Tuesday, 13 February 2018

1.      Sports to do in Matsumoto cheaply

If you use public sports facilities, you can do sports inexpensively. You can play tennis at public

tennis courts if you book in advance. And also, you can lift weights in some public gyms. There are some mallet golf courses which are near parks or camping sites. You can play there freely if you have equipment for it. If not, you can rent it for about 500 yen in certain parks.

2.      If you don’t mind spending a bit more

There are many traditional Japanese culture lessons, such as judo, karate or aikido, in a public gym or a private dojo. You can join in if you make a reservation and pay for it. You will have precious experiences.

      There are some ski areas in Matsumoto. You can ski and snowboard in winter. A lift pass costs around 5,000 yen for one day. You can rent outfits, skis and snowboards and boots,

3.      Don’t forget to …

You should clean up the place you used, it’s the Japanese way to use public spaces.

      It’s very cold in winter so you should be tolerant of the cold while you do sports.


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