Sunday, 18 January 2009


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3. Here are some newspaper headlines for some of the disasters in the books. Which headlines go with which disaster? Choose one of the headlines and write the first paragraph of the article that goes with it.

Disaster: Earthquakes
Paragraph: In London, many tourists like to visit a special ‘earthquake machine.’ This allows you to stand in a room which looks like a super market, to see the room shaking, to hear the shelves trembling, and to feel the floor moving up and down. It is almost like experiencing a real earthquake.

I was surprised at the News of Kobe earthquake on 17th Jan 1995, when I got up and watched TV in the morning. It was a scene of the earthquake that I saw for the first time. I realized the fear of a fire after the earthquake. I thought nobody can control nature.

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jim said...

I remember the Kobe earthquake vividly - I was at my friend's house in Sawamura (Matsumoto) that night watching the news in disbelief.

It's a bit scary that Matsumoto sits on one of the fault lines, don't you think?