Sunday, 24 August 2008

Wild Country

I enjoyed "Wild Country". When I was reading "Wild Country", I remembered my old experiences.

I like climbing a mountain since I was a university student. Why do I like? View is wonderful. Flowers are beautiful. Air is very clear. I was opened from the stress of usual life. Climbing the mountain is different of usual life. It is not only happy. We have to live for a few days at the party composed of several people. Sometimes, we don't agree with each other. Sometimes, it is raining everyday. Sometimes, the route is dangerous. I think that these hardship make our trust strong.

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  1. Yuji,

    I love the mountains too - one of the reasons I chose to live in Matsumoto. Unfortunately, that also means having to put up with cold winters in an uninsulated house.

    There has been a tragedy unfolding high in the mountains of Pakistan. Have you been following the story? You can find it here -

    I used to love climbing, but decided to stop when I couldn't trust myself with my ropework (the climbing was enjoyable!) and I loved being away from the crowds on a mountainside or a crag.

    Stories like this emerging from K2 make me think I made a wise decision. I can't imagine the courage & endurance of the climbers involved, nor the sadness of so many talented climbers losing their lives in one incident.

    What do you think?



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