Saturday, 31 January 2009

The place where I live - Hata

I live in Hata, which is next to Matsumoto. It has a population of about 15,000 people. These days, many people come to Hata because it’s close to Matsumoto and Shiojiri, and land is cheaper than in the cities.

There are elementary, junior and high schools. There is also a hospital, a station, a library, a gymnastic hall and so on in Hata. I think that public services are satisfactory. “ACT HALL” is especially very good. A lot of concerts are held there every year.

There are a lot of fields around Hata, which is especially famous for watermelon.
They’re extremely sweet, more than other town’s, so many people come to buy them in the summer. My family buys at least ten then.

The weather is nice. Best of all, I like the summer so much. However, I don’t like the winter season because it’s very cold. Usually, temperatures are lower than Matsumoto by about 1-3 degrees. If you like the cold, you should choose Hata.

Hata is in the countryside, so there are not many shops. Nevertheless, it’s home, sweet home. Home is home, though it has never been too homely….

Dog walking machine

This machine is for the people who have a dog. If you can't go walking with your dog, you can use this machine for it. Using this machine, dogs can walk without you. So, you can get free time. If it is rainy, dogs can walk!

Misaki, you just read Wallace and Gromit's story, The Wrong Trousers. Did you like the book?
Yes. I enjoyed a lot.
Have you ever seen a penguin in your town?
No, I haven't, but I have seen a penguin in the zoo.

Do you have any pets yourself?
I don't have any pets,but I want to have a dog.
Do you agree that Gromit is a cracking canine?
I agree it. Because Gromit helps Wallace.
Wallace loves cheese - especially Cheddar. What grub do you love?
I like Italian grub - especially margarita pizza.
Wallace and Gromit have more adventures - what do you think they will do after this one?
Wallace and Gromit will go on holiday.In there, Gromit will meet a beautiful girl dog and forget Wallace.
Thank you for letting me interview you today, Misaki. I am sure you are very busy!
You're welcome!

Friday, 30 January 2009

What I did on Sunday

Last Sunday I went to cram school. I studied Japanese, math, English, social studies and science.
I met many friends, so I was very happy. I like English best,but I don't like math or social studies.
I ate my boxed-lunch, it was delicious. I drank Japanese tea.When I finished studying, I was tired.

I went home at about four O'clock. I did my homework first, then I watched TV from five to six with my dog.

From: Lee Hwi Sun

Postcard from Sicily, Italy

In January, I traveled to Sicily in Italy. My husband and our friends and I drove around in the characteristic island for 10days. Sicily is located in the center of the Mediterranean, so the valuable island has been controlled by various nationalities through the ages. Sicily has been influenced by Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arabian and Norman cultures. Therefore we are able to see the particularly mixed culture in Sicily now. In Agrigento, ancient Greek remains greeted us with full moon light and twinkling stars. It was incredibly mystic scenery. Also, I was impressed by the amazing seaside town view from the top of a cliff in Cefalu. My dream came true in Taormina, one of the popular resorts in Europe. It was a fantastic dream staying “San Domenico Palace Hotel” which is well-known as a shot point in the French movie “Gran Blue”. Besides, I was interested in the baroque architecture which I saw in Ragusa, Noto. For me, traveling in Sicily is like time travel into an older age. Sicilian people do not look friendly, but they are warm and kind. They must be just shy. When I was in trouble, the Sicilian people helped me affectionately.

Agatha Christie

Question 4:
Agatha Christie sometimes got ideas for stories when she listened to other people's conversations. Here are two people talking:

Jack: Only another week, Sarah. Sarah: Yes, but I'm worried. Did we remember everything? And will she find out?' Jack: Don't worry. Everything's going to be all right.

What are they planning? A surprise party for somebody? A secret journey? A crime? A murder? Write down your ideas for a story.

Jack and Sarah are in good relationship. They are now enjoying a stay at a hotel in Tokyo.
But Jack had already married and his wife Jane went out for work to London.
So Sarah was very afraid that their secret trip found out by his wife Jane.
But Jack wanted to stay there one more week. They were very happy and were going to forget about Jane's schedule to go back to London.
But Jack said to Sarah "Don't worry. Everything's going to be alright."

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Best friends

Dear Jim

Shota is my best friend. He is 11years old. He lives with his mother,father and his little brother. He is really kind to his brother and plays with him a lot. He is very clever so he mostly gets 100points at tests.

He is very reliable and generous. He is hardworking almost any time. His room is very tidy so he is organized and always ready for class. He is mostly quiet but always says his opinion at math class.

He likes playing soccer a lot. He is the captain in his soccer team because he is so good at soccer. He is also very fast at running so he is a hero at Sports Day. He also likes baseball. He said that he used to play it when he was in Tokyo. Sometimes we play baseball together and he is really good at it.

There is nothing negative about him except he is sometimes bossy.

From Toshiya

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The University Murders

What I have learnt about Edinburgh from reading the story is:
I think that Edinburgh is a beautiful city. There are some parks, old castles on the heights and the Nelson Monument in the city. In the story Jenny Logan hoped this winter would be a peaceful one but though it unlikely and she described that Edinburgh is a big city with all the usual problems that big cities have. I don't think it is a big city with problems that big cities have. People enjoy life in the city. Every so often they stay at a restaurant or bar until midnight and go home on foot. I get the impression that Edinburgh is a peaceful quiet city.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Lahti File

After reading 2: Do you think The Lahti FIle describes the real work of a spy?

I think some of the description is realistic.
First, I believe that spies usually don't carry gun.
If they carried it, they would be in great trouble even if it was very well-done small one. Killing people is not main job for them.
He used public phone. I think it's clever and likely behavior.

However, he used real name. I think real spy should use false name. I think they also use false passport. It should be very easy to make it for official agent. Additionally, he told his real name to a woman who he had just met. Even though she was so attractive, it was not suitable behavior for spy

Monday, 26 January 2009

Great Cimes

After Reading Q5
Do you agree or disagree with these sentences? Why?

If kidnappers take a child and ask for money, they should be given what they want so that the child is safe.

I agree with this sentence. I think most important thing is safe of child. At first, we must rescue the child form kidnappers even if we pay big money. Of course, we must prepare to arrest the kidnappers. For instance, record the number of each money. After rescued the child, the police should arrest the kidnappers by their best. If it is necessary, the police use guns and attack to the kidnappers. I think kidnap is the worst crimes.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Battle of Newton Rd

After you read. Q9:Write about your neighbours. Why they important to you?

My neighborhood have same age child.My child play with him.I drink with his father.We like Sake & Rock'n Roll!!


The Battle of Newton Road

8. What happens in the story? In which month? Write about the battle.

March: Public meeting about the new road, Mr Wood explained the civil plan.
June: The people of Newton Road stayed there. Mr Wood was waiting.
August: Starting the battle. Mr Wood stops electricity, gas and water. Sally informed to a newspaper man about the battle. The newspaper inform the battle with photo.
September: Stephen and Catherine talked to Mr Wood. The people can have electricity, gas and water. They had a meeting at the school. Mr Wood proposed new plan. The battle was finished.


Nothing but the Truth

I like such kind of story because it is happy ending. And I want to visit Bangkok once. I know there are many famus buildings of temples and a palace to visit.

After reading 4. Word search. There are 13 words about the show here. How many can you find?

I found 13 words as below.
producer, understudy, song, lighting, act, part, star, publicity, ticket, stage, clap, director and actor.


Saturday, 24 January 2009

My best friend.

My best friend is Mai (since elementary school). We’re really different. Mai has got dark hair, but I have light hair – I dyed it. I am active but Mai is a little graceful. We’ve both got dark brown eyes. Mai is a bit taller than me.

We’ve got the same interests. We both like playing tennis. Mai plays tennis very well, but I don’t play tennis so well. We really enjoy it. Also, we both like playing the piano. We started playing the piano at the elementary school. She plays better than me. She plays in concerts.

Mai is good-looking. We both have a boyfriend. We sometimes have a good time hanging out together. We like shopping and love talking. We don’t like studying but a year ago studied hard in the library.


Friday, 23 January 2009

Information Technology

For me, the best thing about computer is a navigation system for driving a car. I use the system like everyday when I go to drive by my car.It was not easy for me to know where I am. Before I had a navigation system, I often lost my way and needed longer time than I thought. As the result, I was late sometimes for my plan. After I got it, I had never lost my way. It can help me to arrive to the place where I want to go. Now I can enjoy driving without any troubles. It is the best thing for me now.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Lady in White

After reading 2.
Do you think that John will make the TV series on urban myth after his experience? Why or
Why not?

I think he will make the TV series on urban myth. He must think the other people might be having the same pain that he's having. Therefore, the TV program will be made to erase their pain. It's not only introducing or reporting an urban myth but also spotlighting the people who are suffered from an urbam myth.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Anybody can draw

If you have kids - if you teach - if you think you can' here

I always thought I was rubbish at art. When I read today that Tony Hart had died I was genuinely sad. I am still crap at art, but maybe, just maybe, some of you following this link will be inspired and his legacy will live on. If ever there was an understated genius who could inspire children to draw, create and make things it was this lovely, quiet man.

One of the earliest memories I ever have was of the Vision On music, Tony Hart's gallery and the dream that maybe even I cold get a picture in there. It doesn't matter that I didn't...(no, really. I'm over it!). Watching a few clips tonight I remember the "wow factor" that went with his art - so simple, with bits and pieces from the kitchen, and done in no time. What an inspiration.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Movie Club

Hi everyone,
And a Happy New Year to you all!!

On the subject of New Year, many of my classes have been discussing their New Year's resolutions, and it's been interesting... we've had everything from keeping the house tidy to walking on the moon! Of course it's important to keep these goals realistic as unrealistic goal setting just leads to disappointment. And, if you're going to achieve your goal you need to think about what steps you can take to make it happen. And so what was once a dream can become reality, and it all starts right here and now.

As a teacher I've been leading the focus onto English orientated goals, such as becoming more fluent, or plucking up the courage to actually publish something on the blog!!

So what steps can we take to achieve these goals? Reading books in English is an obvious way into the English-speaking world, and graded readers not only provide very good practice, but are also interesting, covering fiction, non-fiction, popular films, the classics novels etc. Subscribing to a podcast can also be a valuable way to improve your listening skills and improve your general knowledge. Watching movies is also a fun and an accessible task. For those who would like to use a film for study but don't feel confident enough to watch it in English the first time there is nothing wrong with watching the dubbed version first to get to know the story, or use the Japanese or English subtitles to help you along. Once you know the ins and outs of a story you can watch the English version in comfort, enjoy the language and come one step closer to achieving your goal.

Many of my students have set themselves goals of watching one English film per month or reading six books this year. It is towards this end that the idea of a movie club came about. Many classes have set up a book-sharing club, so why not start a movie club too!? As a way to achieve your goals, meet some other students and have an enjoyable evening. The idea is to show one film a month at the school. So why don't you bring along a friend, something to eat and drink and lets get started!!

Unfortunately both Jim and I work quite late during the week, and often on weekends too, so the only available time would be on a Friday night from about 9:00pm. What do you think??

We'd love to see you there!! Please let us know if you'd be interested, and/or if you have any suggestions regarding what films you'd like to see, or any other bright ideas you might have!! We have a projector system which means we can set up a mini-theatre experience!

I look forward to hearing from you,


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Two Lives

No.7 Finish writing the letter which Megan begins reading on Page 26.

My lovely Megan
I still haven't received a letter from you. I can't believe it takes four months for letters to cross the Atlantic. What's happened? Is something wrong? Do you have new boy friend? Do you dislike me?
I really worry about you. I always think about you. And I can't sleep well every day. If you accepted, I would like to meet you as soon as possible.
My work do fine now. I started painting.
Anyway, as soon as you receive the letter, could you send me a reply?

Huw Thomas

I cannot believe the story because the love continues too long.
by Yoichi


After reading
3. Here are some newspaper headlines for some of the disasters in the books. Which headlines go with which disaster? Choose one of the headlines and write the first paragraph of the article that goes with it.

Disaster: Earthquakes
Paragraph: In London, many tourists like to visit a special ‘earthquake machine.’ This allows you to stand in a room which looks like a super market, to see the room shaking, to hear the shelves trembling, and to feel the floor moving up and down. It is almost like experiencing a real earthquake.

I was surprised at the News of Kobe earthquake on 17th Jan 1995, when I got up and watched TV in the morning. It was a scene of the earthquake that I saw for the first time. I realized the fear of a fire after the earthquake. I thought nobody can control nature.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Steve Bell - Jim's favourite cartoonist

My favourite political cartoonist, as I don't otherwise read cartoons. I have been a fan of this artist's work for over twenty years - since the miners strike & the Falklands War really.

Over the last eight years he has drawn the despicable "W" a lot. Watch and listen as he explains how his caricature has developed.

Good riddance, Bush.

Oh, and if you want to find Bushisms, look no further! Click me

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The place where I live - Shiojiri

I live in Shiojiri, which is a city almost in the center of Japan. It has a population of 60,000 people and it’s a small city in Japan.

It’s a beautiful city enclosed by high mountains and a lot of nature. There is an old road that is called “Nakasendou”, and there are old towns that are called “shukubamachi”. People walk on this old road, and see historic sites.

The weather here is different from cities on the coast of Japan. The city is located about 600m above sea level , and enclosed by high mountains. The winter is very cold and snowy. The summer isn’t so hot. It is comfortable compared with other towns. A lot of people visit seeking cool air in summer.

Shiojiri is famous for wine. There are a lot of vineyards around my house. These are used to make wine. There are some wine tasting events that I enjoy drinking wine, and a lot of people visit them.

I think the best thing about Shiojiri is winter sports. There are a lot of good ski areas, and the access is also good. There are a lot of good Onsen. After I do sports, I can rest my tired body in an Onsen.


Q: Choose a place in the USA and write e-mail to friend about it.
Hi Jim!
How are you? I’m having a wonderful time in New York.
Yesterday we went to Liberty Island and we saw the Statue of Liberty. That was great, but the most exciting thing was Manhattan. Today we are going to Manhattan for sightseeing and shopping. N.Y is very exciting place. I hope I’ll be able to visit here with you again. I’ll tell you all about it in my next e-mail.

Bye, Eiji


Although I had seen the name of the minister "King" in news programs etc, for years, I know about him by reading this book for the first time. I think he had a strong dream and conviction, the reason why he was a very strong and patient man.

It is not always easy not to use violence to break unfairness for all people. The new United States President, Mr. Obama was elected by all Americans, it is wonderful thing. However, someone may appear who have dissatisfaction with him some day. I hope he will solve many problems by peaceful way.

Australia and New Zealand

I read this book about Australia and New Zealand.

I have never been to Australia and New Zealand, so I don't know about Australia and New Zealand well. Before I read this book, I knew only that there are kangaroos and koalas in Australia, and there are sheep in New Zealand.

I want to go to Sydney. I want to swim in the sea and sail on a yacht. After I read this book, I want to go to New Zealand. I also want to take food out of a hangi.

The place where I live - Matsumoto

I live in Matsumoto, which is a city near the Japanese Alps. It has a population of 228400 people and it’s the second biggest city in Nagano.

It’s a castle town. There is a beautiful black castle in Matsumoto. It is very famous, and it is one of Nagano’s most famous sightseeing areas. There are a lot of people who do sightseeing here every day.

The weather here is very cold, because Matsumoto is very high. It is about 600 meters above sea level. There is a lot of snow in winter, so Matsumoto’s car drivers need studless tires on their cars.

Matsumoto is famous for buckwheat noodles (Soba). People in Matsumoto like buckwheat noodles more than wheat noodles(Udon). There are more buckwheat noodle restaurants than wheat noodle ones.

I hope that Matsumoto becomes bigger. I want to go shopping. There is a lot of nature and a lot of spas, so I can go skiing and to spas easily.

The place where I live - Yamagata

I live in Yamagata, which is a small village neighboring southwest Matsumoto city. It has a population of about 8000 people.

There are mountains and houses to the west of the village, and a farming area spreads to the east. There is good nature in this village, and I can look at mountains and the Matsumoto Plain around here on fine, clear days. Autumn colors of mountains and yam farms are also very beautiful.

The weather in Yamagata is similar to Matsumoto's. Yamagata is located a little higher above sea level than Matsumoto city, so the temperature is a little lower than Matsumoto.

Agriculture is the most active industry in this village. There are plenty of farms which produce many kinds of vegetables and fruits, - yams, apples, water melons, soba, and so on. Good things for a lot of people is good farm products, and a beautiful view.

I think the best things about Yamagata village are the comfortable climate and the peace and quiet, and the good location near Matsumoto or Shiojiri city, and the helpfulness of local people. I think this is why the population increased recently.



C1. Choose five companies and find the value of their stocks in the newspaper or on the Internet. See if your stocks have gone up or down after two weeks.
(January 14th, Tokyo, yen)
TOYOTA 3,070
CANON 2,905
SONY 2,000
HONDA 1,938
EPSON 1,302

C2. Find out what things your country sells to other countries. Does it sell more than it buys?
The major exports of Japan are: cars (25.1%), machinery (19.7%), white goods/electrical appliances (19.6%), steel (11.9%), and chemicals (9.2%) in terms of monetary amounts. (2007)
Japan's trade balance was a surplus of about 10 trillion yen in 2007.
Japan's trade balance now is a deficit because of the rapid deterioration of the world economy.

The world is in a very great depression now. A lot of companies are going bankrupt. A lot of people are losing their jobs. I should work hard now and study English hard too.

Where I live - Matsumoto

I live in Matsumoto, which is a small city in the center of Japan. It has a population of 227,240 people and it's the second biggest city in Nagano.

It’s a beautiful city, and it’s great for walking around. There are lots of narrow streets, and it’s full of historic spots, and shops. It is famous city for the tourism. Matsumoto castle is popular with tourists.

The weather here is very comfortable because it little rains and there are a lot of days of fine weather. The winter can be very cold, and it sometimes snow for day. The summer can be very hot in the daytime but can be cool at night.

Matsumoto is famous for horsemeat dish (but I don’t like it). Kamikochi is popular with tourists too. There are some beautiful ponds, and some hot springs near. A lot of tourists visit seeing the autumn tint in autumn.

I think the best thing about Matsumoto are the beautiful nature enclosed by mountains. I enjoy the changes of the seasons of the mountains. I like natures and history of Matsumoto city.

Where I live - Azusagawa

1. I live in Azusagawa, which is a town in the west of Matsumoto city of Nagano prefecture in Japan. It has a population of approximately 12000 people. It has been combined to Matsumoto city since 2005.

2. It’s a beautiful town, and it has enough nature, mountain and river. There is a big river. It is Azusa River. It runs from Kamikochi and finally runs into the Sea of Japan through Nagano and Niigata. Although my town is rural place that has a lot of farm, it is increasing population recently. Because it has inexpensive land price and is nearby Matsumoto downtown. It is becoming commuter town of Matsumoto.

3. The weather here is dependent on every season. The rain is less than other city nearby coast. The winter can be very cold and dry, and it sometimes snow for days. The summer is not usually too hot. But it’s sometimes can be hot recently. Perhaps the reason is the warming earth.
4. Azusagawa has a lot of apple farm that is most popular in Nagano and these Apples are sending out to all around of Japan. There are a lot of kinds of apple. Above all things, Fuji is the most delicious and popular.

5. But I think the best things about Azusagawa are the atmosphere and the water. They are clean. I can see stars clearly at night in winter. I can drink cold water all the year round.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Where I live - Shiojiri

I live in Shiojiri, which is a city in a basin in the middle of Japan. It has a population of 60,000 people and it’s a small city in Japan.
There are many lettuce farms. The lettuces are always produced in the end of August and the beginning of September. They are very fresh and really delicious, but aren't cheap.
The whether of here is comfortable, because there aren't many rainy days. Many football teams that the students belong enjoy a match under the sunshine every weekend.
Shiojiri is famous for lacquered ware in Japan. The lacquer is very bright and glossy. The medals for Nagano winter Olympic games ware lacquered in this city.
I think the best thing about Shiojiri is the beautiful scenery of mountain range.
I enjoy the color that the mountain changes beautifully when the season changes.
I like these mountains and this city very much.

Monday, 12 January 2009


I read this book, I felt again we should think recycling that we don't worry to live on the Earth. In Japan, we are recycling to divide rubbish when we throw away our rubbish recently. They are bins, plastic, cans and so on. But there wasn't this thinking thirty years ago.

I feel the people overeat and drink too much in Japan. There are a lot of resturant and convenience store in Japan, People buy things that more than enough food and drink. The things are packaged more than enough paper and plastic bag also.

I will start to do something for our earth.

Choose something that interests you about recycling. Find some more information about it. Design a bag with a recycling message that shoppers can use.

I think "Don't throw away me".

Friday, 9 January 2009

Postcard from Java, Indonesia

Hi Jim,

I bought this postcard at Jakarta airport at return journey. I had stayed at an apartment during business trip. The trip was very successful. I was able to teach our environmental activities to local members. There was no trouble during the trip. I enjoyed eating Japanese meals, especially sashimi, shrimp, tuna was pretty good! I surprised at such a good Japanese food in Indonesia. Unfortunately I didn't have any sightseeing. The journey was pretty tough for me - it took over 20 hours. It was midnight flight! I felt very tired, so I was not able to read book. Sorry.

Best wishes,

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Q8: Find out about mountain lions on the Internet and write some paragraphs about them.

Mountain lion is a kind of felids. They live in north and south America. In some area of north America, they are on the verge of extinction. They are also called as Puma. That's the most famous name for Japanese.
They can move very quickly and they are strong. In fact, they can kill human, but actually, they don't attack human very often.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Jojo's story

Q6. Imagine you are Doctor Nicky. White to Chris and give him the sad news that Jojo has left with the soldiers.

Dear Chris

Hi, Chris. Long time no see.

Today, I have to tell you a sad new. Jojo left children's house with the soldiers.

One day some soldiers visited this house. One of them was old friend with his brother.
He told Jojo to fight to protect his hometown and Jojo listened to his story intently.
After a short time, Jojo left children’s house. When he left home, one of UN solder said he lost his gun. I think Jojo stolen soldier’s gun.Jojo must have decided to fight with his brother’s friend.
I am anxious about Jojo’s safety.

I hope that the world will be peaceful without war.

Thanks & Best regards.


Monday, 5 January 2009


(Q2.)Imagine Huw didn't leave for Canada. How would the story continue after chapter 4?

Huw didn't leave for Canada, but he left for London. He wanted to be a artist very strong. It was a hard life to him in London. He painted a lot of pictures of London. Almost people didn't like his pictures. He didn't like his pictures too. He wanted to paint the picture of nature. His picture didn't sell at all.He became poor. At last, he gave up becoming an artist. He went back to Tredonald. He started painting the pictures of Tredonald's nature. Nobody knew why, his pictures sold gradually. Then he became famous for nature painter. Of course, Megan knew the news of his work. She wanted to meet him, but she couldn't. Her father didn't permit. This is end of sad love story.
The chapter that I remember most clearly is chapter 4 "Losing control". Almost all this chapter is the last part of the hitch-hiker story. It is a scary story and described realistically. I think there are similar stories in Japan. In those stories, the ghost hitch-hiker disappeared from the running car suddenly. Maybe everyone knows those stories, including me. However, the chapter 4 is scarier and described very realistically. That is why I remember the chapter 4.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Amsterdam Connection

This book reminds me my life in The Netherlands for five years. I remember the Dam square, central station, many canals, flat field, wind mills, etc… although almost six years has past since I left there.

After Reading Q1. Which characters did you like most? Why?
Of course, I like Kate because she is brave to find the fact and strong as a good Karate player. And also she has friendly mind and is cleaver to find some solution or key to solve her problems.



A Happy new year!

Question No.3

Here are some newspaper headlines for some of the disasters in the book. Which headlines go with which disasters? Choose one of the headlines and write the first paragraph of the article that goes with it.

disaster: The Titanic
paragraph: 'UNSINKABLE!' 'It will never go down!' 'The safest ship in the world!' 'A palace on water!'

'The Titnic' is very famous story. I had already seen the movie about 1o years ago, so I already knew the story. If I were in the Titanic, I felt a surge of panic, because I'm not good at swin.

Yoichi. M

Saturday, 3 January 2009


After Reading 2:
Find the words in the wordsearch below, and draw lines through them. The words go from left to right, and from top to bottom.

Now write down all the letters that do not have lines through them, beginning with the first line and going across each line to the end. You now have 33 letters, which make a sentence of 10 words.

1.What is the sentence, and who said it?
>I want the Amazon forest to help all of us.
>Chico Mends said it.

2.Why was he famous?
>He wanted to keep the forest for his people.

3.What happened to him?
>He was murdered by the people who wanted to cut down the forest.