Friday, 21 July 2017

Cambridge exams for ALL, with JP004

Over the few weeks or so Luna International has supplied 7 levels of Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations:
CEM Yukari running YLE in Matsumoto

(that looks like eight, right?!) candidates sitting in 5 different prefectures, with speaking examiners from half a dozen different countries. Thank you, each and every one of you, for the work you put into maintaining your examiner status, and for the travel undertaken.

Thank you to the teachers & members of staff who have invigilated or supervised sessions and been ushers/marshalls. All your contributions help make the candidates' days less stressful.

Thank you for your very hard work in organising everything, Yukari, our Centre Exam Manager. Materials, venues, forms, timings, invigilators, entries, takkyubin, labels, colour name, Yukari has thought of it!

And same again from September, with all levels available again from Luna JP004 (not just in 'Chubu' as misleading indicated on Cambridge's website) from Yamagata in the north, Tokyo to the south, Nagoya to the west...and of course Matsumoto in the middle.

Entries open, all enquiries welcome.

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