Thursday, 22 February 2018

Picture Puzzle - Front page news

The sense of justice of Amy

Amy and Pete without the acquaintance solved a certain case. On Tuesday, Amy saw the big man, name’s Wallace talking to a man in the churchyard. Amy knew the other man. His name is Thurber, lawyer. Thurber is Zetter’s lawyer. Zetter is in prison. Wallace works at that prison. Amy heard Wallace talking to Thurber. Wallace said “Bring the money here at nine o’clock on Friday morning. After that, I’ll help Zetter.” And Amy went to the churchyard with camera on the day and took a picture of the two men. But Wallace saw Amy. Amy ran away to the shopping mall. Amy saw a young man, Pete in the mall. And Amy gave Pete the film out of the camera. Amy started running again. Wallace found out Amy. Amy was caught and was put in a bathroom. Pete who solved the puzzle fought with Wallace and saved Amy. Wallace and Thurber were caught.

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