Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Where I live - Matsumoto

I live in Matsumoto, which is a small city in the center of Japan. It has a population of 227,240 people and it's the second biggest city in Nagano.

It’s a beautiful city, and it’s great for walking around. There are lots of narrow streets, and it’s full of historic spots, and shops. It is famous city for the tourism. Matsumoto castle is popular with tourists.

The weather here is very comfortable because it little rains and there are a lot of days of fine weather. The winter can be very cold, and it sometimes snow for day. The summer can be very hot in the daytime but can be cool at night.

Matsumoto is famous for horsemeat dish (but I don’t like it). Kamikochi is popular with tourists too. There are some beautiful ponds, and some hot springs near. A lot of tourists visit seeing the autumn tint in autumn.

I think the best thing about Matsumoto are the beautiful nature enclosed by mountains. I enjoy the changes of the seasons of the mountains. I like natures and history of Matsumoto city.