Friday, 4 October 2019

Sport is a greatest way for better relationships - After reading

In 2019 Rugby World Cup, Team Japan called “BRAVE BLOSSOMS” defeated team Ireland ranked No. 1 now. When they defeated South Africa 4 years ago in last Word Cup in Brighton, it was said that team Japan could defeated with luck, but this time they could defeat team Ireland with their hard training and strong brave.

Confident Ireland fan - before!
The rugby was not popular well in Japan like Judo, Football, Volleyball etc and had limited chance to see Rugby games in TV. However, the 2019 Rugby World Cup made a lot of fans or supporters of rugby in Japan and became an opportunity to know opponents. When we can know opponents’ history and relationship with home country, we can play game with them with respect and can give praise opponents’ good play/behavior.

My favorite football team often lose game, but I could switch positively when we could win at next game and remove the mortification because I understood opponents very well and saw that opponent made their best as well as my favorite team.

I think that Sport may not make us hold a grudge for a long time even if we lose the game. The positive cycle is able to establish better relationships between countries.

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