Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Beat the Heat with an ice-cold Beer!

That's right! It's that time of year again, and we've decided to celebrate with an ice-cold beer in the Matsumoto Castle Beer Garden. Please join us!!

When? 18 July (Sat)
What time? 5pm - 8pm

Please wear a summer yukata if you have one as we want to celebrate in style ;)

Looking forward to seeing you there.


PS. Please let us know if you can come so we can book a big enough table!!

Luna Bookworms' Club

We are pleased to announce that Luna will now be facilitating a book club for young learners. This project has been initiated by the students themselves and is completely under their own management. The idea is that students can share with others the books that they have enjoyed. Anyone can join. Just bring along a book or two that you have read and enjoyed (and don't want to keep), and come and see what other students have brought. You can then borrow a book for as long as it takes to read it, then bring it back and take another one!

The best thing about this system is that students can choose what they want to read and at what pace, so there is no pressure. Reading for its own sake is motivation enough. Its time to relax, rather than study, time to let their imaginations go, discover new worlds... The terrain of the imagination is rich and in many cases a good book will stimulate a persons own creative impulses. This system provides the freedom to run with an idea and see where it leads to.

Books also come recommended by others so students don't have to worry about sifting through many books which might not be what they're looking for.

I hope our young learners will enjoy the journeys and adventures that these books lead them on, come to enjoy the pursuit of knowledge and acquire a long lasting affection for reading.



My Little kitten - order the story

These students have reached a high enough level of English and maturity to start doing multi-level tasks such as this one, and it's a lot of fun. We started with me telling the story and showing the pictures. I elicited the information from the students , so really they told the story to themselves! Then we read the story strips together and matched them to the pictures. After that I gave each student a picture card and they had to memorize the associated sentence. Students then had to work together in order to retell the story in the correct sequence.

This type of activity is great because students have to work together to get the desired outcome. It also incorporates reading skills which is so important for children this age. I would like to see this class do a performance for their parents. Perhaps we can add in some actions next time, with students taking turns to do the actions and being the narrator. What do you think? Come on!!! It will be fun!!!!!!!

Dinner, Movie and Rugby

A Big, Big THANK YOU to all our students and friends who came to our Dinner, Movie and Rugby night. It was a tremendous amount of fun! and I must congratulate you all on bringing such delicious snacks - we really had a feast :)

See you at the next one!!


Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror

I read Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror. This book has seven short stories. I was interesting THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM and THE GOLD BUG. Other stories wasn't interesting for me. I can't understand a capper of their stories.

After Reading 5: Which was your favourite story? Why did you like it the best?Write four reasons why you liked the story.

My favourite story was THE GOLD BUG
because this story was a pirate story. I like a pirate story.
And because this story's heroine get much money.
And because this is hunting for treasure story.
And because this was not feel me fear. I don't like horror story.

Unquiet Graves

This is a horror story.

Frankie, Regan, Tom and Jack, - these girls and boys are members of their school's archeology club. They were in an archeological site on their half term holiday.
An archeologist Leo told them Eleanor's a sad story. After that, Flankie has met many strange things. She was possessed by something evil.
This evil was a ghost of Eleanor's lover, Todd. He lead Frankie, then made understand her the truth of Eleanor's death. These lovers has been unhappy two hundred years, but these two lovers were dead finally at peace, by a help of Frankie. 

However, it was a bit boring story for me.


Monday, 29 June 2009

The Phantom airman

This story is difficult understanding for me because it mixed the story of past and the story of present in the novel, although the story is interesting.
The four kids investigates various thing related to the phantom airman.They are brave and curious.
There are a lot of the story of past in the story. Their experience of the past are taken hints to solve for this story's mystery. They got many hints of the past and solves mystery at the present.
I think the Glen of the phantom airman was complaining to the present people about traitor is too bad.
I regretted having my low knowledge of English about grammar, word and so on. I don't understand easily.I hope to become understandable a man.

The Mark of Zorro

I read the book "The mark of Zorro". This story is very interesting. I had heard name of Zorro, but it was first time to read Zorro's story.
After Reading:No.9
Have you seen a film about Zorro? No! I haven't seen film about Zorro.
Write a review of this book:
Zorro wear a long dark cloak around his body and a black mask. He is very strong man!
He fight for right(?) and helps weak and poor people.
This story's town is "California".
The Governor of California and his soldiers do bad thing for people. Whenever theirs crime were found, Zorro punished for evildoer.
Zorro is one of the richest families member. He usually lives normal.
But when he finds a bad thing, he change Zorro. He hope peaceful town.

I want to read, if there is a sequel this book.

The Canterville ghost and Other Stories

There are three stories.

The first is the story of the Canterville ghost. The Otis family bought the residence of Canterville that the ghost lived. This family didn't fear the ghost at all though the ghost tried to frighten the family. On the contrary, the family tried to frighten the ghost.

The first half of the story was interesting in the comedy though this story was a horror story judging from the title and the picture of the cover. In the latter half of the story, the sad past of the ghost knows and moved to tears. I think impression was large in the gap because the first half part was a comedy.

The image of the American who saw from the British found out and they were interesting.

The other two stories were strange and interesting, too.

Bistrol Murder

Good Morning

7) On page 15 there is a newspaper report about the murder of Mr Robert Stevens. On page 47 there is a report about John's arrest. Write the report that is in the newspaper after Tommy logan's arrest.

Tommy Logan Arrested For Murder Of teacher, Robert Stevens.

Tommy broke the chair, and hit Mr Stevens with chair leg, after that Mr Stevens was dead. But Tommy didn't mean to kill Mr Stevens. It was an justifiable defense, because Tommy was attacked by Mr Stevens before Tommy killed Mr Stevens. Tommy is verry sorry boy. But he will get out of the prison within 5 years. After that, Tommy will have a good life.

Y. Mino

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Ghost Storyes

Dear my friends,,
This is a third reading books for me.
I interested in this stories but I hate a ghost.
The most interesting story is "The stranger in the Mist"
He wanted to rescue travellers who had lost their way.
But he had a copy of a very old,out -of -date map.
This story say that his spirit still walks among the hills,
searching for lost travellers.
If MADOG had a new map,he would be a Hero.
He was a good ,kind man.
Next favorite story is "Smee".
I realised that thirteenth was Brenda Ford who broke her neck on the stairs.
She would like to play with them.
At last I felt that absolutely terrifying story was "The judge's House".
There at end of the bell rope hung the body of MOORE.
The judge's House judged "NO"
Please read this book.
by keiko.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Things I like to do by myself

I like to ride my bicycle by myself. When I am riding a bike, I feel very happy. I like to play golf by myself too. It is my favourite sport.

I don't like to do my homework by myself, but if I don't do my homework my teacher will get angry....so I do my homework everyday. I think that is not very fun because I can't play by myself.

Hi Sun

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Letter to a penpal

Dear Ayane,

Hi! I'm Reina. I'm Japanese and I have lived in Matumoto since I was born in August thirtieth.

I love singing. So I'm in a chorus club at school. And I also like drawing and reading too.
But I hate sport !! running is the most I don't like. But I like swimming very much :D

Write soon !!


Letter to a penpal

Dear Reina,

Hi! I'm Ayane. I'm Japanese and i live in Matsumoto.

I love anime. My favorite hobby is reading comic books. and I enjoy drawing pictures.
I love watching TV(anime). I really like "Katekyo hitman REBORN!"

My best friend is Minami.we listen to music a lot. her favorite singer is Cherry blossom.
I think Cherry blossom is great singer, but my favorite singer is Radwimps.



The Space Invaders

What strikes me is that Omega said ‘I can do anything I like. But I must not become like these humans. ‘I felt that greedy destroys us like shylock in the Merchant of Venice. When they went to Zeron to get the Zeron crystals, which are very expensive, three thieves killed one another. At last, the only person, Varon was able to survive. The irony is that Omega, the robot that is made by humans, felt he must not become like these humans. It’s very ironic as if children felt they must not become like adults.

After finishing this story, the space invaders, several questions occurred to me. Why did Omega save Varon’s life in Zeron first? If Omega helped Varon to get Zeron crystal, Omega is also greedy like humans. And What did Omega know about Varon? When they met in Zeron first, he knew his name and what to want. Why did he know those? If Omega knows a lot of things, why did he help his friend, the original master not to be killed? The most biggest thing that I didn’t understand was why Varon was survived? Because he didn’t plan to kill others? I wanted more information regarding Varon’s personality. If I got it, I would have felt empathy for Varon more.

Here are "Points for Understanding" on the final part of the book. I selected chapter 7.

1. ‘ inside the compartment, you will see the white control switch, ‘ said Omega.
(a) Where was the compartment?
Omega’s right side.
(b) How could Varon open the compartment?
Varon could open it by using his sonic key.
(c) What was Varon to do to the switch?
The switch was locked in the “on” position and Varon unlocked the switch and set it to the “off” position.
(d) What was Varon to put inside the compartment?
Varon put Zeron crystal inside the compartment.
2. ‘ I remember that compartment, ‘ said Garth.
(a) What had Garth made the owner of the spaceship do?
Garth made the owner program Omega to obey Garth and Miranda’s commands.
(b) What had the owner of the spaceship done to the switch in the compartment?
The owner of the space ship had turned the switch to the “on” position and locked it there.
3. ‘But he’s a robot, ‘ said Miranda. What two things did Mirand say a robot could not do?
A robot cannot tell lies and can not do harms to human beings.
4. Why could not Garth use Varon’s sonic key?
Because it was programmed to Varon’s fingerprints, it will not work for anyone except Varon.
5. ‘ I must find a way of getting the gun from him, ‘ thought Varon. Why did Varon want to get Garth’s laser gun.
If Varon doesn’t kill Garth first, he will kill Varon.
6. Garth and Miranda looked at the crystal closely.
(a) What did Garth say about the crystal?
It is beautiful, said Garth.
(b) What did Miranda say?
It’s valuable.
(c) Why was Varon unhappy?
Because he got the crystal by himself for his life, nevertheless, he lost his very expensive crystal to keep the life support systems.

Masao Kuroda

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Merchant of Venice

I have known the title of famous plays which were written by William Shakespeare, e.g. Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice and Romeo&Juliet, but this is first time for me to read Shakespeare's play.

Writing Q34: In Act3 Scene2, Bassanio says, “Appearances are often false.” How are “false appearances” important in this story.

There are many “false appearances” on an important occasion in this book, e.g.
- When Bassanio choose the box, he said Appearances are often false, but the world still believes the tricks they play. In law, the worst lies are masked by
clever argument. In religion, the worst mistakes are excused by words in a church. All bad things can look good on the outside. A coward can make himself look brave with a thick beard and a serious face. An ugly woman can buy a beautiful face from a bottle. An attractive shore can hide a dangerous sea. A pretty mask can trick even the wisest man.
- Portia and Nerissa were disguised as Balthasar, a doctor of Law and his clerk as Antonio’s judgment, and they cheated everybody at justice. They also cheated their husbands.

I didn’t notice what Shakespeare wants to say in The Merchant of Venice when I was reading. I have noticed that, when I was doing above writing question No.34. I think he wanted to send his messages via his plays to the public, and his messages in The Merchant of Venice are:
- Don’t let the appearance fool you.
- Don’t fool words.
- Forgiveness is better than revenge.

These messages were reached emotionally to people who have read his book, The Merchant of Venice. I think this is why his plays have become famous in the world.

How do you think? I would be grateful if you leave your comments.



What a lottery !

I think Mary doesn't like Rick who never changes.Rick has a dream to be a Rock star, but he always buys lottery tickets.She hopes that Rick work or effort to the future.I think she was right to leave him.After she leaves him, he changes.He makes movement to go to see her.Last, he doesn't remember himself and his past life.But he is success of guitarist.I think this story happy.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Rugby, Film and Dinner: New Times

Hi everyone!

Good news!! The rugby will start at 9:40pm, not at 12pm as originally thought so we'll all be able to get home before dawn and get some rest.

I'll be at Luna from 7pm so if you'd like to join us for a bring and share dinner, please come then.
The film will start at 7:30pm.
The rugby (as already mentioned) will start at 9:40pm.

Hope to see you all there!
Go Springbokke!!


PS. That's THIS Saturday, 27 June 2009!!
PPS. The film will be something for the ladies.... perhaps a romantic comedy or drama - to be decided - at the moment it's a mystery! Please come on Saturday to find out ;)

Description of impression for Huckleberry Finn

This is an American traditional story.
Mark Twain's most important works are Tom Sawyer and this Huck Finn.
And it's my great surprise that Tom is one of cast in this Huck's story.
After reading this book, I feel that we should not forget the slave system and the Civil War were there in American history.
Story is very easy to read, so I recommend you to read this book for your little children, if you have.
Recently in Japan, many children had lost their mind of adventure, and this story must come arise it in their mind.

Monday, 22 June 2009


LUNA Internationalでは、今年も8月1日(土)に行われる第35回松本ぼんぼんで、ルナ連として踊りに参加してくださる方を募集します!
松本ぼんぼんが大好きという方、松本に来られて間もない方、見ているだけで参加したことがないというあなた!是非一緒にエキサイティングな時間を過ごしましょう! お友達、ご家族の方も大歓迎です。参加ご希望の方はLUNA International事務所までご連絡ください。
期日 平成21年8月1日(土)小雨決行(予定) 場所 市街地中心部歩行者天国内(17:00-22:00) 時間 踊り時間 18:00-21:17(予定)


Sunday, 21 June 2009

Bristol Murder

After Reading Question 6. What kind of people are they?

'Why not come to Universal Transport with me.' suggested Peter.
He has the kindness. He is helpful. He takes care of person who has in trouble.

'I saw Mr Stevens lying on the floor. I thought he was ill, so I started to lift him up.'
He is kind.

'I control the people who do the stealing. I sell the things which they steal.'
He is clever. He is sly like a fox.

'Bob Steel kept on asking for more money.' said Tommy.
He is greedy. He wants the money steadily.

John Doe

Which character do you like the most? Why?

This is a tough choice for me, indeed.
Honestly speaking John Doe is the most charming character in this story.
He is honest with himself. He is not irresolute. He is not sorry about what he has done.
Compared to John, Doctor Cox and Nurse Angela are not charming; they are typical Doctor and Nurse.
Doctor Cox wants to go back home early because of holiday from the next day. He don’t deeply concern about his patients. Nurse Angela treats her patients as a child.
I think the real doctors and nurses behave like this. (I have been hospitalized)

Koichi Okuhara
June 21,2009

Far from the Madding Crowd

This is the story of three men who love Bathsheba and Bathsheba who is self-confident, independent and vain. At first she was really inexperienced about the passion of love. She definitely learns about that later. There is a question in activities. That is; which qualities do you think are the most important when choosing a husband or wife? One possible answer is to be all too common. If you had nothing to comment on the story, I would like to know your opinion.
Ikaros, (24 June 2009)

C'mon England!

Revenge beckons as England play the All Blacks in the IRB U20 World Championship.
"G'arn Englun!"

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Babe - Pig in the city

Writing exercise chapters 1-2

Babe: I'm sorry, boss. I didn't mean to fall on your head! It was was an accident! I'm a pig! I'm too heavy!

Farmer Hoggett: I know it was an accident. I know you are a pig. I wanted you to be lighter.


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

On the way to a Chichibu Final

Unusually, my schedule worked out superbly! Great!

All day administering Cambridge ESOL Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) in Akasaka and a dash underground to find the Chichibu Stadium and the last five minutes of the first semi-final. Japan is hosting the IRB Junior World (Rugby) Championship, essentially the Under 20 World Cup.

The Baby Blacks had finished off the Wannabies in front of a fine crowd - if a sombre one. It was weird, even after the main feature started (England confronting the Baby Boks), just how quiet so many people at a sporting event can be. Funereal! Delightfully, beer was walking around in the guise of very cute vendors so I didn't have to leave my seat in the first half (not much to get excited about on the pitch, apart from a gormless charged-down kick which gifted them a try)

These players are Under 20? Have to say some of them were pretty bloody big - England's flanker Lawes was Fijian dimensions, and the inside centre built like a brick shithouse (col.). England repeatedly commited the cardinal sin in rugby = letting the ball bounce. It's an oval ball, so No, you can't predict what will happen if you let it do so. England looked bigger, stronger, and were mostly going forward; they were already starting to control the game when the SA flanker was sent off for being a naughty boy. The man advantage told over the last 15 minutes, and the scrum half's try from well-worked line out move would be well-worth seeing applied in the senior team some time.

Most bizarrely, Jamie George played most of the game as replacement hooker (number 16). He has a fine pedigree!

So, England to squash the baby ABs on Sunday. "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot...."


When I got to the top of the stairs on my way into the stadium, I was confronted with this 'sign'. Would any of our students like to make it simpler, clearer, coherent? Challenge - use only two words!

*gobbledigook = meaningless, unclear...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Day of Jackal

I was exciting by reading this book.
I cheered the Jackal. He was so quiet and professinal.
On the other hand, I think the police was blockhead.
This story proceeds coincidental development between the Jackal and the police.
I like detective story, so I had a good time.
I chose No.35.
Question : After she leaves the Hotel du Cerf, Colette drives home.
Later that day, she writes in her diary about the night before. She describes her feelings about her marriage and her reasons for sleeping with “Alex”. Write her description.

Answer : I had a secret today. I met Alex. He is kind, honest and he told me, “You are beautiful.”
Does my husband say such a saying recently?
Where is he? What is he doing now?
I am your wife, but I don’t know where you are, what you are doing?
Are we husband and wife?
I miss you, I want to know your really feels.
Today, I met a good man and I stayed with him at the all night.
I know it is a bad thing, but I am alone.
I’m sorry.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Shinshu JALT presents...

Our very own local JALT had a day-long event in Matsumoto this weekend. For some reason, the adoption of Eigo Noto for elementary schools appears to have been accepted extremely casually; it's a crap concept and a woeful effort at producing a 'textbook'. No meaningful language learning accrues from its adoption, the use of which expressly forbids the teaching of phonics/reading…and even if there were any redeeming characteristics about it, very few teachers across the country who will have to use the book from next year have been given any useful direction in how to implement it.

The so-called expert delivery I saw at the conference was using technology unlikely to be available or easily mastered by your everyday class teacher; nor attract much lasting attention from students. It is gimmicky at best, peurile in truth. Another striking thing I noticed was how pathetic the teacher-ALT relationship usually is, as the lesson lost structure and the teacher turning to the ALT as the apparent source of all knowledge. I forget the actual question, but it arose from dumb artwork in the book/in the presentation and expecting the ALT to know what a particularly weird shape was called. Both looked under-prepared, which would loose them credibility in front of a class. In my 5 years at Fuzoku JHS as a part-time ALT and in other classrooms since, I have lost count of the number of times I have been put on the spot like that. It simply isn’t smart.

Good news out of the event was that Nagano ETJ and Shinshu JALT will both be involved in the event Jim is organizing at Luna for August 29th, when Emily Percival is coming to the school to give a workshop on Early Learning and Language Acquisition. Emily teaches at the British School in Tokyo, where she is also responsible for assessing children’s language skills. Recently she successfully trained to become a Cambridge ESOL Oral Examiner for KET & PET. This will be a very interesting half-day workshop, it is free, and all teachers/parents are invited to attend.

I was also delighted to have the chance to talk to my very good friend Young Mi, for the first time in ages :)

The Space Invaders

I had read this book two weeks ago. I'll write some answers about "After Reading" as follows.

8. What do you think about robots? Here are some questions

[1] What kind of jobs do robots do today?
Industrial robots are famous. They are working in the car plant. They weld the car parts and paint its body. Many kinds of industrial robots are working there. They don't look back on danger and are working there for 24 hours instead of human.
[2] What do you think robots will do in the future?
I think robots will work in the house. They will clean our room, cook our dinner, and look after our children every day. They will guard our house for 24 hours. Our life will conveniently become happy.
[3] Do you think it is good or bad to have robots?
I think it is good to have them. Our society safely becomes convenient. I think that some kind of robots will become the pets.
[4] Are robots dangerous?
Yes, they are. If there are some bugs in their software, they will do unexpected movement. They might damage human.
[5] Do you think there will ever be a robot like Omega?
Yes, I think so. I watched SF drama, “Lost in Space” in TV, when I was a school child. The robot which performed to it was like Omega. His name was Friday in Japanese program.

Age of Innocence


This story is set in NEW YORK in the 1870s.
In this age has a lot of social rules.
Divorce had to be avoided ,to save a family's good name.
It was unacceptable for young unmarried women to live alone.
Mrs. Ellen Olenska loved her cousin's fiance.
Also,he too loved her.
Her cousin's "MARY" knew that.
If  she blamed it ,he would run away with Ellen.
So,MARY was winner of this case.
Finally I thought about the author.
Mrs. Ellen Olenska looks like the author.
I think this story was born in the author's experiences.
The character's struggle to decide between duty and passion was touchingly described.
I want to watch the movie.
 by keiko

Thursday, 11 June 2009

A Nightmare Journey

A nightmare journey I remember was six years ago in 2003. I think it was autumn,I was going back to Japan from Beijing with my father, mother and brother . We were going to see my grandfather, grandmother and aunt. We hadn't seen them for about half a year.

When we got to the airport early, we checked in and got our boarding passes. After that we went through immigration and then we did some shopping. We forgot the time and also we didn't now where the gate was. We got called over the P.A.and a Japanese flight attendant came and took us to the gate

We were in time, but when we boarded the airplane some passengers stared at us because we were nearly late. After that we came back to Japan and saw our family, without any problems.

The Double Bass Mystery

This is the mystery of double bass player Penny and her orchestra members visited in Barcelona for their concert. Unfortunately, her double bass was lost between carrying for Barcelona, and one day their manager Frank died.
Was it a murder? Who killed him? Why her double bass was lost?

It is very interesting story with some fun pictures.

Write a sentence about each picture.
p5 : Reach airport in Barcelona.
p9 : Planning about free time.
p12: Les Rambles.
p14: The concerts start without Simon.
p19: Scream!!
p23: Questions from good-looking Inspector.
p26: Unconfortable people.
p33: Some trouble!
p37: Two men stole double bass from the truck.
p43: In the prison.
p47: Where did you get it!?

Rugby viewing, Film Night and Bring and Share combined!!

Hello everyone!

So who's going to win the match? Well, the Springboks of course!

Please join us at Luna for the big event. Kick off is at 12pm, so we'll get warmed up beforehand with a bring and share dinner, a movie and a drink or two.
If rugby's not your thing then just come for the dinner, or movie or both! It's up to you!
Hope to see you there!!

Dinner starts around 8:30pm. Movie start time 9:30pm. Rugby kickoff 12:00

Sat 27 June - 2nd Test Match
Sat 4 July - 3rd Test Match


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Mark of Zorro

Its story is interesting. Zorro fought with bad people and he won.
It is a story of the hero. I was interested to Miss Lolita. She is heroin in this story.
I think she is very cute and wise. Some man proposes to her. She dose not select rich man and strong solder. She loves to Zorro. Zorro masked him face. Why does she love?
I think that she was very surprised when she understood that Zorro is Don Diego.
I want to meet the woman like her.

I knew “Mask of Zorro”. It is a movies title. I look this book at first. This book’s title is mistake. I learnt that this story’s original title is “Mark of Zorro.” Zorro marked “Z” on Roman’s face with his sword. I thought his trade mark is his mask before reading this book. Now, I think his trade mark is mark of “Z”. It is interesting to compare the movie with the original. I will compare other stories.


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A year in my life

I like to sleep in my hot bed in January.
I like to cook sweets and udon in February.
I like to read exciting books in March.
I like to watch baseball on TV in April.
I like to listen to Japanese pop music in May.
I like to swim in the Imai outdoor pool in June.
I like to go shopping in Parco in July.
I like to play at bonbon in August.
I like to win swimming races in September.
I like to eat baked sweet potatoes in October.
I like to build small snowmen in my yard in November.
I like to ski at Hakuba 47 with my family in December.
My favorite month is October, because of Halloween.

Kiho was here :)

Rothernburg ob der Tauber, Germany - a postcard

Hi Jim, Tana & NHK guys!!

I'm in a lovely small town, Rothenburg in Germany. I'm staying in a romantic hotel, which you can see on this card, the yellow house, the windows are decorated by flower, right side of the antique gate. It is lovely stay!

Now, town is full of tourist, becasue it is season of a traditional festival "Meister-trunk" The townspeople act former people with interesting costume and parade in the town. I'm enjoying these characteristc towns. lot's of green in this country makes me relaxed.

From: Teruki

About “Cinderella Man”

Writing for “Cinderella Man”
41 You are Sporty Lewis. Write about the Braddock-Baer fight for your newspaper.

He got a champ, we got a hope!

A hope, a hero was born on the ring of Madison Square Garden Bowl, Long Island City, New York, June 13, 1935. He came down in this hard 1930s time.

Jim Braddock made the people holding their heads high, light the fire of hope in their eyes.
Before the fighting, stadium inside was totally silent, and finally someone called his name and shout broke the silent for everybody.
The whole crowd - thirty-five thousand people - began to shout, and noise went up to the star-filled sky.
All the people expected the story of the "Cinderella Man" would have a happy ending. Braddock's stepping out on the ring, and then Max Baer had climbed into the ring, Baer ran around and accepted the crowd's boos with a confident smile on his face. Finally the sound of the bell broke the silent and the fight began.

From the beginning of the rounds Braddock continued to throw fine combination punches and dance well on the ring skillfully, of course Braddock had good punches from the opponent, but he never refused to show any pain. Baer focused his punches on Braddock’s ribs from his third round. And Baer made dirty fighting with his holding in round 4, without warning Baer then turned and delivered an enormous punch to Braddock’s ribs. But, to everybody’s surprise – especially Baer’s – Braddock replied with a combination of left-right punches before steeping back. Braddock’s ribs were certainly in bad condition, but he was controlling the fight, jabbing Baer again and again. In the round 5, finally Baer threw Braddock into the ropes. It seemed the champion was in his anger, the challenger was in his relax.

In round 6, Braddock’s blood poured from his nose and mouth, but he was continuing to throw punches after punches even thought his right eye began to close.
In round 11, it seemed Braddock’s end had come. Baer’s big punch, the one that had killed two men came to Braddock. Braddock kept his body on his back, and he let the ropes support him for a few seconds, then he pushed forward, back on his feet. He had taken the punch but not been knock out. There was blood on Baer’s face, too. The crowd was shouting in both happiness and fear. The crowd’s shout was like a wave of noise. The crowd was seeing firmly hope in Braddock’s attitude of his never giving up. In the 15 (fifteenth) and final round, the crowd was shouting for that Braddock was not staying away, and Baer was delivering the biggest punches of his life. But Braddock was not only standing … he’s coming forward. They two men were badly beaten, bloody and tired. But Braddock kept coming forward.

At the last of rounds, Baer saw his chance. He threw his famous right punch and hit Braddock’s right in the head. It knocked the challenger to the side, and then Baer could hit him with the second punch. Silence fell over the crowd. Was this the end? No. Braddock turned and just managed dodge the next punch. He hit back, and the two men were still throwing punches when the final bell rang. The fight had ended.
Before the fight was starting, nobody expected this fight to go one (at least a few) round. But it’s reached final round. Neither fighter is ahead, either of them could win through their fifteen rounds. They refused to be beaten.

Braddock was called as new heavyweight champion of the world by ring announcer. And the rest of words were lost in an explosion of noise of the whole crowd. People laughed and cried with happiness. Everybody took home a little of his magic for themselves. They might look up the night sky, and there they could look a hope among a lot of shining stars. They saw their hope in their hero, a new champion, Jim Braddock. James J. Braddock at the age of 29, became the heavyweight champion of the world on June 13, 1935, in the most hardest time for all Americans.

By Sporty Lewis

The Phantom Airman by Allan Frewin Jones

I read about The Phantom Airman by Allan Frewin Jones. It's central characters are Regan and Frankie and Jack and Tom. They are same central characters of Unquiet Graves which I read last week.

After Reading: Terry Bowles read his grandfather's diary and he discovered something - his grandfather was a traitor. He was a spy for the Germans and they gave him diamonds to spy other code which prove that Squadron Leader Leighbridge-Smith was a traitor.

Code : K co urv hqt vjg Igtocpu. K dtqmg Ingp'u rncpg uq jg fkg. K mknngg Ingp. K iqv ocpb fkcoqpfu hqt kv'u rcaogpv. K co iqkpi vq ngcxg hqt oa fguegpfcpv.

Answer : I am a spy for the Germans. I broke Glen's plane so he die. I killed Glen. I got many diamonds for it's payment. I am going to leave for my descendant.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Unquiet Graves

I have felt comically before I read the story. because firstly I have thought that "Unquiet graves" is "Enjoyable graves" and a lot of ghost appear in the story.

But after I read the story, I recognized the story was horror story fully. I was frightened.

I don't know whether the story was fiction. The story completed very well and interesting. It's like real story so I was very frightened.

Frankie was possessed with ghost of Eleanor. She is key person in the story. There is a old story and mystery in the story, and the characters in the story understand by Frankie's behavior finally.
The ends of old story is very sad and miserable.

Eleanor's suffering appeared with ghost in this story.

Paragraph using idioms

When I entered university, I lived in a small town near Tokyo. That was the first time I lived alone. I felt it was a feather in my cap. I had nothing but a small bicycle. But I felt happy every day. I wasn’t afraid to lose my shirt because I always lived on a shoestring. I didn’t become hot under the collar because everyone helped me kindly.

I found a part-time job in supermarket. The owner was a bit of a stuffed shirt. So I tried to keep his shirt on and to handle our customers with kid gloves.

The experience taught me a sense of responsibility.


The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories

There are three stories in this collection.

The first is about a comical but pitiful ghost, who lives in the Canterville for three hundreds years. He has not been dead peacefully, so he appears to frighten people in this house. However, only some rich Americans, Otis and his family aren't afraid, and they frighten the ghost. They treat him with a sneer. The ghost feels very unhappy. At last, the daughter helps the ghost kindly, so he could be dead peacefully. This part is touching.

The second is a very short story. There is a very good looking and kind gentleman. He has many friends. He wants to marry, but unfortunately he is poor. The girlfriend’s father tells him “If you want to marry with my daughter, make one thousand pounds”. However, he gets one thousand pounds unexpectedly. This story is the most favourite for me in this book.

The last story is about a man’s fate. He has a plan to get married. A palmist reads the man’s fortune at a party that he would kill someone. He believes his fate that the palmist told him. He decides to make his own future that he won't marry with fiancée until he will kill someone. He fails to kill two people, but at last he succeeds in killing one person. He finally get married then he feel very happy to have made his own future.

Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror

I resd the book "Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror". This book is Edger Allan Poe's stories.

When I am a junior high school student, I have read Poe's book. But I fogot content.
I like detective story, "Sherlock Holmes" , "Hercule Poirot" and " " etc...
However I don't like horror story so mauch. Because it is scary.

This book was very difficult for me. Some story were not
able to be understood well. I have to study more.

John Doe

The Story is dreadful.
He is a dreadful specimen.

3.Which character do you like the most? Why?

I like Nurse Angela.
She is kindly person.

The Stranger

This story is the very strange.

One day, a man appeared in the village. His name was Dave Slatin. He liked this village and opened a shop. He was very good-looking and he was liked by the villagers. The shop prospered and he employed Ann as an assistant. There was the special order room which was not usually used in the shop. Ann was interested in the locked special order room and wanted to learn the inside. Three special customers visited the shop. Dave Slatin showed them into the locked room. Ann distrusts him and began to search for those secrets...

I was very surprised at the end of the story. I think the last customer was Dave. He moved into action to realize his hope at the end.

Report -Blood Diamonds-

This story is very thrilling. The action Kirkpatrick does is suspensive and Delft is so terrible. I anxious about Kirkpatrick body, because he was hit many times. However I think Kirkpatrick does not effectively work at all. Hence Shepherd is clever and usually go along with him, he can save his life.
Anyway, I wonder if this story exists still now. If so, it would be matter of concern. Weapon does not make only peace but just consequence of killing people. It is very sad fact. I hope that peace will come in Africa sooner.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Touching the Void

Touching the Void was made into a highly successful documentary film in 2004. Write a short summary for a cinema guide explaing what the film is about and encouraging people to go and see it.

In 1985, in the Peruvian Andes, two young men, Joe and Simon, were climbing the ice wall.
Everything looked fine, but they couldn’t possibly realize that cruel happening was waiting.
On the way of coming down, Joe broke his leg and fell into crevasse. Simon had to make a terrible decision to cut the rope or to die together.
This is a true story which shows what is courage and friendship. You must be excited and impressed.

Meet me in Instanbul

Whose body was found in Angela's hired car ?

I think the body was a homeless person’s. If Dunya killed someone who has a family, the family will be looking for her and might find that the body was hers.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Keep your shirt on!!

A paragraph using as many clothing idioms as possible.

He always lived on a shoestring, but one day he showed up to the party dressed to kill.
We all recognized that something had happened to him, but he kept it under his hat.
When we pushed him to talk about it, he got hot under the collar.
Actually he is the kind of person who has to be handled with kid gloves, which we had forgotten.


Tiger Woods "visits" Luna

We were lucky enough to have Tiger Woods "visit" us at Luna. Here's what he had to say:

I'm Tiger Woods. I live in America. I live there with my wife and my child.

I usually get up at nine. It's very late, but I go to bed very early at abut ten. I'm very tired because of my work. I have cereal and toast for breakfast every day. I always wear a red striped shirt, but I sometimes wear a yellow shirt.

I like to play golf. I like being famous because after that I'll be rich. I don't like being famous because I'll be taken in photos. I want to be stronger than everybody in the future.

Thanks Tiger!

Hwi Sun

Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Merchant of Venice

No36 A student magazine has asked readers to write a modern short story about the ‘The importance forgiveness’. The best one will be printed in the magazine. Write your story.

Title: ‘The Importance Forgiveness’

Forgiveness reflects the growth as a human, I think. Forgiveness that you can show is a barometer of mature. A few years ago, when I was watching TV showing a well-known major league baseball player said that this year’s objective was forgiveness. He couldn’t forgive minor things such as wet-seaweeds with rice balls.

Off course, forgiveness is important, but I believe there is a more important thing when people show their forgiveness. It’s a warm-heartedness for others. Forgiveness is based on love.

A few weeks ago, I was relaxing in my house after work. Then I took a bath with my two children, one was my daughter 6 years old and the other is my son 3 years old. No sooner did I finish taking a bath than a bell rang. At that time, my wife was out of home. So I had to answer the phone, although I couldn’t wear my clothes. I wrapped my body with a towel quickly, then I got the phone. “Hello”, I said. I heard woman’s harsh high voice from the phone, “Hello”. It was from big telephone company to advertise their new internet high speed line. She kept talking and talking about their new products. It was such an annoying story that I wanted to make her stop and hang up quickly. Then my children were coming around me and started trashing me. “Dad, you are naked” My children jeered. They were getting excited and heated up. I cast my cold eye to them again and again, but they didn’t care anything. Finally my children sang a song with loud voice like “Naked, Naked, Naked...” At the moment, the caller who was still talking to me burst into laughing. I got mad about her laughing voice, I couldn’t give my forgiveness for the caller. I had the last word and hung up strongly. I also got mad at my children but I could give my forgiveness.

This pitiful short story describes that forgiveness depends on their love. In this case, I could give my forgiveness to my children because I love them, on the other hands, I couldn’t give to the caller because I don’t. That’s the difference. Forgiveness is based love.
Masao Kuroda

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The British and Irish Lions

The Lions are touring South Africa, not so much on safari as stalking Springboks. There will be three Test Matches on June 20th, 27th, and July 4th. The Second and Third Tests will be shown on our big screen at Luna. Kick off is at midnight (live from SA...) Entrance is free if you can name 5 legends featured in this video clip, or if you are wearing your club/country rugby shirt. Come one, come all, and bring something for the 'Boks to choke on :)

Remember, these fixtures only come around once every 12 years: the secret password on the door is "ninety-nine". Tell a friend.

The Big Picture

Ken: Inspector, please look at this photo.
Shiori is behind Takahanada & Kumiko.
He has a knife in his hand.

Inspector: Exactly. The guilty man is Shiori.
Someone is lying in front of him in this photo.
That's Toru Sato.
This photo is the evidence for the Toru Sato's murder case.
Thanks ken.

Ken: You’re welcome! I hope you catch him.


Blood Diamonds

After reading No8

There are two bad characters in the story.
Which one do you think is worse, and why?

I think Sophie Lafon is worse because she benefited from Van delft without dirtying her own hands.


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Biography of Jim George

Jim George(1965- ),
He is the owner of English school in Matsumoto. He graduated from Lancaster University in England.
The long trip of his life seems to have begun since he entered university. According to my interview, he studied economics at university, but he was not satisfied with it, and changed his major to social psychology. However, this decision didn’t satisfy him, either. It was after graduation that he noticed his interest is international relations.
I do not know whether his actions after graduation were related to his interests, but after graduation, he went on a long long journey to various countries, America, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Japan. According to the Home Page of his English school, he lived in Tokyo and Suzaka, but the place where he decided to live was Matsumoto. It was in 1993 that he decided to live in Matsumoto, because of a lot of greenery and fresh air, moderate population density.
He qualified as an English teacher in England before coming back to Matsumoto. The experience of teaching English in Japan, showed that high ability to teach English was necessary for a teacher. He spent a lot of money, time, effort and a qualification in English teaching.
He founded English school in Matsumoto and does splendid work to give Japanese peoples a chance to enjoy English culture.