Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Australia and New Zealand

I read this book about Australia and New Zealand.

I have never been to Australia and New Zealand, so I don't know about Australia and New Zealand well. Before I read this book, I knew only that there are kangaroos and koalas in Australia, and there are sheep in New Zealand.

I want to go to Sydney. I want to swim in the sea and sail on a yacht. After I read this book, I want to go to New Zealand. I also want to take food out of a hangi.

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jim said...


You should talk to Takeho - he spent time there (in the desert!) doing research while he was at university.

Sydney is a beautiful city of course, but for me the real Australia is 'out there' in the bush. Personally, I prefer Melbourne as a city to live in (I was there for 6 months back in 1988 working in a cigarette factory). However, one of my favourite pubs in Aus is in Sydney - The Mercantile down on The Rocks.

Cheers, Jim