Thursday, 23 April 2015

Choose another book!

After reading "The Piano Man", which other OUP Bookworm would you like to read that Tim Vicary adapted/wrote?

"The Everest Story" of Mr. Tim Vicary looks very interesting for me.

Some of Japanese tried to climb up to the top of the Everest before. The climbing was broadcast to the world including Japan. There are also a lot of climbers in Nagano as there are lots of high mountains in Japan.

Actually, I had climbed up to the middle of the mountain in Nagano when I was 14 years old. That was my first climbing of the full-scale mountain in my life.

I got used to seeing the people of the climbing mountains since my childhood and liked to see their stories to reach to their final goal after the harshness of nature, various difficulties and enjoyable beautiful sceneries. It is difficult to climb the Everest by myself, but I think I could imagine and enjoy when I read the book. And I also would like to learn how difficult to get the top of the mountain and how to find the way to climb to there.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A short biography of Captain Bligh

From 1791 to 1793, Captain Bligh became master and commander of HMS Providence. He got an order to transfer bread tree from Tahiti to the West Indies. It succeeded well, and nowadays bread tree is general food in the West Indies. Bligh also took Ackee to England, and Ackee was expanded to Europe. The scientific name Blighia sapida is named by Bligh.

Bligh became captain for vessel called HMS Director, and his sailor did mutiny in 1797. Bligh however, could get back the Director, and avoid to make inmate from the vessel. HMS Director is fighting ship, and went for Battle of Camperdown. It was war to fight with marine of Netherland. Marine of Netherland got serious damage, and HMS Director only got 7 people dead.

In 1804, Bligh was team under Admiral Nelson. He went for The Battle of Copenhagen. There were 56 battle ships, and order was divided between Admiral Parker and Nelson when they go into sand bank. Bligh followed Nelson’s order and he saved following other ships being crashed although the ships followed order from Parker were crushed.

Bligh became captain for battle ships and made a lot of achievements. He died in London, and there is memorial plaque on one block away from a garden museum where used to be a church that has gravestone.
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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

After reading - The Piano Man: Angels

Write about a person eg a nurse who helped you recover from an injury or illness

My angel was my mother when I was badly injured in my right hand last year. She assisted me in many aspects of daily life as I was right-handed.

The accident happened during the trip with my family in the golden week holiday. We also took my three dogs for the trip. We stayed in a pension that dog was also acceptable to stay. The other guests also took their dogs. Some dogs were excited and barked in the midnight. Two of my dogs were also excited to hear the bark and started fighting. I was awake and picked up one of the dogs to stop it. Then, she bit my right hand and it was bleeding a lot. It was too painful for me to move the hand. My father calmed down my dog and my mother helped me to stop bleeding and cool down my hand by a cool towel. She exchanged it in order to keep my hand cool overnight. I was very glad for her care although I kept feeling pain on my hand.

I got treatment in a hospital next day, but it was very difficult to do many things by myself as my right hand was wrapped in bandages. My mother cleaned the cut, wrapped the hand in new bandage, helped to exchange my clothes, took me to and from company by car and so on. I really appreciated her assistance!!

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Monday, 20 April 2015

So what if it rained?!

Well, first of all sorry for anyone who tried to find us by the river yesterday afternoon - it was already raining enough by noon for us to have to go to Plan B, and improvise back at Luna. Turned out to be a very good idea as loads of people still came and spent the afternoon with us.

The kids all had a great time with tons of food, puddles on the tarmac & in the tarps to play with, and charging in & out of the building all day long! Some got soaking wet but oblivious - trying to getter wetter yet!

Thank you dads for coming up with tarps, camping shelters and canny rigging to keep us all out of the rain, and for taking turns at the coals. Mums managed the dry territory and seemed to get first dibs on all the nosh!

Great to see so many people, some making old connections again and others discovering new ones. Also delighted Morten could join us after yesterday's Shinshu JALT presentation on CEFR, something we do know a bit about at JP004!

Check out all the damp photos at the link, and do share any of your own! A grand day in/out!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Remi's diary - First day in Paris

February 22nd

Arc de Triumph
It was the first day in Paris. I woke up at 7. For breakfast we had a simple meal like croissant, blueberry muffin and boiled egg.

After we finished eating, we joined a Japanese tour to Versailles and market. We didn't have much time but we enjoyed them.

After we finished the tour, we had lunch and went to Opera Garnier. This building is used as theatre and famous for the painting of Chagall.

Then we went to triumphal arch (Arc de Triumph) by metro. we climbed about 300 stairs and went to the top. The scenery from this triumphal arch was very beautiful, and we could see the whole city of Paris. Because it was windy, it was so cold!

I have an Eiffel Tower in my pants
Then we walked to the Champs Élysées. This street is known as the most beautiful street in the world. It is so long that we couldn't walk all, but we enjoyed walking.

After that, we went to see tower Eiffel nearer. We had to walk a little from the metro station. But it was fun walking by the Seine. We wanted to climb the tower Eiffel but we didn't have enough time so we had to give up.

Then we went to a restraunt called La Fontaire de Mars. In the U.S., this restraunt is known as the restraunt which Barack Obama and Johnny Depp came for lunch. We had escargot chicken and mille-feuille. I really liked the atmosphere of this restraunt.

After dinner we joined a night tour. The scenery in night was very different and I especially liked the light up of Notre Dame and Musee de Louvre.

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