Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Where I live - Azusagawa

1. I live in Azusagawa, which is a town in the west of Matsumoto city of Nagano prefecture in Japan. It has a population of approximately 12000 people. It has been combined to Matsumoto city since 2005.

2. It’s a beautiful town, and it has enough nature, mountain and river. There is a big river. It is Azusa River. It runs from Kamikochi and finally runs into the Sea of Japan through Nagano and Niigata. Although my town is rural place that has a lot of farm, it is increasing population recently. Because it has inexpensive land price and is nearby Matsumoto downtown. It is becoming commuter town of Matsumoto.

3. The weather here is dependent on every season. The rain is less than other city nearby coast. The winter can be very cold and dry, and it sometimes snow for days. The summer is not usually too hot. But it’s sometimes can be hot recently. Perhaps the reason is the warming earth.
4. Azusagawa has a lot of apple farm that is most popular in Nagano and these Apples are sending out to all around of Japan. There are a lot of kinds of apple. Above all things, Fuji is the most delicious and popular.

5. But I think the best things about Azusagawa are the atmosphere and the water. They are clean. I can see stars clearly at night in winter. I can drink cold water all the year round.

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jim said...


Good posting - well done! Azusagawa sounds beautiful - I was wondering if you have any photographs of the view(s) you could add?

Also, are there any useful websites for the area (or Kamikochi)? Where can I get more information about Fuji apples? Could you edit the posting and include links? (If you don`t know how ask me in class & I can show you)

Thanks very much! Jim