Monday, 31 July 2017

In Adera ravine

Doggy paddle!
One of my favourite photos which my friend took in July when I was having holiday with some friends.

We were at a place called Adera ravine.It's a swimming hole in Adera river. My friend took the photo when a dog was swimming in the river. She is good swimmer!

It'd been hot everyday so, I went there . It's very cool and beautiful. The ravine is  famous for  emerald green water. It makes me relax.

If you feel hot, I recommend you swim the river.  I love this photo because the dog is pretty.

I have the photo on my phone with my favorites

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

My favorite photo "Burubon"

One of my favorite photo is this one of my favorite place.

I took the photo in the summer of 2016 when I was on holiday at quite famous cafe”Burubon” in center of the city of my hometown.

The cafe has already been in there when I was child. There are a lot of mysterious statues in entrance and inside of the cafe. I felt it "strange, Interesting, mad, funny, mysterious..." but I didn't dislike. Those were made by Mr. Kasio Miyazaki who was owner of the cafe. He was also my grandfather's friend. My grandfather had one of his works. But I have never met Mr. Kashio.
I like this photo because I can feel freedom.
I have the photo on my computer.
Everyone knows this cafe which stand out, but courage is necessary to enter inside. Because his works are more mysterious than any work I saw at the museum. Later, My grandfather has passed away, I decided to visit the cafe to see Mr.kashio but I couldn't see him. It's too late. But we can enjoy his lots of awesome works at the caffe. By the way inside of the cafe was nice! Art was exploding! It didn't disappoint me.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Cambridge exams for ALL, with JP004

Over the few weeks or so Luna International has supplied 7 levels of Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations:
CEM Yukari running YLE in Matsumoto

(that looks like eight, right?!) candidates sitting in 5 different prefectures, with speaking examiners from half a dozen different countries. Thank you, each and every one of you, for the work you put into maintaining your examiner status, and for the travel undertaken.

Thank you to the teachers & members of staff who have invigilated or supervised sessions and been ushers/marshalls. All your contributions help make the candidates' days less stressful.

Thank you for your very hard work in organising everything, Yukari, our Centre Exam Manager. Materials, venues, forms, timings, invigilators, entries, takkyubin, labels, colour name, Yukari has thought of it!

And same again from September, with all levels available again from Luna JP004 (not just in 'Chubu' as misleading indicated on Cambridge's website) from Yamagata in the north, Tokyo to the south, Nagoya to the west...and of course Matsumoto in the middle.

Entries open, all enquiries welcome.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Lost World - larger than life

Write about a ‘larger than life’ character from your country – fictional or real.

I think All Japanese admit Ichiro Suzuki is the most popular Japanese professional baseball player.  He began his career with Orix Blue Wave in Japan in 1992 when he was 19 years old.  Then, he went to the United States and became a player of the Seattle Mariners in 2001.  Since then, he has been spending his seasons in the United States.

He is the outfielder and can catch long fly balls.  Moreover, he can strongly and quickly throw the ball back to home like a rocket.  When he belonged to the New York Yankees, I had a chance to see the game.  His performance as the center fielder was just outstanding and I was so excited to see his performance in the field.

He also set a new record as a great hitter.  In 2016, he collected the 3,000th hit.  By the end of 2016 season, he played in his 2500th games in MLB in the United States.  This is the greatest record because there are only two players who have achieved such a great record.

He becomes 44 years old this year.  I hope he keeps breaking a record and playing in MLB as long as possible.

Describe your favourite place in Scandinavia - after reading Viking Tales

I have never been to Scandinavia, but want to visit Sweden someday. There are mainly two reasons which have being inspired me.

One is music. One of my favorite pop group is Cardigans, who are based in Sweden. I bought their CD when I was a high school student. Nina’s voice is very cute and their songs are very catchy. And, they sing their song in English. This is the most important point for me. They sing very clearly and it was easy for me to catch their words. Their songs became popular in Japan and it was called Swedish pop. I also love Meja. I bought two CDs and listened again and again until I remembered all her songs. When I had my wedding party, I picked up her song “Welcome to the Fun Club of Love” as the starter. Since then, this song reminds me the happy feeling.

Another is furniture and housewares. In Japan, there are some stores of IKEA. They have some floors to display their furniture. It is fun for me to look around their stores. Their design is very pop and the color and textile is very different from that in Japan. So, I want to go to flea market in Stockholm someday.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

After reading Viking Tales - Utgard writes to Odin

Dear Odin,

 Hope you are doing well. Thor and Loki with small human boy named Thialfi visited us without any notice last week. Thor said he came to here, our castle in order to fight us all because he was board and had nothing to do. Fortunately, Skrymir told me they were reaching to our kingdom. We wanted to avoid fighting with Thor, Loki and Thialfi. Thus, we had no way but we used tricks.

Firstly, we took the bones from the table and burned them while Loki was eating all meat. Secondly, we put Hugi’s twin brother at the other end of the field and pretend Hugi had already arrived the goal. Then we used the drinking horn which is connected to the sea so that Thor could not drink it up. And we asked Jormungand to change into a cat. The cat could not be picked up by anyone even though by Thor. They believed some of our friends had a special ability and we won all competitions. We did not have to fight each other in the end.

We appreciate it if you keep them away from our Kingdom so that we can avoid any unnecessary fighting each other.

Sincerely yours,


The Lost World - the Mystery of Egypt

Egypt is one of the most interesting country which I’ve never been to. There is a TV program my mother loves to watch, it is called “Discovery of the World’s Mysteries (Sekai Fushigi Hakken)”

I also have been watching the show since I was a child. One of the popular topics of the show is the Mystery of Egypt. When I saw the culture of the ancient Egypt, it was very interesting for me that the world is expressing by some pictures, they could make the historic building from the high-level scientific approach and many historians still make researches to try to find out the truth about the past.

If I could go to adventure, I would like to go to Egypt with one of Japanese historian who make researches there because he could guide me where tourist could not go like the inside of pyramid. Then I would like to unravel a riddle of one of the ancient Egypt together with the historian and his team.