Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Remi's diary - First day in Paris

February 22nd

Arc de Triumph
It was the first day in Paris. I woke up at 7. For breakfast we had a simple meal like croissant, blueberry muffin and boiled egg.

After we finished eating, we joined a Japanese tour to Versailles and market. We didn't have much time but we enjoyed them.

After we finished the tour, we had lunch and went to Opera Garnier. This building is used as theatre and famous for the painting of Chagall.

Then we went to triumphal arch (Arc de Triumph) by metro. we climbed about 300 stairs and went to the top. The scenery from this triumphal arch was very beautiful, and we could see the whole city of Paris. Because it was windy, it was so cold!

I have an Eiffel Tower in my pants
Then we walked to the Champs Élysées. This street is known as the most beautiful street in the world. It is so long that we couldn't walk all, but we enjoyed walking.

After that, we went to see tower Eiffel nearer. We had to walk a little from the metro station. But it was fun walking by the Seine. We wanted to climb the tower Eiffel but we didn't have enough time so we had to give up.

Then we went to a restraunt called La Fontaire de Mars. In the U.S., this restraunt is known as the restraunt which Barack Obama and Johnny Depp came for lunch. We had escargot chicken and mille-feuille. I really liked the atmosphere of this restraunt.

After dinner we joined a night tour. The scenery in night was very different and I especially liked the light up of Notre Dame and Musee de Louvre.

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