Saturday, 28 September 2019

Postcard old student, Austria

Hi Jim,

I’m in Austria on business and this the 2nd time since last year.

Thanks to you, I have been involved in overseas business.

I’m looking forward to meeting you at the Tokyo stadium next week.

Warm regards,

Friday, 27 September 2019

They stand on the right!

Host City: Kobe

Where is the mythical line in Japan where people stop standing on the left on escalators? Kobe is very much right hand territory! Quite off-putting when you are used to a certain way of doing things…
The Kobe Crew

Main event today was sending Damian back to the hotel, as the tickets for England vs USA would be quite helpful getting onto the stadium! After that, we caught up with tractor fans from Suffolk in the Harbour Tavern & suddenly flipped back into Rugby World Cup mood. Loud boos from most of the customers when “Born in the USA” was played; raucous rendition of “Wonderwall” restored order! Eventually chatted with a really interesting ex-Royal Engineer & Falklands vet propping up the bar. A fair number of Wales & Scotland shirts in evidence.
Meeting Argentina

Stunning display of ineptitude by the local boys in blue, citing “danger” but causing chaos & confusion by blocking taxis from unloading at the ground. Truly dumb. Equally stupid is the lack of big screens anywhere, and the queues for the toilets and beer which would have you miss half the game. 

Spidey - a secret England fan!

We enjoyed a powerful running game from England, in the overheated stadium which was awfully humid, “Sweet Chariots” boomed around the place whenever the opposition perked up with their only song!

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Are we having fun yet?

I’d have to say “No, not today!” And thank you Typhoon Tapah. An entire day hanging around at Chitose airport waiting for my flight back to Matsumoto to open for check-in, and then very predictably being cancelled. Long weekend Monday. During the World Cup. Any guesses how long the queue was at JAL?

Only person moaning though was one trumped-up rude git trying to swing his dick in front of his punch-permed boss. He was still at the airport when I finally swerved the weather for Haneda. Katso!

Minor bonus was seeing all of Tonga (the team). Hope they & England had better luck getting to venue #2 

So if I’m looking a tad crumpled tomorrow, please give me a break - expecting to get back about 2am :(

Thank you Ms. Yamamoto at the FDA desk for being really patient! Tough day at the office.

(Plane delayed, missed the train, missed the bus...still travelling 24 hours later!)

Monday, 23 September 2019

Time to Tonga!

Oktoberfest in Sapporo
Thoroughly enjoyable day “getting in the mood” for England’s first game of this World Cup with Damian, after an expensive & too-noisy start to proceedings at Sapporo’s “Oktoberfest”. Nestled under the Tower, fleeced for a couple of snags and a beer. Exeunt as soon as the band relented (I don’t jive to YMCA nor German drinking games!)

Chatted again throughout the day to interesting visitors, their impressions of Japan & travel plans (some heading to Matsumoto in between games - like me?!) & bought a Tonga shirt for a mate in Brian Brew...Sapporo’s rugby shrine with all fans not supporting Italy!
The 'hard' flag!

Then the mass migration to Sapporo Dome and the disappointment of all fans that were no big screens with the Ireland v Scotland game. Big #fail So instead, several hundred fans adopted Lawson’s as a watering hole & admired each other’s fancy dress!

Where's the yellow one?!
The game itself? Not the best, but a winning start with some impressive individual moments. My record here two for two in World Cups! Great atmosphere & very hoarse, which the oysters helped! Heading home from Hokkaido tomorrow. Maybe.

Bulah Vinaka

Host City: Sapporo
A super Saturday of sport in Sapporo!

Wandered around on a beautiful morning before meeting Damian & catching the first game of the day on a big screen with a crowd delighted to see Fiji give the Wallabies a few early frights!

Met loads of cool people during the day & into the evening; only police I saw were inside the Fanzone, presumably helping prevent anyone from having a good time! 
Bula Vinaka Fiji!

Fiji fans full of enthusiasm (unlike the dreary pair of Northampton Saints ‘fans’). We enjoyed another game in Odorinishi Park, and topped off a great day in an Izakaya, chatting with some English travelers/fans.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Deja vu

Welcome to Sapporo
Truly bizarre feeling this afternoon, walking south out of Sapporo station towards Susukino & Odori Park in the mood for a World Cup. This time, unlike 2002, I was not followed by paranoid cops...which is a shame, as I haven’t been pictured in Time magazine for 17 years! To really square the circle, I would have loved for England to be playing Argentina in the Dome :)

Initial reaction #RWC2019 is that most fans are about my age, not Japanese, and thirsty. And there is almost NO mingling of international fans with locals. Pity about that.

And check out the buzz kill rules for the “Fan Zone”!
Crap Fanzone

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Different kinds of work

From the creative mind of one of our students, who also tackled her YLE Movers Test last weekend. Had to share her skills!

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Postcard from...Newcastle, Australia

G'day Mate!

I am now staying in Newcastle, Australia.

I really enjoy the culture and nature of this country! I haven't tried Vegemite yet, so I'll try it later.

It must be hot in Japan now. So please take care of yourself.

See you soon!


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