headquarters. It is in the centre of Tsu City in Mie prefecture.

It was built in 1968. A past building had become old, it was built newly. In the 11th floor building, at that time, it was the highest building in Mie prefecture.

Tsu City was bombed to the U. S. Army in World War 2. There weren’t any outmoded buildings in the built-up area because of burnt ruins. If it didn’t encounter war damage, the castle might have been the most famous building.

You can enter to the ground floor because it is a bank window in this building. You cannot go up to the 10th floor and the rooftop because you aren’t the people related to the bank. I guess that view from the rooftop is wonderful. For the east of the building, you can see the Ise-bay and the centrair airport. For the west of it, you can see the expressway and wide rice fields.

There is this building along the route 23.
If you go to Ise Jingu Shrine from Nagano prefecture, you will able to see this building.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

How I Met Myself

After reading:Do you believe it is possible to meet your doppelganger?

I don't believe doppelganger, because I have never seen doppelganger yet.

A lot of people say "If you met doppelganger you will die in a few days". I don't know that is true or false. I can't decide that is true or false. In this story it was false. If I can meet doppelganger, I wish help me from danger like this story.

After reading, I thought that doppelganger is in each one's mind. It was very mysterious story, I enjoyed reading.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

The House by the Sea

Good morning Jim! I finished reading the book.

1.At the end of the story, John says he had kept the bag ‘So that I never forget how easy it is to lose the things you love’.Do you keep any objects to remind you of someone or something?

I don't keep anyone, because I have nothing to need reminding me.

2.Do you think The House by the Sea is a good title? Make up a different title.

I don't think it's a good title, because the title likes as Love story's title. I make up a different title "Horror Sea".

Have a good vacation! I will pick up tomato in my vacation. Bad vacation for me.


Thursday, 7 August 2008


Congratulations to Sayaka on passing her Cambridge ESOL KET exam! We knew she could do it! Sayaka has been a student with Luna since she was about two and a half years old, always gives of her best, always participates fully in class activities and always does her homework. This just goes to show that hard work does pay off and that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. We are all very proud of her.

Postcard from...Hawaii

How are you?

I am now in Hawaii. The people in Hawaii are very friendly.
When I wake up, I can see the beautiful sea from the hotel.
It is very fun in Hawaii.

See you for now.

From Toshiya, Hawaii.

{Jim adds - well done Toshiya on passing your Cambridge ESOL P.E.T. exam "with Merit". That means you got over 85%! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and see you soon.}

Different Worlds

Sam is deaf girl. She loved Jim. She is very active girl because she attend a party to meet jim.
She and Jim became to love each other. She talk him about her and he talk her about him.
Howerer, He didn't talk her what he like playing music. So she is very sad.
She thought he didn't talk because she is deaf. Sam's mother worry about them.
She invite jim to Sam's home so Sam and Jim became friends again.
I hope they are happy.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The kids have all the fun!

It can never be stressed enough how important it is to make classes meaningful for the students and as true to life as possible. This includes relating topics to everyday life as well as using realia in class. Everyone learns in a different way and it is important for the teacher to provide visual, aural and kinesthetic stimulus so as to facilitate learning for all learner types. This applies to all ages, but is especially true for children. We all agree that seeing, touching, using or experiencing something is more memorable than just being told about it. So here is how we put this theory into practice. I played this 'getting dressed' game with my Supertots group last week and they absolutely loved it. As well as practicing clothes vocabulary they also got to practice related action words in context.

Another thing we had fun with the other day was the craft activity. Students had to make a crown by cutting out the shape with scissors and then decorating with circles, triangles and squares. The results were beautiful and I'm not lying when I say I wasn't just a little bit envious of those wearing the crown.

Wish I was a kid again.

Within High Fences

The best character is George ,because he is very kind person. He wanted to help people and loved Nancy deeply. I think he is really nice person. I want to be like him if I can. I don't like Nancy and Tom, because they didn't try to understand each other. If they had much communication about themselves, they maybe understood each other.

George and Nancy will have many problems in their life ,but be happy with pure love.
Tom is very poor person.He believe money make everything good.We can't buy mind.

Posted for Shin

Monday, 4 August 2008

A building(bridge) in Kawazu-machi --- Homework

The most beautiful (Not really beautiful, but famous) building in Kawazu-machi is The Loop Bridge. It’s a huge looping bridge which is standing in mountains.

Before the bridge was built, the road was very winding. In 1978, there was a big earthquake, and the old road was seriously damaged. The bridge was built as safer way, in 1981. It used to be very popular because it was novel shape.

This bridge is 1064m long, 45m high, and has diameter of 80m. It rotates twice.

You will feel a exciting strange impression when you are driving on the bridge.

You must go, but be careful. Do not drive at over speed.

Circle Games

I read this book. I found common word with five stories on the book. It is "wheel".

The first story is "Quick Man Tan". He hepled a man who had pointed a knife on his face just like a wheel.

The second story is "The Wheel on the Wall". It is an old wooden wheel sits on English pub.

The third story is "Special Clay". Americans young man made the wheel.

The fourth story is "The Trishaw Man", He dorve people around on a three-wheeled trishaw bicycle.

The fifth story is "Beautiful Thing" that is the strange wheel thing. But, I didn't understand connectiron their stories means and the book's title.

Logan's Choice

This book is a mystery.

Jenny Logan is a inspector in the Edinburgh Police. She is cool and smart. Grant is an police officer helping her.

Alex Maclennan had died in the bathroom in his house at night. Logan thought this was a murder. Some suspects showed up. Logan chose the suspect, and set the traps at the end.

3. Do you think 'Logan's Choice' is a good title? Make up another title.
I think Logan's Choice is the best title.
I make the other title....
"Three suspects"
"Edinburgh Mystery"

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Bon Bon - 2008 style

A very enjoyable night out, I must say!

What an evening, and what a great turnout we had? At least 70 people of all ages joined us this year, and most managed to last the pace from start to finish. Dancing for 3 whole hours is a big ask - and I'm sure there are some aches and pains being felt today?

I can't remember where we went! I know we ended up in front of Parco for the second year running; we avoided the graveyard = the top of eki-mai. The length of Ise-machi, and the crowds along Hon-machi dori, and we had a few moments of glory in front of the main stand outside 82 bank. Think our big hands were well photographed again (makes us look tall & shiney), and our super cheerful young brigade did us all proud.

Anna & Hina-chan led us along smartly, and Eri's tennis buddies once again led the choreography with a lot of help from Tomohiro & Yumie; Tomoko & Yuki kept us supplied with refreshments and made sure the glamourous team behind us didn't trample us!

As you can see from the photos everyone had a great time. Thanks everyone for coming & joining us/supporting us; please share your photos & comments here too?

Dancer of the year = Rui-kun