Tuesday, 29 September 2020

What are people doing under extraordinary situation?

Due to COVID-19, people around the world are forced to stay home.

Under the extraordinary situation, people try to find how they can enjoy at home.  At the same time, there are new business opportunities which can offer solutions for people.

We couldn’t go out for dinner during lockdown.  As people tried to cook meals at home, the demand of kitchen appliance skyrocketed.  For those who don’t cook at home, online food delivery service becomes very popular.

As people couldn’t meet in person, people tried to meet on-line by using web camera.  Internet is the useful tool to enjoy the time with family and/or friends.

Animal crossing is a game soft which is well accepted around the world.  It is a peaceful game with no fighting.  The players have own island and do what they want, such as gathering fruits and fishing.  The players can meet their friends in the game.  People use this game as one of tools to meet their friends.  Here is an example.  In Japan, school was closed in March which is the month of school year end.  The graduation ceremony was canceled or conducted with the limited number of attendees.  I heard students got together and held a graduation party with friends in the game.

Under any circumstances, it is important to have good meals as well as connect with family or friends.

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