Friday, 30 January 2009

Postcard from Sicily, Italy

In January, I traveled to Sicily in Italy. My husband and our friends and I drove around in the characteristic island for 10days. Sicily is located in the center of the Mediterranean, so the valuable island has been controlled by various nationalities through the ages. Sicily has been influenced by Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arabian and Norman cultures. Therefore we are able to see the particularly mixed culture in Sicily now. In Agrigento, ancient Greek remains greeted us with full moon light and twinkling stars. It was incredibly mystic scenery. Also, I was impressed by the amazing seaside town view from the top of a cliff in Cefalu. My dream came true in Taormina, one of the popular resorts in Europe. It was a fantastic dream staying “San Domenico Palace Hotel” which is well-known as a shot point in the French movie “Gran Blue”. Besides, I was interested in the baroque architecture which I saw in Ragusa, Noto. For me, traveling in Sicily is like time travel into an older age. Sicilian people do not look friendly, but they are warm and kind. They must be just shy. When I was in trouble, the Sicilian people helped me affectionately.