Tuesday, 15 January 2019

It's like riding a bike

Before coming to Japan I hadn’t rode a bike in a long time. After a classic ‘no hands’ incident I swore off the concept indefinitely.

When I returned home to New Zealand from my stint in South America, I became worried for what was to come. Much like the fear of getting back on my bike, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pull through with what I thought was expected. Although I had left home once before, heading into something where I knew exactly what was going to happen seemed a lot more difficult than heading into the unknown. But luckily for me, as I arrived in Japan, I was gifted a new pair of training wheels in the form of Jim, Yukari, and everyone who surrounds and forms Luna’s family.

It always starts off tough and there are always setbacks and learning curves, but it’s just like riding a bike. The expectations you place on yourself and those that you believe others have set for you are what inevitably limit you from your best ability, but if you keep riding, it’ll be like you never stopped.

P.S. Two months in and I haven't yet fallen off my bike. Progress?

post card from Komagane city

Hello, all
I go back to one’s home town Komagane city. I watch the program which I recorded in parents' house. And I eat my mother’s home cooking.
I cleaned my apartment in Matsumoto city yesterday. I cleaned the fan and filter for air conditioning equipment. Because I don’t clean there usually.
I’m going to get up on 6:00 am tomorrow. Because I’m going to watch first sunrise of new year and pray for happiness new year. And I’m going to eat sushi and rice cake with my  family. Thank you for your reading.
Momoko Kurata

Post card from Disney Land

Hi, I am in Tokyo Disney Land with my sister's family. We are enjoying parades and shows of Disney Halloween. This is the first visit for the mother-in-law of my sister and my nephew. They are happy to see Mickey Mouse and his friends actually.
We left Matsumoto at A.M.3:00 to arrive here before opening and because it had an annoucement to restrict entry to this park. We didn't sleep much last night, but we will stay here until seeing night parade.
Tomorrow, we are going to go Ueno zoo. I hope to have a chance to see a Giant Panda named Shanshan.
Let's see photos at Disney Land next weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing you next weekend !
Ritsuko Takeuchi

Monday, 14 January 2019

Postcard from ... hospital

Hello, all.
I am in a hospital now and waiting for having operation. It is the first time to be admitted to the hospital and I will stay here about one week.
I have not eaten anything from yesterday night... I'm hungry!

It will take one month to heal completely and there are some rules until then, such as no alcohol, no spicy food and no hard exercise.
I wanna go back to life as per usual early!

Postcard from...Bulli Beach, Australia

Dear everybody in the freezing cold in  Matsumoto!

Unfortunately I'm leaving the sunny hot beach at Bulli today.

Pool, ocean, wildlife, sport, food, wine, Santa and my family. Extremely relaxing and loads of fun. Perfect end to a very busy year.

Best to you all for 2019.


(posted Dec 29th with Touchnote)

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Postcard from...New South Wales, Australia

G'day everybody!

Today is my last day in Australia. I just had a big bbq lunch cooked by uncle Mike. I was hungry - this morning I was jumping through the surf and swimming in the pool. It is 32 degrees!

I have had an amazing time here, and can't fit it all on a postcard!

Qantas will take me home to freeing Matsumoto tonight - no more football or cricket or sliding in the garden :(

Goodbye summer - hello winter!

Ceilidh (posted on Dec 29th using Touchnote)

Friday, 11 January 2019

Postcard from...the Lego Shop

I'm in the Lego Shop in Karuizawa now. I can see Toy Story's caracter Lego block. The weather is cloud. I'm with my wife and son. I'm taking my son's pictures and watch playing my son's lego block. I'm staying an hour in Lego shop.

I was in my house yesterday. I made a big sock from newspaper with my son, for Santa's presents.

I am getting a rare Pokemon tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.


Thursday, 10 January 2019

Postcard from...year end party

I'm enjoying dinner with my team members. We're having a delicious french dinner.

I went to Sakudaira on business yesterday. I had a meeting with my customer. It was my last job in 2018.

I am going to Tokyo Haneda tomorrow. I'm going to fly to Fukuoka the day after tomorrow to enjoy a
rock concert.

I look forward to seeing you next week.


Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Postcard from...Tokyo, Japan

Dear Jim,

I'm at Ariake in Tokyo. I can see some cars. The weather is fine. I am with my friend, watching tennis game in the Japan Open. It's a day trip - I'll catch the train home tonight.

I was at Hiroo in Tokyo yesterday, to see my friends at a wedding party. I ate delicious beef and drank a little champagne and some tea. I got there by train, and stayed two days.

I am planning to go to my parents house tomorrow, by highway bus.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.


Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Postcard from...Chino, Japan

We're in Chino at a piano competition. I can see my children playing piano. I am with my husband. It's sunny but cold outside. My daughter won! She will go to Tokyo next month.

I was in Matsumoto yesterday. I took my children to swimming class, and did housework. We had dinner at home.

We are going to buy souvenirs for my parents tomorrow. I will drive my car to the shops in Minami Matsumoto.

My children start school again this week.

I look forward to seeing
you on Tuesday.


Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!!

Hello, My Name is Cedric. I am new to the Luna Family. I work at Matsumoto Tandai Kindergarten for Luna and I have also taught a few lessons at Luna too.

Starting in April of 2018, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. However, from the get go I was immediately impressed by Jim's teaching philosophy and his vision for the students in Luna.

From then on, it has been an amazing experience working with Jim and the Luna crew. What makes Luna unique is its family friendly environment. Luna actually CARES for their students! Which is lacking in other English teaching schools I have come across.

The students have been great! Their infectious enthusiasm makes teaching enjoyable and it constantly encourages me to always go the extra mile for them!

I am looking forward to create memorable memories with everyone in Luna for years to come.

Let's start the year of with a bang!