Sunday, 27 October 2019

My visit to Venice

I went on a graduation trip to Italy and France with my friends when I was fourth-year student.  Venice is one of the most impressive locations that I visited.

     Venice consists of small islands in the Adriatic Sea.  Gondola had been main methods of transport in Venice over many years.  There are still a few hundreds of gondolas and the most of them are used for sightseeing.  I also took a gondola ride and enjoyed beautiful scenery of the town.

     I went to Venice in February and it is time that the carnival is held every year.  It is one of the three major carnivals in the world and it is said that it started in 11th century.  People get dressed up and put on a face mask during the carnival.  I did neither get dressed up nor put on a face mask, but wore face painting and enjoyed the carnival.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

If you had as much money as Toad, how would you spend it?

If I had as much money as Toad, I would do three things. At first, I would buy some real estate assets and land for investment. If I keep going to spend money, it would be used up in the end. Thus, I would buy apartments or lands for lent or sale as one of method of keep my assets. Secondly, I would travel all over the world. Then, I would travel to Europe, south America and Australia firstly because I’ve never been there. I would like to visit France to drink good wine and eat delicious food. Thirdly, I would like to purchase anything I want. As I love shoes and bags, I want to visit where is the famous of animal skin and try to purchase bespoke products. I think I may get a little bored with buying things in the end, but on the other hands, I am curious about my feeling after buying all things I want.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Injustice - after reading of Rabbit-Proof Fence

Write about a case you know of, where a young person/group of people have struggled to overcome 'wrong' 
When I was a junior high school student, my school had the old-fashioned rule. I don’t remember the exact sentence, but girls couldn’t have long hair.  The hair on forehead must have been short, above eyebrows.  The hair on backside must not have touched on shoulder.  We were interested in hair style as all teenagers do.  However, we couldn’t express ourselves as we like due to the unreasonable rule.

We thought the school rule could not be changed by any reason, so we have been complaining about the unreasonable rule.  But we started our discussion how we could change the rule when we became the ninth grade.  My teacher gave us an advice to discuss at student council.  Then, we investigated what process we should follow to change the rule at student council.
When we had the first meeting of the year, we proposed a motion so that we could enjoy any length of hairs.  All the other students were surprised because this was the first time to take such action at the meeting.  It was approved as an additional agenda and finally agreed to change the rule as a result of vote at the meeting.
It was a small struggle at school, but it was a big change for us that we could change the rule by ourselves.


Monday, 7 October 2019

Sports and Sasabe

After spending some of last month at Sasabe kindergarten, I have realised just how different of an experience these kids get compared to home. Things that would get a child into huge amounts of trouble back home, don’t even get a second glance over here, yet others that in my eyes are completely fine, are definitely a problem. But that’s just the start. I’ve recently been able to witness the preparation that goes into one of the most interesting things I've seen at a school here… sports day.

I know what you’re thinking, surely there’s stranger than a sports day, but after watching the last few weeks of in-line dancing, human formations, running races and circuits, all with anime-like background music that really does set in stone where you are, I can really say I’ve never seen anything quite like this, or kindergarteners that are quite so well behaved.

Friday, 4 October 2019

Sport is a greatest way for better relationships - After reading

In 2019 Rugby World Cup, Team Japan called “BRAVE BLOSSOMS” defeated team Ireland ranked No. 1 now. When they defeated South Africa 4 years ago in last Word Cup in Brighton, it was said that team Japan could defeated with luck, but this time they could defeat team Ireland with their hard training and strong brave.

Confident Ireland fan - before!
The rugby was not popular well in Japan like Judo, Football, Volleyball etc and had limited chance to see Rugby games in TV. However, the 2019 Rugby World Cup made a lot of fans or supporters of rugby in Japan and became an opportunity to know opponents. When we can know opponents’ history and relationship with home country, we can play game with them with respect and can give praise opponents’ good play/behavior.

My favorite football team often lose game, but I could switch positively when we could win at next game and remove the mortification because I understood opponents very well and saw that opponent made their best as well as my favorite team.

I think that Sport may not make us hold a grudge for a long time even if we lose the game. The positive cycle is able to establish better relationships between countries.