Wednesday, 14 January 2009


C1. Choose five companies and find the value of their stocks in the newspaper or on the Internet. See if your stocks have gone up or down after two weeks.
(January 14th, Tokyo, yen)
TOYOTA 3,070
CANON 2,905
SONY 2,000
HONDA 1,938
EPSON 1,302

C2. Find out what things your country sells to other countries. Does it sell more than it buys?
The major exports of Japan are: cars (25.1%), machinery (19.7%), white goods/electrical appliances (19.6%), steel (11.9%), and chemicals (9.2%) in terms of monetary amounts. (2007)
Japan's trade balance was a surplus of about 10 trillion yen in 2007.
Japan's trade balance now is a deficit because of the rapid deterioration of the world economy.

The world is in a very great depression now. A lot of companies are going bankrupt. A lot of people are losing their jobs. I should work hard now and study English hard too.