Saturday, 31 January 2009

The place where I live - Hata

I live in Hata, which is next to Matsumoto. It has a population of about 15,000 people. These days, many people come to Hata because it’s close to Matsumoto and Shiojiri, and land is cheaper than in the cities.

There are elementary, junior and high schools. There is also a hospital, a station, a library, a gymnastic hall and so on in Hata. I think that public services are satisfactory. “ACT HALL” is especially very good. A lot of concerts are held there every year.

There are a lot of fields around Hata, which is especially famous for watermelon.
They’re extremely sweet, more than other town’s, so many people come to buy them in the summer. My family buys at least ten then.

The weather is nice. Best of all, I like the summer so much. However, I don’t like the winter season because it’s very cold. Usually, temperatures are lower than Matsumoto by about 1-3 degrees. If you like the cold, you should choose Hata.

Hata is in the countryside, so there are not many shops. Nevertheless, it’s home, sweet home. Home is home, though it has never been too homely….