Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror

I read Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror. This book has seven short stories. I was interesting THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM and THE GOLD BUG. Other stories wasn't interesting for me. I can't understand a capper of their stories.

After Reading 5: Which was your favourite story? Why did you like it the best?Write four reasons why you liked the story.

My favourite story was THE GOLD BUG
because this story was a pirate story. I like a pirate story.
And because this story's heroine get much money.
And because this is hunting for treasure story.
And because this was not feel me fear. I don't like horror story.

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jim said...


Please check your lesson notes from Tuesday's class and note that we shouldn't start sentences with conjunctions (eg and, so, but, because).

Also, please review your homework (writing) from last week and remember that I said you must organise similiar ideas together to form paragraphs.

Can you edit this posting with those two points in mind, please?

Ask me if you have any Qs.