Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Are we having fun yet?

I’d have to say “No, not today!” And thank you Typhoon Tapah. An entire day hanging around at Chitose airport waiting for my flight back to Matsumoto to open for check-in, and then very predictably being cancelled. Long weekend Monday. During the World Cup. Any guesses how long the queue was at JAL?

Only person moaning though was one trumped-up rude git trying to swing his dick in front of his punch-permed boss. He was still at the airport when I finally swerved the weather for Haneda. Katso!

Minor bonus was seeing all of Tonga (the team). Hope they & England had better luck getting to venue #2 

So if I’m looking a tad crumpled tomorrow, please give me a break - expecting to get back about 2am :(

Thank you Ms. Yamamoto at the FDA desk for being really patient! Tough day at the office.

(Plane delayed, missed the train, missed the bus...still travelling 24 hours later!)

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