Monday, 5 February 2018

Restaurant review - Spice Monster in Akasaka, Tokyo

I noticed this new restaurant in Akasaka because it had an interesting name, and an English menu outside with lamb dishes featuring prominently.

I went in the early evening and it was empty (not usually a good sign) but the waitress jumped into action while I could hear the young chef worrying that he couldn't speak English - but he didn't know I was English even though I was wearing an England rugby shirt! I liked the feel of the place, and I think it would a perfect place for a quiet date - the staff didn't bother me, and the music was quiet.

Spice Monsters - exquisitely tasty
I actually ordered a Black Angus steak, and as I was seated at the counter, I had a bird's eye view as my selection was carefully but quickly spiced & fried, rested, then grilled. Presented to me on a wooden platter with anchovy sauce topped chips (french fries if you like) & an unhealthy but necessary sprinkling of rock salt. Simple is best, but the chef had blended a number of spices into a delicate sauce...which melted with the perfect steak in my mouth. It was fabulous, and exactly what I wanted.

I thoroughly recommend this little restaurant, between Akasaka & Akasaka-Mitsuke stations...actually, within a stone's throw of King's Road School of English. Prices were reasonable, they take credit cards, and in the end I had a good chat with Naoya & Sayumi!

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