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A short biography of Captain Bligh

From 1791 to 1793, Captain Bligh became master and commander of HMS Providence. He got an order to transfer bread tree from Tahiti to the West Indies. It succeeded well, and nowadays bread tree is general food in the West Indies. Bligh also took Ackee to England, and Ackee was expanded to Europe. The scientific name Blighia sapida is named by Bligh.

Bligh became captain for vessel called HMS Director, and his sailor did mutiny in 1797. Bligh however, could get back the Director, and avoid to make inmate from the vessel. HMS Director is fighting ship, and went for Battle of Camperdown. It was war to fight with marine of Netherland. Marine of Netherland got serious damage, and HMS Director only got 7 people dead.

In 1804, Bligh was team under Admiral Nelson. He went for The Battle of Copenhagen. There were 56 battle ships, and order was divided between Admiral Parker and Nelson when they go into sand bank. Bligh followed Nelson’s order and he saved following other ships being crashed although the ships followed order from Parker were crushed.

Bligh became captain for battle ships and made a lot of achievements. He died in London, and there is memorial plaque on one block away from a garden museum where used to be a church that has gravestone.
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