Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The place where I live - Shiojiri

I live in Shiojiri, which is a city almost in the center of Japan. It has a population of 60,000 people and it’s a small city in Japan.

It’s a beautiful city enclosed by high mountains and a lot of nature. There is an old road that is called “Nakasendou”, and there are old towns that are called “shukubamachi”. People walk on this old road, and see historic sites.

The weather here is different from cities on the coast of Japan. The city is located about 600m above sea level , and enclosed by high mountains. The winter is very cold and snowy. The summer isn’t so hot. It is comfortable compared with other towns. A lot of people visit seeking cool air in summer.

Shiojiri is famous for wine. There are a lot of vineyards around my house. These are used to make wine. There are some wine tasting events that I enjoy drinking wine, and a lot of people visit them.

I think the best thing about Shiojiri is winter sports. There are a lot of good ski areas, and the access is also good. There are a lot of good Onsen. After I do sports, I can rest my tired body in an Onsen.