Friday, 9 April 2021

If Al Gore had beaten George Bush

Even if Al Gore had beaten George Bush in the 2000 US Presidential election, I think that the condition of the environment concern is not very different from the one we face. As countries like China and India were developed, it is hard to imagine that the result of the US Presidential election has appreciable effects on the environment concern.

On the other hand, if Al Gore had beaten George Bush, I think that the world would not face terrorist threats. West Asia, especially Iraq and Afghanistan would not be the disputed regions. The 9.11 terrorist attacks would not come into being. Many people would not be lost in grief.

I think that Bush era is very sinful from a standpoint of international peace.

The biography of Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan is a voyager of Portugal in the Age of Discovery. He is known as the challenger of a voyage round the world. Little is known about his life before he challenged the around-the-world voyage. He was born in around 1480 in the suburbs of Porto. He served the court of Portugal in 1492. He knew the discovery of America by Columbus, and he developed an interest in voyages.

He embarked on a voyage round the world in 1519. He passed through the south end of South America, the Pacific. But he was killed on the battlefield in Cebu Island, Philippines. He could not accomplish a voyage round the world, but I think his achievement is the discovery of the Pacific as an ocean and the signifying the size of the Earth.

“The First Communion” of Picasso

My favorite painting is “The First Communion” painted by Pablo Picasso. The first communion of his little sister Dolores was pained in this painting. Considering Picasso’s later work, this painting is suspiciously orthodox, but it shows that he was an exceptionally talented artist. Amazingly, he turned off this painting at the age of just fifteen. As this painting reminds me that a great imagination is based on a great talent, I love this.

Several of my friend rate Picasso’s work, for example “Guernica”, “The Weeping Woman” and “The Young Ladies of Avignon”, as strange. In those cases, I usually show this painting to them with Picasso’s golden saying, “When I was fifteen years old, I could already paint like Diego Velázquez. And eighty years passed before I can paint like children.”

Thursday, 8 April 2021

The Trojan Horse

The Greeks and the Romans had been at war for ten years. The exhausted Greek army had been camped around the important city of Troy in ancient Turkey.  The magnificent city walls were unbreakable, and the soldiers outside were desperate for victory. 

Early one morning, while he was having his traditional power breakfast with helpless generals, the old Greek king Odysseus had a brilliant idea.  

The king decided to have a huge, hollow wooden horse built, which would be big enough for a crack squad of brave soldiers to hide inside.

Eventually the enormous horse was built by the determined Greek soldiers. A corps of elite troops got into the well-built wooden horse. Others set fires to their shabby camp as they pretended to sail back to Greece. However, all of the courageous soldiers were hiding nearby. 

As the Trojans were tired of the endless fights, they were extremely delighted to see the Greeks had left.  When they came out from the never-opened gate, they found a breathtaking wooden horse which they had never seen before. Of course, they were very curious about it.  Meanwhile, the Trojans asked the sole remaining Greek soldier about the giant wooden horse.  He explained that the distinctive wooden horse was an offering to the goddess Athena.

The Trojans accepted the gift. They tried to pull the gigantic wooden horse into the city, but it was so big that they had to tear down a part of the impregnable city wall.  The Trojans took the mighty wooden horse to the temple of Athena in the centre of the city, and had a big party to celebrate the end of the war.

Finally, the Trojans relaxed and all the exhausted soldiers fell asleep.  Exactly at that time the patient Greek soldiers crept out from their hiding place in the fortress, the wooden horse, and killed all the Trojan guards at the gate before signalling the waiting Greeks to attack the sleeping city.  

The bloody battle finished soon. The Greeks had won the historic war. The miserable Trojan men were slaughtered; the women and children were taken back to Greece as hard-working slaves.

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Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Speaking Examiner training sessions - announcement

Jim is going to be running the following Cambridge Assessment English Speaking Examiner training sessions for A2:Key & B1:Preliminary levels (which also includes the 'for schools' versions) on the following dates (all sessions are 09:30 - 17:30 unless indicated otherwise):

  • April 24 in Ikebukuro, Tokyo (already fully booked)
  • May 1 in Sendagaya, Tokyo (A2:Key only, am)
  • May 2 in Sendagaya, Tokyo (A2:Key only, am
  • June 12 in Nagano city, Nagano (09:00 - 17:00)
  • June 19 in Chikusa, Aichi
  • June 26 in Yotsuya, Tokyo
  • July 17 in Yotsuya, Tokyo
  • Sept 18 in Yotsuya, Tokyo

Obviously looking for a lot of qualified & experienced classroom operatives, resident in Japan and available to actually examine mostly on weekends. Obviously limited travel currently. 

All SEs need to certify after training (and thereafter annually). Most of these follow up sessions are next morning, same venue. 

All of these professional development sessions are free. 

So, who's got the chops?! Contact Jim by email to apply

Thursday, 1 April 2021

My favorite room


The bedroom in our house is the room I like the best. Besides the living room, the bedroom is the most important room for us because we spend a lot of time there. Sleeping well is important for our health, so we should think of how to make it comfortable.


Our bedroom is east facing on the second floor of our house, so in the morning, bright sunshine gets into the room, which makes me get up happily and lively. The ceiling is high and open. There are two big windows, with lovely view of the Japanese Alps, cherry blossoms in spring, green leaves in summer, snowy branches in winter. We also two long, narrow windows and skylight window through which the sun shines. I feel happy with the view from the window, especially in the cherry blossom season.


The floor is carpeted in a soft, grayish white color. My husband stretches every morning on the floor.


On the wall, there are paintings. One of them is an elegant botanical print which soothes my feelings. The other one is a Raoul Dufy woodblock print, which is my husband’s favorite. 

There is a king size bed and two chests of drawers. I keep some perfume and accessories in the drawers. All of the things in my bedroom are my favorites. When I am in the room, I can totally relax, sometimes reading a book. That is my happy time.



Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Holiday plans to penfriends

 Hi Bill and Bill's family,

Hello, long time no contact. Thank you for your e-mail about coming to Japan. We planned your travel course below and we'll enjoy staying with your family, if you like.

We're going to Kyoto and Osaka after staying in Tokyo for two days. Do your family like amusement parks? We're going to the Tokyo Disneyland in Tokyo and the Universal Studio Japan in Osaka. Then we're going to take a Japanese traditional experience in Kyoto.

It'll be very hot in Japanese summer, especially in Kyoto. In addition, we're going to wear a kimono which is unique Japanese clothes and take a walk in the town. So we'll get very hot and might be tired.

You should have a lot of suncreem and wear shoes to walk easily since we're going to walk a lot outside.

We're looking forward to meeting.

Best regard


Monday, 29 March 2021

Holiday plans to friends in Australia

 Dear Nancy and family, 

Hi! How are you? I'm looking forward to you coming to Japan. I maked a plan your trip.

On Tuesday, we're going to go the Tokyo Disney land, and the hot spa in Tokyo. On Thursday and Friday, we're going to Kyoto. After that, we're going to Osaka. In Osaka, we're going to the Universal Studios Japan.

Summer in Japan is hot and humid. Please be careful of heat stroke. I think that you should have some water diligently. To Kyoto from Tokyo take about three hours. Because you'll have better childrens toy to play in bullet train.

I'm going to do recommend nice some Japanese foods. I bet you'll love it.

If you have some questions, feel free to ask me anytime.

See you!

From Kanako

"The Green Mile" - Preference books vs films

My favorite movie is "The Green Mile". This movie is based on a book written by Stephen King. 

To be honest, I seldom watch movies or TV shows, but I was drawn into the realistic performance of Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan. This movie makes me cry every single time I watch it.

I prefer movies rather than books. I understand that books have their strong points. But, whenever I read books, I feel sleepy. I don't think I'm cut out for reading books.

Sunday, 28 March 2021

A positive experience - having a go at a Cambridge exam!

Not too hard :)
For the last year, Monwa-sensei has been busy working hard at Ueda-Nishi High School. Tough, with family & friends very out of reach in South Africa...but not such a hard assignment with the very keen English Conversation Club members eager to practice and improve their language skills.

And on March 27th, have a Cambridge opportunity for learners to prove they really "Can Do" for the first time. Thank you teachers at the school for letting us all have this chance, especially as our Speaking Examiners have long needed the experience of practicing with real teenagers, and not each other!

We ran a full 'mock' exam session. Listening was 'hard' because it was "British" - but half the voices were North American. Actual issue = unfamiliarity with the format (such as being able to read the questions first, and hear everything twice...and have to distill meaning rather than detail) ie read the question better!
We Can Do!

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Small world - umpteenth event in Matsumoto!

Generations :)
On Friday we welcomed a young learner back to Luna, after taking a year out because mummy & daddy were unable to bring her to play/study with her friends. Although missing a year of English, I'm so glad I have my favourite hand-holder back - but we skipped that option for now of course. Great to have you back H!

Enter granny - and blow me down we know each other! Michiko used to be in a class I taught in a cafe after Sally left Matsumoto, and I vividly remember we watched the opening ceremony of the Nagano Winter Olympics together around a kotatsu (easy lesson that morning!) as a class, with Sachiko, Hama, and Midori. 

Days like today, I really love my job as I realise that life really is a circle - and living in a wonderful place like Matsumoto is not for dilettantes.

Thursday, 25 March 2021

My favorite artist, Manabu Ikeda

My favorite artist is Manabu Ikeda. He was born in Saga in 1973 and he received his master’s degree from Tokyo University of the Arts.
He paints on boards using ink, pen and so on. It is extremely detailed work that he can proceed with the work only 10cm square in one day and he often takes more than one year to finish his works.

Characteristic of his works is that detailed objects are painted on somethings such as sea creature, tree and building. At first glance, it is just sea creature, but many things are integrated on it such as birds, ships and artificial something. Everything looks alive and seems to start moving at any moment.

When I searched about him, I knew that his hobbies are climbing, trekking and skiing. I was surprised that all of them are same as me. I may feel something from his works as we have similar hobbies.

His works I looked on an exhibition will remain on my heart.

Ryusendo Caves - Journey to the Centre of Japan!

 Ryusendo is in Iwate. 

You can visit the cave by bus from Morioka station. It takes about two hours. Of course you can visit by car.

The cave is over 4,088 metres long. In this cave are some "Geosi" lakes. The are called Dragon Blue. You can visit without a guide.

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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

The Da Vinci tapes

Tom Hanks : "How's the movie, Lenny?"

Leonard da Vinci : "Well, it's a bit of a bizarre story but good fun really. Who in the world invented this motion picture thing by the way. It would be a great entertainment for King François the First. Quite clever."

Audrey Tautou : "Did you really draw the figure of John of the Evangelist as Mary Magdalene? Did you create a V-shape for the representative of the chalice and of a woman's womb?"

Leonardo : "Well, well, well. What do you think? If I say 'No', all those rather interesting stories would be ruined completely, wouldn't they. Oh, you are the descendant, aren't you? Your grandpa was a clever man to use my 'Vitruvian Man' though it's a shocking scene, really."

Audrey : "Were you a member of the Priory of Sion, Leonardo?"

Leonardo : "It's pretty rude to ask one's religious beliefs. Didn't you learn at school, Miss?"

Audrey : "Oh yes, but this is important!"

Tom : "Leave him alone, Audrey. He is right. This is none of your business."

Audrey : "But…"

Leonard : "It's ok, young lady. I'm quite a scientific man, you know. I believe only what I see. So…"

Audrey : "Okay, I understand that. Thanks, anyway."

Leonardo : "That's quite all right. Well actually I'm delighted how you people appreciate my art work. You put my precious Lisa del Gioconda in a huge room with bulletproof glass surrounded. I worked on it using new ideas and I had never let her go even when I went to France."

Tom : "We love your paintings and everything, Lenny. You're the most famous and the most popular artist in the world."

Leonardo : "Besides Michelangelo?"

Audrey : "Oh, he is just different. I love your art work the most!"

Leonardo : "Good girl."

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Preference the book vs film

 I prefer the book to the firm, because the details of the story in the book help us imagine what kind of person each character is and the setting for the story.

When I first saw the animation “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsujo” on TV, the character’s voices were much different from the ones which I’d imagined. I was disappointed about this, and did not enjoy watching the animation. Reading a book before watching the film version is a concern for me. However, I prefer to read a book before watching a film, so that I can easily understand the story.

Harry Potter – Books and Movies

There are seven Harry Potter books in the series, and eight movies. When I was a university student, my sister, who loves reading books, recommended I read these books. As they are fantasy stories, we need to use our full imagination when we read them. Most of the things in the world of wizards and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry do not exist in our real world. I realized that I couldn’t enjoy the stories perfectly, because sometimes I couldn’t imagine such unreal things. When you watch the movies, you can see how these things are, and you can also enjoy the differences between what you thought and what the author thought. Therefore, I recommend watching movies after you have read the books.

Comic is good for "Slam Dunk"

I was wondering if there is a movie based on novel I read. The only one that I could remember is a cartoon called "Slam Dunk", which was on TV when I was a junior high school student. My sister bought the comics, and I read them too. The story is about a rough high school student, Hanamichi, who tries to attract the attention of a girl, Haruko. He joins the high school basketball club because Haruko likes basketball. He couldn’t play basketball at first, but he enjoys it and becomes a good player as he is athletic. All the characters are attractive, and there is some humour in the story. Also, the author, Takehiko Inoue draw neat pictures and captions. 

The comic was very popular and I was excited as it would be on TV. However, the TV show disappointed me. The voice actors were different from what I imagined, and the animation was awkward. I guess it's because there was not much background imagery. I felt each scene was chopped, and there was no flow. The characters were not enthusiastic or active in the cartoon. Although it's a cartoon, the producers didn’t use the advantage of animation. I guess I wrote too much of bad point of cartoon as I love Slam Dunk. In my conclusion, I like comic better than cartoon.

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

 When I travel, I always watch a film on the flight.  “My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday” ( is one of the films I watched during a flight to the USA.  The film is based on the book of the same title.  The main characters, Takatoshi and Emi are both 20 years old, but Emi lives in a different world which time runs backwards.  Takatoshi feels he meets Emi for the first time, but she knows everything that has happened between the two of them. I prefer the film to the book.  The film’s  location is exactly what I imagined when I read the book.  The actors perform wonderfully and express their emotions warmly.

Film vs Book

My favourite movie is Forrest Gump. I much prefer the movie to the book. Forrest is a little bit stupid, but he is a kind and pure person. He was also often praised for his hard work.

I enjoy the movie, as Tom Hanks’ performance in the lead role completely matched the main character. If the actor had been different, I would not have chosen this as the best movie I have seen. You should watch the movie!

Friday, 19 March 2021

Sayuri's least favourite rooms

   Our housing environment has been rather unfortunate.  We had lived in 13 different houses in 35 years, which were all company residences and most of them were extremely old and filthy : a small house with a white snake, a tilted flat which made Mum dizzy, an old flat with big centipedes, a terrible kitchen with a blocked drainage pipe, a frozen cold bedroom where bedside water had been really frozen etc… 

  The worst one was the mouldy flat where the unfaced concrete walls were all covered with mold.  We asked the company to mend them but they had just sprayed some ordinary mold remover on the walls and put some styrofoam boards with some double-sided tape on them.  

  The ceiling looked like it was made of asbestos, so we covered up with some huge sheets of 'washi' papers, just in case.

  There was no proper lighting tool so we used a simple light bulb just like an ancient life which made us rather nostalgic when we had got used to it.

  To make matters worse, our room was on a grand floor and the flat was just beside a very busy road.  There was no space for a washing machine, so we put it on the balcony.  Everytime I washed some clothes and hung them on, I felt all the drivers' eyes on me.  

  We lived there from 2004 to 2005 but we found the flat is still there now, and someone seems to live there still. 

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Thursday, 11 March 2021

After I graduate High School next year...

I will be a third grader next year, so I have planned what I can do when I graduate. 

I can study management from a famous professor at college in Canada. I want do it very much, but I will need to get a part-time job because it will be really expensive.

Playing music in a band is not so well-paid, and the income is irregular, so it will be hard to make a living.  However, I think it is important to  challenge myself for my dreams.

Another option is to travel around the world and discover new views and ideas. I think it would be  a lot of fun and extremely exciting.  There are so many places that I have never been to yet. However, it might very dangerous because there are lots of strange people with different ideas, so sometimes conversations might be difficult. In addition  it is not a stable life so I would have find accommodation and earn money.

What do you think I should do?

How is affecting to Alaska & Venice due to Climate change?

-       Alaska:

    The average temperature in Alaska has increased by approximately 3°F over the past 60 years. This increase is more than twice the warming seen in the rest of the United States. In the winter season it has increased by an average of 6°F and it effects to ecosystems, such as earlier breakup of river ice in the spring.

Due to this problems, indigenous people lose their home. They are forced to move new place. Polar bears are facing more serious situation. They lost living place as well as their food. They are designated as an endangered species.


-       Venice:

The ancient city in Italy will be vanished underwater within a century if global warming cannot stop. Venice will be flooded because the Mediterranean Sea is forecasted to rise by up to 140cm before 2100, according to the research.


My suggestion is as below.

1.     People grasp own carbon footprint.

2.     Think how to reduce CO2 which can do easily.

3.     Try it.

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Nanaha's personification of Spring


After reading The Selfish Giant, by Oscar Wilde (OUP Dominoes graded reader version), a young reader imagines the character of Spring...think she came up with a fine piece of imaganiation (and writing, and picture!).

Spring has short brown hair and blue eyes. She is about twenty-five years old and she wears a pink t-shirt and a light green skirt.

I her hands she has lots of flowers and baby rabbits. She plants the seeds and brings showers.

She lives in a cherry blossom tree by the river.

She is very kind, cheerful, and friendly.

Friday, 19 February 2021

If Al Gore was a president of United States

 The former US President Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement, WHO etc. Like these, the US President has strong authority without getting any approval of Senate and House. If Mr. Al Gore had beaten George Bush in the US Presidential election, he could take effective measurements to protect the Earth from the greenhouse warming and to pass the Earth in a better condition for the future.

When Al Gore insisted the dangerous of the greenhouse warming and the importance of environmental protection 50 years ago, I think that people might not take this matter seriously, but we are now facing a lot of natural disaster like flood, drought, monsoon, hurricane, typhoon, heat wave and all of the world is seriously thinking how to slow down the greenhouse warming. If Al Gore beat George Bush in 2001, the U.S. might agree to the Kyoto protocol together with 178 countries in 1997 and it agreement might be hold until 2005. It was important and effective that the US who is one of the biggest producers of CO2 agreed and took the activities to protect the Earth.

He is working hardly to protect the Earth with a slogan “The Great Reset”. The people especially in developed countries must learn the problems about the Earth and must change their lifestyle to slowing the greenhouse warming even if it is inconvenienced for us a little. We cannot put off dealing with the greenhouse warming.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Are zoos for people to enjoy?

I think that zoos are useful when animals need help and protection when car accident, natural disaster and so on are occurred. Based on correct and wide knowledge and experience of animals by zoos, we can help them.

When I think its purpose, it is doubtful whe
ther zoos have been performing its job. The environment should be same or so close in order to know real animal life. However, unfortunately, it is extremely different that cage is small and made by concrete, and it is non-stimulating environment for animals. 

If they are improved, we can contribute to protect animals in a real meaning. 

Although I often went to zoos to enjoy when I was a child, I haven’t gone there since I was grown as it is hard to look animals that are in cage. I think that the purpose of zoos shouldn’t be for people to enjoy and should be for animals.

Monday, 15 February 2021

Zoos as places of learning

I hope that zoos are places of learning ecology for animals and importance of nature protection. I don’t deny that zoos are one of places for public entertainment. However, zoos as fun should be instrumental in becoming intrigued with animals, and I think that it should not be an end unto itself. Therefore, advertising aimed for rareness of animals just breaks my heart. 

I visited Nagano Chausuyama Zoo with my girlfriend to watch red panda, called “lesser panda” in Japan, on September 2019. The zoo is well-known for the breeding of red panda, but zookeepers taught us a lot about red panda without being proud of the fact described above. I feel that the breeding is main purpose zoos need to have and want to learn various things for animals.

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Green Book - Film review

 Green Book

Comedy drama, 2018

Green Book depicts a friendship between white people and black people. The film is based on a true story and set in America of 1960s. The historical background is the age of discrimination against black people. A white man, who is rough and rude, and a black man, who is bright and polite, perceive each good points and grow up their friendship. While a real green book, which is an information-book about motels, restaurants and shops is used to symbolise discrimination in America.

I love the acting in the film. Viggo Mortensen stars as Tony Lip, and Mahershala Ali as Dr. Shirley, My favourite character us Tony Lip because he is rough but he has an innocent side.

I think this is an ideal film for all adults. The story tells us about the discrimination in America and how friendship overcame this large obstacle, while making you laugh, I give Green Book ****. Everyone should watch it

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Bohemian Rhapsody - Film Review

 Bohemian Rhapsody

Biographical Drama

Bohemian Rhapsody is about a vocalist Freddie Mercury of the rock band Queen. The film is based on a true story. The film is set in England and starts in 1970. It tells the history of Queen and social issues by Freddie's sexuality.

I love the music the music in this film. I was able to know famous Queen's repertories. Rami Malek stars as Freddie. My favourite character is Mary Austin because she is a kind and strong woman. She fell in love with Freddie and was betrayed by him. But she supports him throughout life.

I think this is an ideal film for people who like a western music and have formed a and.

You can listen to Queen's wonderful music and will be an opportunity to think about social issues. I give Bohemian Rhapsody 4 stars.

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Friday, 12 February 2021

Tadahiro Nomura - Japanese Olympian

Tadahiro Nomura is one of the most famous judo competitors in Japan. He is the only judo competitor in the world, and the first Asian olympian, who has won gold medals at three Olympics in a row.

Tadahiro was born on December 10, 1974 in Nara. His grandfather was a local judo instructor and his father was the coach of Shinji Hosokawa, who won a gold medal at the 1984 L.A. Olympics. His uncle, Toyokazu Nomura, was also a gold medalist at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

He began learning judo at his grandfather's dojo at the age of six. He was successful in several local and national level competitions during high school.

He entered Tenri University in 1993, where he won the All-Japan Selected judo championships for his weight class in April,1996 and three months later he won his first Olympic gold medal in Atlanta.

Then he won his second Olympic gold medal at Sydney in 2000. He became the first -60kg division competitor to win consecutive Olympic gold medals. He won his third consecutive Olympic gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Unfortunately, the news that he had won another Olympic gold medal was overshadowed by Ryoko Tamura's Olympic success in the newspapers, with her Olympic victory, coming on the same day.

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Japanese traditions - tea ceremony

  A long long time ago, Jukou Murata(村田珠光) made a tea  ceremony. However, it wasn't complete as people had tea time in Japan. Jukou did tea time people had with "Zen()" together. This started "Wabi-Cha(侘び茶)"

He lived 1422-1502, and he made wabi-cha. After he died, Takeno Jouou(武野紹鷗) inherited wabi-cha. Finally Jouou completed wabi-cha. This is like a modern tea  ceremony.

Almost all Japanese people know Sen no Rikyu (千利休).He is very famous in Japan as a tea  ceremony performer, but Jouou taught tea  ceremony to Rikyu and other famous people.

Rikyu went became a famous te  ceremony in Japan. When Bushi went to regions (ikusa), they did  a tea ceremony with local Lords. In the tea room, performers(and who in the tea room) have to leave "Buki".

Now, We know tea  ceremony, especially "Sansenke(三千家)" for example, Omotesenke(表千家), Urasenke(裏千家), Mushakojisenke(武者小路千家). Iemoto is a herditary system, and Senno Rikyu's family has three branches from his grandsons.

Author performing Tea Ceremony in New Zealand

Monday, 8 February 2021

The most glamorous hotel that I have stayed in


The most glamorous hotel that I have stayed in is the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa on the Amalfi coast in Italy. It stands on the top of a high cliff. You can enjoy a fantastic view of the Amalfi coast and the Tirrhenian sea not only from your room, but also from the swimming pool, the lovely garden, and the restaurant.

This building used to be a 17th century monastery, so it is classical and quite unique accommodation. The most attractive point for me was the swimming pool in the lovely garden. Depending on the direction you look, you can’t recognize the borderline between the pool and the sea, though there is big difference between them in height.


The restaurant is also charming. You can enjoy remarkable sea food with a sea breeze and a romantic atmosphere. I really liked the fancy breakfast time too, sitting on the terrace overlooking its marvelous view of the blue sea. It was a lovely moment.


I stayed in the luxury hotel on my birthday. Surprisingly, the hotel upgraded our stay putting us in their fantastic suite room which overlooked the beautiful Amalfi coast from every window, even from the bathroom! Sparkling rose wine and fresh grapes were also their wonderful gifts. I can’t tell you how happy I was. Everything I saw and experienced there was like a perfect dream. It was a luxury stay; I will never forget. It is twenty years since I first visited the Amalfi coast and the place became my favorite, but this stay me out my love for the coast was enriched.