Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Goldfish - Nazi treasure

It is said the number of art objects such as paintings, sculptures and art prints which Nazi looted from Jews and other countries is 600,000. The art works, Chagall, Matisse, Renoir, etc. which cost 1 billion were discovered in 2012 at the apartment of Munich. But over 100,000 artworks have not been discovered yet.

This book's author is Kouichi Fujita who worked in Berlin as a correspondent of Mainichi news company. He wrote this reportage in April 2011. He wrote about 'Room of amber ', 'Gogh collection ' and Vermeer. Hitler persisted in Vermeer. He wanted to open Linz Museum. But he couldn't do because the war situation became worse for Germany.

I was surprised that 'Astronomer' of Vermeer was looted by Nazi.So, there is Swastika which was symbol of Nazi on the back of 'Astronomer'. I saw it at Louvre Museum. It was a small but very wonderful painting. Most of the artworks which Nazi collected were changed to gold by the help of Swiss Bank and British Bank. Then they were sold and disappeared as the cost of war.I think some people have the artworks which were looted by Nazi. Perhaps they will not be discovered easily.

I hope that all artworks are discovered and can see them at the museums in many countries. The wonderful artworks are not Nazi treasure. They are our treasure forever.

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Matsumoto restaurant review - Mori Soba

Mori-soba restaurant, Matsumoto.

This restaurant is in Matsumoto station, on the first floor. In the restaurant, there is dark furniture. It has a good atmosphere.

You can eat Shinshu soba and tempura, and drink local Japanese sake. You don't have to make a reservation.

You can see the cook making the soba noodles - it's very interesting. I like this restaurant. It's a little expensive but the food is delicious. I really recommend it.
Mari Soba, JR Matsumoto station

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Phantom of the Opera - A letter from the Phantom

I loved flowers, trees, birds, and all beautiful things in the world.But I couldn`t see them under the sun. People was afraid me, pointed me, and said.``He is a monster``I hated all of people. But Christine was different. She wasn`t afraid me. I wanted to stay with her. When taught her songs, I was very happy. I wanted to walk with her under the sun if I can. But I couldn`t, so I never leave her. I decided to live under the Opera House with her. Her voice was too beautiful. She is a singer. She is a great singer. I wanted to popularize her voice. That was a mistake. I love her. I love her.

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Monday, 26 February 2018

The Last Leaf and Other Stories - Detective's diary

I looked a happening in my presence. May, the sister`s older child, had closed the door of the strong-room. Then she had turned all the knobs. But the other child, Agatha, was inside the strong-room. Agatha is Annabel` sister. Nobody has chosen the numbers for the lock!Jimmy Valentine is now Ralph. D. Spencer. and he is going to marry the banker`s daughter, Annabel. Every family doesn`t know he was safe-cracker. Ralph looked a happening with Annabel`s family. and Ralph became Jimmy Valentine. Jimmy used special tools and cutting into the steel door. after that Jimmy pulled the big handle and the door opened. The child was safe, she was not hurt. Jimmy said to me "Arrest me" But I looked at Annabel and her family.They were all crying quietly. Jimmy helped Agatha and family. Family thanked for Jimmy. Family was confused the happening. So I decided not to arrest he.

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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Honnouji Incident - after reading of Rob Roy

Honnouji Incident is one of significant historical event in Japan which had a big impact.  It is an incident that Oda Nobunaga was attacked by one of his vassal, Akechi Mitsuhide at Honnouji temple in 1582.  Oda Nobunaga committed suicide and died.

Nobunaga was lived in the era called “the age of provincial wars”.  There was no centralized government in Japan and were a lot of lords all over Japan who governed their own territories.  His goal was to unify Japan.

Nobunaga changed the old system and rules.  Here is one of example.  There was a merchant association which privileged old merchants and didn’t accept new merchants.  The merchants had to pay tax when they sold goods in the market.  There was another tax system.  People had to pay tax when they went through checkpoints.  He scrapped the merchant association as well as those tax systems.  As a result, it brought a positive impact an economic development.

Mitsuhide knew Nobunaga took rest in Honnouji with his thirty servants and didn’t prepare for an attack.  Mitsuhide led his army to Honnouji and pushed Nobunaga to commit suicide.

After Nobunaga’s death, Ieyasu Tokugawa unified Japan in 1600. Honnouji Incident became one of triggers to make the centralized government known as Edo Bakufu.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Northanger Abbey - A letter to a loved one

My dear Eleanor,

Thank you for your letter. I’m so happy to hear that your father agreed our marriage. I’ve been afraid that your father might not permit us. I love Henry and I’ve wanted his father to permit our marriage. 

And You got engaged! Congratulations! Who is your fiancée? What is he like、very handsome, very rich and? Where does he live? When and where did you meet him? Now I have many questions to ask you! When we meet next time you have to tell me everything about your fiancée. We’re all for it that you and we are going to be married on the same day. Maybe we will have a most wonderful wedding ceremony. I am so excited now. You and I are going to be sisters. I hope we are always good friends forever!


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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Picture Puzzle - Front page news

The sense of justice of Amy

Amy and Pete without the acquaintance solved a certain case. On Tuesday, Amy saw the big man, name’s Wallace talking to a man in the churchyard. Amy knew the other man. His name is Thurber, lawyer. Thurber is Zetter’s lawyer. Zetter is in prison. Wallace works at that prison. Amy heard Wallace talking to Thurber. Wallace said “Bring the money here at nine o’clock on Friday morning. After that, I’ll help Zetter.” And Amy went to the churchyard with camera on the day and took a picture of the two men. But Wallace saw Amy. Amy ran away to the shopping mall. Amy saw a young man, Pete in the mall. And Amy gave Pete the film out of the camera. Amy started running again. Wallace found out Amy. Amy was caught and was put in a bathroom. Pete who solved the puzzle fought with Wallace and saved Amy. Wallace and Thurber were caught.

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Another sixth grader writes...

My favourite day of the week is Saturday. In the morning, I always go to the brass band. After brass band, I usually go to piano at my grandmother's house.

We're shopping at the department store. My mother was a salesperson in Tokyo. She likes nice clothes. I do too!

I'm going to my cousin's home by car. We always have fun. Last Sunday it was sunny. We were at my grandmother's house; if it's sunny, we want to go to AEON.

It's my sister's birthday on February 23rd.My mother & I are making a cake. She's cooking a chicken too. The party is at 7 o'clock. See you then!

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Matsumoto restaurant review - Reizan

Restaurant review - Reizan

Reizan is a Chinese restaurant, in Kiri, Matsumoto.

It's a small restaurant, with only three tables plus five chairs at the counter. Two people work there, the owner, and his wife. The owner cooks the food. He is Japanese, but he makes traditional Chinese dishes.

It takes twenty minutes from Matsumoto station by car, and I recommend you make a reservation before you go there.

The most popular dish is friend noodles, but my favourite one is shrimp in "wantan" with a secret sauce. It's really delicious.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

1.      Sports to do in Matsumoto cheaply

If you use public sports facilities, you can do sports inexpensively. You can play tennis at public

tennis courts if you book in advance. And also, you can lift weights in some public gyms. There are some mallet golf courses which are near parks or camping sites. You can play there freely if you have equipment for it. If not, you can rent it for about 500 yen in certain parks.

2.      If you don’t mind spending a bit more

There are many traditional Japanese culture lessons, such as judo, karate or aikido, in a public gym or a private dojo. You can join in if you make a reservation and pay for it. You will have precious experiences.

      There are some ski areas in Matsumoto. You can ski and snowboard in winter. A lift pass costs around 5,000 yen for one day. You can rent outfits, skis and snowboards and boots,

3.      Don’t forget to …

You should clean up the place you used, it’s the Japanese way to use public spaces.

      It’s very cold in winter so you should be tolerant of the cold while you do sports.


Monday, 5 February 2018

Restaurant review - Spice Monster in Akasaka, Tokyo

I noticed this new restaurant in Akasaka because it had an interesting name, and an English menu outside with lamb dishes featuring prominently.

I went in the early evening and it was empty (not usually a good sign) but the waitress jumped into action while I could hear the young chef worrying that he couldn't speak English - but he didn't know I was English even though I was wearing an England rugby shirt! I liked the feel of the place, and I think it would a perfect place for a quiet date - the staff didn't bother me, and the music was quiet.

Spice Monsters - exquisitely tasty
I actually ordered a Black Angus steak, and as I was seated at the counter, I had a bird's eye view as my selection was carefully but quickly spiced & fried, rested, then grilled. Presented to me on a wooden platter with anchovy sauce topped chips (french fries if you like) & an unhealthy but necessary sprinkling of rock salt. Simple is best, but the chef had blended a number of spices into a delicate sauce...which melted with the perfect steak in my mouth. It was fabulous, and exactly what I wanted.

I thoroughly recommend this little restaurant, between Akasaka & Akasaka-Mitsuke stations...actually, within a stone's throw of King's Road School of English. Prices were reasonable, they take credit cards, and in the end I had a good chat with Naoya & Sayumi!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

After reading - My favorite car

When I was a child, I liked sports car and watched the movie, title is fifty seconds.

The story of the movie is that one guy failed the job, which is stealing the car, and his friend tried to clean up friend’s mess. In the movie, one car was appealed. It is Mustang Shelby GT 500 Eleanor. The car was portrayed as special one and sound effect portrayed the car fantastically. However I was interested in the car unabiding.

The next car I am interested in is Veyron. The maximum speed is 400km. When I knew this car, I had dreamed to drive autobahn in German. If I win the lotto, I would buy it.

Now I have a car, but not sports car. I am not so interested in the car and am satisfied my car. Because I can go to somewhere with my car.

City profile: Vancouver in Canada

North Vancouver and sea from downtown
Vancouver is in western Canada , in the province of British Columbia.
It is a cosmopolitan city where immigrants from places such as China, the Middle East and South America live.

It is a popular destination for American sightseers and movie stars for a vacation.
There are mountains and the famous ski area ‘Whistler’, and the coast is close to downtown.

Vancouver has a rainy season, half of the year from November to April, but it does not get much snow due to the maritime climate. In summer, it is very comfortable as there are plenty of sunny days with dry air.

Downtown Vancouver has an art museum, a popular shopping center, an aquarium and a big park. Although there are no famous Canadian dishes, there are a lot of international restaurants because of Vancouver’s cosmopolitan population.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Entertainments of Matsumoto city

Cheap amusements

Matsumoto city offers free rental bicycles, so you can explore the town with them.
Luckily, it easy to get most of the sightseeing spots, like the Matsumoto castle,
Kaichi elementary school, Agata no Mori park, by bicycle. Then, if you are thirsty,
you can drink fresh spring water which is clean and tasty in the town. There are
some wells in the town. Making a tour round these wells is also popular. You can
get the map at the city information.

If you have flexible budget

Enjoy the tour of the Matsumoto castle. Visiting the inside of the old historical
castle will be an amazing experience and the view from the top is wonderful.
Also there are some interesting unique museums in the city. 

Try high class entertainment

Matsumoto is well known as a cultural city. Some famous festivals, like the Seiji
Ozawa Music Festival, Kabuki are really popular. Many people visit here from
all over Japan in order to appreciate them. If you have plenty of money, you should
try them.

Matsumoto Museum of Art