Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Amsterdam Connection

This book reminds me my life in The Netherlands for five years. I remember the Dam square, central station, many canals, flat field, wind mills, etc… although almost six years has past since I left there.

After Reading Q1. Which characters did you like most? Why?
Of course, I like Kate because she is brave to find the fact and strong as a good Karate player. And also she has friendly mind and is cleaver to find some solution or key to solve her problems.



jim said...


I'd love to know more about your time in Amsterdam - especially what you did with your free time there. (I am sure you didn't work as many hours as you do now!)

Is Amsterdam a safe place to live? Would you like to go back to live there again? If not, where would you like live (outside japan, that is)?


takaaki said...

Hi Jim,

Yes, I like to back to the Netherlands, if I can. The country is very safe as same as Japan and beautiful as well.
In free time, I usually played tennis and golf. And I traveled a lot in Europe. My family visited 12 countries, i.e. Bel. Net. Lux. Ger. Fr. UK. It, Spa, Por, Swi, Aus. and Greek. My memory of those travels are wonderful!
And also I could understand the difference of the temperament of each country, e.g. Italian get angry quickly - very aggressive, German like accuracy - they have a horizontal line on the glass to measure the capacity of beer. etc...

I crave visiting those countries again.