Thursday, 13 February 2020

Notting Hill - what are friends for?

Firstly, I think the kindest friend is Max. He organised Honey's birthday party and some dinner
parties for William to introduce him to some ladies, although his cooking was not so good. He also took Bella to the press conference, when she almost gave up joining them.

Secondly, the funniest one is Spike. He has his own style, which is usually quite odd for others; wearing goggles and a scuba diving suit, or T-shirts with silly words on them. He enjoys his life in his own funny way.

Then, I like Honey the best. She is honest and cheerful, and tries to help her brother William. When she saw Anna for the first time, she was very excited, which is quite natural and very understandable. If I saw a famous actress, I would be very excited but I wouldn't act like Honey to show my excitement, so I'd probably just stare at the famous star and be unable to say a word.

Mostly, William's friends are all important to him. They are always there for him, whether he is up or down. They have their own interests and their own lives with their different jobs, but when any of them needs help, they always lend a hand.

Anna would be very happy and comfortable to join them with William, they will come and help her, and she will help them as well. That's what friends are for.

Posted for Sayuri O.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

An interview with the lodger - Notting Hill after reading

Question : Hello Spike , you are one of the friends of William, right?

Spike : Yes, I am one of the most important friends of William and Anna.

Question : When did you notice about their love?

Spike: It was at the first sight of Anna, was in William’s house.

Question: What did you think about her at the moment?

Spike: I thought “Wow!!” I met her first in the bathroom. I couldn’t believe the woman was Anna Scott!!

Question: What was your impression of Anna?

Spike: She is nice and friendly then I have thought... and she is kind of candid person. 

Question: What do you think about William?

Spike: He is a sort of sensitive person....stubborn and serious, sometimes nervous but very lovely guy actually. It seemed he had been living in a beautiful and sad dream since he has met Anna. 

Question: Are there anything you want to say?

Spike: Anna and William’s story is a great love story, must be more beautiful than films!! I hope that it becomes a movie and I want to play the role of “Spike”!! And if it possible I would like to be a lodger of their house!!

Interviewer - Teruki M

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

After Reading - The Olympics

Describe your own experience of an Olympic event.

When I was 4 years old, I had chance to see winter Olympic Games at Nagano in 1998. I was too young to understand what “Olympic” means, and why crowd looked like so excited. I went to Hakuba ski area with my father, grandfather and grandmother to see ski jumping.

I remember that we spent a lot of time here to wait for the game starting and it was very boring time for me. Finally, the game started and the crowd more and more noisy. There were lot of people at there, so I could not see anything, then my father carried me on his shoulder.

Suddenly I saw a man flew in the sky and slowly got off on the ground. I was surprised at that view because I had never seen human flying at sky before. That was my exciting experience of an Olympic, and I have never forgotten it.
I am looking forward to 2020 Tokyo Olympic that I can get such a wonderful experience again.

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Invitation for tea

Hi, Mariko
How are you?  I hope everything is going well with you. I want to talk to you because a long time passed since I met you last Nov. We usually met once a month or more frequently, so I am anxious that you are fine.
Would you like to come home for tea?  I have some sweets which I want you to eat.How about the weekend after next? I am free on either Feb. 08 (Sat) or 09 (Sun).If you are available at the next weekend, I will wait for you at 14:00 at my house. Please check with your husband if he can also come to my house.If you have any other convenience date, please let me know.
We look forward to seeing/talking to you in the near future. Please come to my house empty-handed.

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Masato's cafe review - Garage cafe, Matsumoto

We can have lunch at the Garage cafe in Matsumoto.

Here we can eat Italian food, such as pasta or pizza. It has a big menu and everything is really delicious. However, it only has a few seats, so we usually go there when we have enough time to wait.

The atmosphere is very quiet and relaxed. There is some wooden furniture, so this is a popular place with many local people who want to read or do some work peacefully.

The prices of the dishes are quite reasonable.

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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Postcard from...Iguazu Falls, Argentine/Brazil

Now I have just visited the Iguazu Falls in the Amazon rain forest in South American continent.
Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil 
It's extremely hot here!!

I was caught a large of the spray from the water fall on the boat, goes to under the waterfall. It was a absolutely exciting experience!! I was soaked with the break water and sweat :)



Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Profile of a Nobel Peace Prize winner: Eisaku Sato

I’m going to introduce Eisaku Sato. The reason I chose him is that he is only one who won the Nobel Peace Prize as Japanese.

He was prime minister of Japan in 1964-1972 that it is the straight job tenure. In 1967, he spoke about Three Non-Nuclear Principles of not possessing, not producing and not permitting the introduction of nuclear weapon. This principle is still very famous.
In 1970, he signed NPT (Nuclear nonproliferation Treaty) excluding USA, Russia, UK, France and China.

These achievements are recognized, and he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1974. However, he died next year.

By the way, although I am not going to say which county, I checked the list of the successive Nobel Peace Prize winners and I wonder why lots of people who are from one country won the prize after WWII even the country has a lot of experiences of war.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Letter to Othello

Dear Othello,

I am writing this letter to let you know the story which is very important to you. Please read through this letter as soon as you receive.

I happened to hear the conversation between Iago and Roderigo before we came to Cyprus. From their conversation, I learned Iago’s plans for revenge.

Othello, you must not trust Iago. He is not the good man. Iago complained about you because you didn’t choose him as your lieutenant. Iago has been pretended to respect you and trying to get what he wants from you.

Iago asked Emilia to get the handkerchief which you gave to Desdemona and left it in Cassio’s room so that you misunderstood Desdemona and Cassio are in love. They always tell you the truth and never betray you. You should trust Cassio and Desdemona.

I am your friend, Othello. Think carefully who you should trust. Please let me know if need my help.


Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Postcard from...Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dear Jim,

Time flies, it's already new year!

How have you been? Did you have a nice holiday?

Here we are in Dubrovnik in Croatia having a wonderful time. The weather is truly lovely. We went on a delightful Slovenia and Croatia tour with a tour guide. We've been looking around a lot! Postonjnska, Jama, Bljsko jezero, Rijeki, Sibenik, Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik. The tour is a little busy, but every city was attractive and interesting..

Tomorrow we will go to Plitvice Lakes national park and the Croatian capital Zagreb. Of course, I bought a souvenir for Luna members!

See you soon and talk to you much more soon.



Tuesday, 7 January 2020

After reading -Inviting a friend for tea-

Hi, how’s going so far?
I’m Sammy and working in Tokyo. I moved to Tokyo last month. I think you also live in Tokyo and we have not met long time.

I want to meet and talk with you after a long time. I am interested in afternoon tea and found popular and chic tea shop that has a service of afternoon tea in Tokyo. Have you been there? Shall we go there?

My recommendation is “Afternoon T” in Shinjuku. They have a dress cord that casual fashion like jeans and sneaker is not allowed. If okay, are you free at 2pm next Sunday because the afternoon tea service is available during 2:00 – 4:00 pm? If next Sunday is not available for you, please let us know when you are free.

If you prefer somewhere else, please let me know where you want to go or meet.
I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you,