Wednesday, 16 September 2020

My most exciting journey


Our author in Carthage
The most exciting place I have ever travelled around is Tunisia. It is an Islamic country, located in northern Africa, on the coast the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and Libya.I have visited there in 2006.

The Phoenicians came to this land 2,000 years ago, then the country was under the control of the Romans, the Byzantines, Islam and the Ottoman Empire. After its turbulent history, precious ruins can be found everywhere.

First, I visited the ancient remains of Carthage, a world heritage site. A long time ago, the Phoenicians built up their city here, but it was later destroyed by the Romans. Now we can see the Roman ruins there.

Dougga is also one of the sites of an ancient city. I have ever seen such dynamic, beautiful remains. When I visited, it was very quiet. Nobody was there. I could feel the mysterious atmosphere.

Besides Carthage and Dougga, I also visited the Amphitheatre El Gem and the old city of Kairoian. All of them are UNESCO world heritage sites. I was fascinated by all the historical relics.

The landscape in Tunisia is also fascinating. Visiting the Sahara Desert has been one of my dreams. I was able to enjoy camel riding there. It was exciting, but sometimes I felt afraid, because I didn’t know which way to go in a world of sand. Anyway, it was an unforgettable experience. The scenery of the salt lake “Chotto el Djerid” was also amazing. It is a white land, as far as you can see. The Tanerza Canyon is one of the viewpoints you should visit. The characteristic topography is so beautiful. These unique landscapes were used for the impressive scenes in films such as “Star Wars” and “The English Patient “. 

Our author in a camel train - in blue

The most interesting moment for me was walking in the local market, in a desert city. The people who live in the desert, wearing traditional outfits, get together and exchange things like food, information and news of their daily life. It was exactly like a scene of “Star Wars”.

In my impression, traveling in Tunisia is like visiting another planet. It is totally exotic, exciting, amazing. There are so many treasures in their mysterious country. I believe it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.




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