Thursday, 29 January 2009

Best friends

Dear Jim

Shota is my best friend. He is 11years old. He lives with his mother,father and his little brother. He is really kind to his brother and plays with him a lot. He is very clever so he mostly gets 100points at tests.

He is very reliable and generous. He is hardworking almost any time. His room is very tidy so he is organized and always ready for class. He is mostly quiet but always says his opinion at math class.

He likes playing soccer a lot. He is the captain in his soccer team because he is so good at soccer. He is also very fast at running so he is a hero at Sports Day. He also likes baseball. He said that he used to play it when he was in Tokyo. Sometimes we play baseball together and he is really good at it.

There is nothing negative about him except he is sometimes bossy.

From Toshiya

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jim said...

Hey Toshiya,

That's an excellent piece of writing - well done! With more work like this I think you'll be passing FCE next year. Let's give it a go?

By the way, I teach Shota too - but I don't think he likes English as much as you do?!

Looking forward to seeing how much reading you have done by next week.

Good job! Jim